Nathaniel: Granting the Grace of God

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Nathaniel: Granting the Grace of God

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:14 am

Nathaniel: “Granting the Grace of God”

This is a holy and glorious archangel from an inner order of the aralim, “thrones,” called “scepters,” which is an order of angels that convey blessings, pronouncements, and authority, or spiritual empowerments, and are angels known for their continual praise and glorification of the Holy One and their labor for the ornamentation of the Holy Shekinah, or Queen of Heaven. As the name Nathaniel implies, with the coming of the Messiah this archangel has become one of the angelic regents of Divine Grace – Supernal Grace, and her Divine Actions, and among the many great blessings of Divine Grace this holy angel brings is the experience of nearness or closeness to God, and specifically, the mystical experience of God within us, or the “finger of God touching the heart.”

There are countless hosts under this archangel, and having received his/her supernal essence and empowerment from the Holy Lamb of God, he/she bears all manner of blessings and empowerments of Supernal Grace corresponding with the understanding of the Supernal Glory of the Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Shabbat. Among them are the realization of the forgiveness or sin, and the manifestation of Grace that generates the Sacred Heart, love and compassion, and forgiveness – inspirations to forgive; and in this Nathaniel has a deep connection with Haniel, the archangel that presides over the order of the elohim, “divine beings.”

Nathaniel is said to be among the holy angels who escorted the Virgin, Mother Miriam, in her ascension, and who worshipped the Most High and the Lamb of God, giving praise and thanks with great jubilation at her heavenly coronation and enthronement. Thus, this is among the angels of God with great knowledge of the Gospel of the Holy Mother, and the radiant Grace and Glory of the Mother’s Presence, in which there is Pure Mercy, Righteousness and Peace.

As we know and understand, the Holy Mother is called the true Ark of Covenant, the Living Ark, and Mother of God, and this is among the archangels having knowledge of the Heart-Wisdom of the Mother, and all that is held in her heart-womb.

Long before the coming of the Messiah, and the reception of the Spirit of the Messiah, Nathaniel was among those archangels of creation having knowledge of the Messiah, and was among the angels of God who bore revelations concerning the coming of the Messiah in heaven and on earth. As the name Nathaniel implies, this archangel is said to have been among the guardian angels of the prophet Nathan, who was the Baal Shem, leader of the assembly of prophets, in the time of King David, standing in the lineage of Samuel, Elijah and Elisha. Nathaniel continues as an angel of prophecy and apocalypse, now being among the “great voices of heaven” concerning the Second Coming of the Messiah in Glory and what will come to pass, all as ordained by Yahweh Elohim, Shaddai.

The holy angels of this inner order of aralim who are called “scepters” literally have the appearance of jeweled and glorious “living scepters” filled with light and power; or, at times, a great angel bearing a living scepter of the Holy King or Holy Queen, and so it is with the emanations of Nathaniel.

This is an archangel invoked in the Name of Yahweh Elohim, Shaddai, and among the chants revealed for this holy angel is this one: Ya-Na-Yo, Na-Ta-Na-EE-El.

Messiah Shalom!
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