Neshamahiah: Supernal Soul of Yah

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Neshamahiah: Supernal Soul of Yah

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Mar 21, 2013 11:45 am

Neshamahiah: “Supernal Soul of Yah,” or “Divine Nature of Yah”

Neshamahiah is a supernal archangel who is from a secret order of angels within the hayyot, “living creatures,” and as the name implies, this is a holy angel who has deep knowledge and understanding of neshamot, heavenly and supernal souls as they appear in creation and in the Supernal Abode. Thus, this angel of God has knowledge of the bornless nature of souls and their preexistence at the outset of creation, and how souls in creation are woven from a primordial and supernal essence, and from primordial, supernal, spiritual and astral light, and then are set into the material worlds, the material universe. Essentially, this archangel presides over the “great guph,” or the “repository of souls,” as it manifests in Atzilut and Beriyah, or in timeless-eternity and time-eternity.

The manifestation of the great guph at the level of Beriyah corresponds with the measure of souls that will incarnate in any given world-system, and the measure of souls that will incarnate in all of the world-systems throughout the great cosmic cycle. In that there are, in fact, countless trillions of souls, this “measure” is unfathomable – an infinity. Nevertheless, there is a measure of souls that is known in God and Godhead, and Neshamahiah, who is the power of God weaving and measuring neshamot, heavenly and supernal souls, “knows” this “measure”. Accordingly, in any given world-system there is a certain number of souls predestined to incarnate in that world, and these are, in effect, “held” in the corresponding manifestation of the repository of souls. In the Holy Kabbalah it is said that when all souls destined to incarnate in a world have incarnated, and the corresponding manifestation of the great guph is “empty,” then there is a radical increase in the appearance of “soulless ones” in that world, who become incarnations of “great evil,” and this marks the beginning of the End-Of-Days in the world-system, setting the stage for the Final Conflict. However odd, or obscure, this teaching might seem, there is deep esoteric truth in it, and it corresponds with secret mysteries concerning the Apocalypse and End-Of-Days known to Neshamahiah.

The manifestation of the great guph at the level of Atzilut is, in truth, inconceivable, save in the experience of inner gradations of Supernal Consciousness and the direct experience of the soul in the inner dimensions of the Pleroma of Light, because it is the “sight,” or “awareness,” of souls in this great cosmic cycle, and countless great cosmic cycles, “predestined” to become enlightened and liberated, or to enter into the Great Ascension. In that all souls are destined to become enlightened, whether in this world or another world-system, or in this universe or another universe, this awareness corresponds with knowledge of the universal salvation that is in the Messiah, the Anointing. Neshamahiah is among the supernal archangels that hold the knowledge of universal salvation.

When it is said that Neshamahiah “presides over” the great guph, essentially what is meant is that Neshamahiah is the archangelic emanation of the power of God (or Yah) that manifests as the great guph, for such is the nature of the hosts and dominions over which archangels preside on every level, they are emanations of the archangels, who are corresponding emanations of the power of El Elyon, God Most High. Thus, in effect, all neshamot are within Neshamahiah and Neshamahiah is a power of God within all neshamot.

As perhaps you might intuit as you read or hear this teaching, Neshamahiah is also a “Secret Name” of God, and specifically, is a Secret Name of the Messiah, who is the vehicle of God through which neshamot awaken and become realized, or experience true enlightenment and liberation.

The invocation of this Great Angel is revealed in the experience of the inmost gradation of Supernal Light Transmission; hence, in the experience of the full Supernal Influx, for the reality of this supernal archangel is seen and heard and known in the dawn of Supernal or Messianic Consciousness.

This is the truth Adonai Messiah taught, saying, “I am in you and you are in me.”

Yah Shalom!
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