Asarahiah: Ten of Yah

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Asarahiah: Ten of Yah

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Asarahiah: “Ten of Yah”

This is a name given to ten archangels who were angels of archons before the coming of the Messiah, but who received the Spirit of the Messiah, cleaved to the Risen Messiah and who vowed to serve the true kingdom of heaven, the Messiah and El Elyon (God Most High). Thus, these are enlightened archangels from the archonic realms who now stand among the angels of the Messiah.

They are ten, but they share one and the same name, for they correspond with the ten archonic manifestations of the Holy Sefirot, which is the false perception of the Sefirot as separate and independent powers, or as though a multiplicity of gods and goddesses – archonic dominions; but receiving the Spirit of the Messiah, and becoming aware of the True God, the Most High (Elyon), so they teach and preach the truth of the Sacred Unity, the Holy One, within and behind the Sefirot, dispelling the delusions of separation the archonic realms. They all share one name, for their principle message is that there is One God with many Divine Attributes; and likewise, because in their enlightenment they know that they are all one in Christ and God, the True Light.

Perhaps you may recall the prayer of Grandfather Abraham, when he spoke with the Holy One in the presence of three angels, pleading for the salvation of the twin cities of inhospitality, or evildoing; Ha-Shem promised that if ten righteous people were found in the twin cities, those cities would be spared on their account. And so it is with any dominion, in the material, astral or spiritual dimensions, if and when there are ten righteous ones, they are the foundation, or the sustenance and preservation, of that realm or world, the mercy they invoke mitigating judgment. As legend has it, when the Risen Messiah appeared in the archonic realms there was a movement of the Holy Shekinah towards Strict Judgment and the End-Of-Days, and so a great agitation occurred, but the Asarahiah did not flee, instead the Asarahiah ran to the Messiah and bowed down in praise and thanksgiving, and in worship, and so on account of Asarahiah the archonic dominion was preserved for a time and a time, and a half time, though with diminished power.

As you might surmise, the Asarahiah have intimate knowledge and understanding of the universal salvation intended in Adonai Messiah – the intention for the enlightenment and liberation of all living spirits and souls; and so it is that the Asarahiah preach the Holy Gospel within the archonic realms, ministering to the angels of those realms, as well as to souls that cleave to the false lights in ignorance, laboring for the salvation of all who are bound up in the archonic realms.

This choir of angels in the Messiah is very skillful in their ministries, and very zealous, and so have much to teach concerning skillful means in ministering to souls bound up in archonic dominions, in this life and the afterlife.

When invoked, the Blessed Name of Adonai Yeshua Messiah is called upon, joined with the Name of Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot; and most often a simple chant of their name is taken up: Ah-Sa-Ra-Iah.

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