Yoiahael: Knowledge of Yah in El

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Yoiahael: Knowledge of Yah in El

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:34 am

Yoiahael: “Knowledge of Yah in El”

This is a holy archangel from among the hashmalim, “speaking silences,” who is a knowledge-keeper of mystic words of power and Secret Names of God that communicate empowerments to souls and angels, and that bless with knowledge of God. As we know and understand, the inner form of the Threefold Rite of Initiation is communicated through mystic word, radiant holy breath and the laying on of hands, and this is an angel of God who has deep understanding of the mystery of this Initiation in the Messiah, and all of the various spiritual empowerments that flows from it.

As the Holy Scripture teach us, emanation, creation, formation and manifestation arises from the Word of God, the Word that was with God and that was God in the beginning, and as we know in the experience of the Great Vision of Melchizedek, Sound-Vibration is the most subtle manifestation of all that arises from the Clear Light Foundation. The wisdom, knowledge and understanding of Yoiahael reach into this great and supreme mystery of the Word of God, or Sound-Vibration, which is the generation of all existence and reality.

In this, perhaps, you may understand the Yoiahael is among the angel of God with power to bring about radical changes in consciousness and the Great Matrix of Creation, all as ordained by El Elyon, God Most High. Thus, this is an angel we known to those who are Baal Shem, Masters of the Good Name, and to those who are masters of the wonderworking art who labor with the power of Elyon, the Most High, for Tikkune Ha-Olam, the Healing of the World.

The two greatest actions of wonderworking, or what at times is called “magic,” are the initiation of souls and the healing of souls, the full reintegration of souls with the Light Continuum, Yah, Yahweh. Yoiahael and the legions of hosts with Yoiahael abide in a continuum of prayer for the initiation of souls and their reintegration, their full tikkune-healing in God, and when tzaddikim impart initiation and spiritual empowerments, so Yoiahael sends forth emanations and is in the movement of the Holy Light and Spirit, and the prayers of Yoiahael join with those of the tzaddik, and so the name of the one initiated is taken up and spoken before the Throne of the Lamb of God in the presence of the great elders.

This is also among the archangels that participate in the spiritual naming of souls, and as we know the giving of a new spiritual name is a prophecy of things that will come to pass and spiritual works that will be accomplished. Thus, this great and holy angel is also associated with prophecy and apocalypse, and is a well known messenger of Yah, Yahweh, in movements of prophecy and revelation.

With this, as you might intuit, Yoiahael has knowledge and understanding of Yahweh as a verb, which is to say, as a “Continuum of Force in Motion,” and is among those archangels that reveal to souls the truth of Yahweh continually “passing by” within and behind what is appearing and transpiring in their experience.

Quite profoundly, Yoiahael is an archangel of the Word of Yahweh, or an archangelic emanation of the Power of the Word.

Yoiahael is a very lofty and holy angelic presence of sound-vibration, lights and rays generating a most glorious and beautiful meta-dimensional supernal light body; hence, a very vibrant and brilliant archangelic presence. The invocation of Yoiahael is revealed to those who have received Initiation into the Interior Church of Christ in a moment of spiritual empowerment within the Continuum.

Yahweh Shalom!
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