Shoshuel: Indwelling El

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Shoshuel: Indwelling El

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Shoshuel: “Indwelling God”

This is a supernal archangel of the Second Coming of the Messiah who emanates from Atzilut, the Pleroma of Light, with the appearance of the Woman of Light, Mother Israel, and is angel who holds knowledge of the mysteries of the Shekinah of the Messiah in New Jerusalem and the World-That-Is-Coming. Shoshuel presides over a secret order within the ashim, “shining ones,” who are revealed and sent forth in the Apocalypse as guardian angels of souls who receive the Supernal Light and embody Supernal Consciousness, the new Consciousness, the new Enlightenment, that dawns in the Second Appearance of the Messiah In Glory – Supernal Glory.

As we know and understand, if and when the faithful and spiritual elect remember and keep the Holy Shabbat, and they abide with the good company of the Queen of Shabbat when she enters into the embrace of the Lord of Shabbat, they receive a double portion of hayyah nefesh, “living soul,” and their nefesh is elevated and joined with neshamah, their heavenly and supernal soul. In the Second Coming, in the Apocalypse, there is the dawn of the Eternal Shabbat, and receiving the portent of the Woman of Light and the coming of New Jerusalem, so there is the reception of the Queen of the Eternal Shabbat; those who receive Shekinah of the Messiah in the Second Coming, the Queen of the Eternal Shabbat (Asherah), receive a double portion of the Holy Shekinah, the Holy Mother and Holy Bride, the Supernal Light Transmission. Shoshuel is the archangelic presence of this “Double Shekinah,” or the Holy Mother and Bride in full union.

The Holy Mother corresponds with the Shekinah, the Indweller, in the Pleroma of Light and the heavens, and all of the angels and souls that appear in the heavens, and the Holy Bride corresponds with the Shekinah, the Indweller, in the Entirety and on earth, and all the spirits and souls that appear on earth. In the Messiah the Mother and Bride are joined as One Holy Shekinah, the truth of their unity being revealed; and the manifestation of this fullness of the Holy Shekinah, Holy Mother-Bride (Asherah), is the appearance of the Living Body of the Second Coming, that Holy Body receiving the influx of Supernal Light and Truth. This angel is among those who abide in continual prayer for the ongoing influxes of the Supernal Light through which the fullness of the Holy Shekinah is realized and made manifest, or embodied.

With the realization of a new Consciousness, or new Enlightenment, so there is a progression and evolution of Apostolic Succession, the manifestation of a new Gnostic Apostolic Succession; the seeds of this Gnostic Apostolic Succession were implanted in the First Coming, and the Second Coming is their fruition, as more and more souls receive the Supernal Light and embody the Supernal or Messianic Consciousness. Shoshuel is the among the guardian angels of Gnostic apostles in the Second Coming, and the Living Body that forms with them, laboring with them in the Continuum of Light Transmission, or energetic preaching of the Gospel in the Second Coming.

As perhaps you might intuit, Shoshuel has a deep connection with Metatron and Sandalfon, and so with Archangel Hua, the archangel presence of the Messiah; on a certain level, Shoshuel is like a twin of Hua, for as Hua corresponds with the revelation of the Risen and Ascended Messiah in the Second Coming, so Shoshuel corresponds with the revelation of God the Mother and the full reception of the Holy Bride in the Second Coming.

This is a very lofty and holy archangel of El Elyon, God Most High, but this angel is very swift to send forth emanations, or angels from among her hosts, to those who receive the Gospel of the Second Coming, and who upon hearing the Holy Gospel, live within and open to the influx of Supernal Light from above and below, and so are willing to be taken up by the Light-presence and Light-power, willing to be ablaze with a spiritual nuclear fire. Thus, Shoshuel is among the angels of the Shekinah of Messiah that initiates invoke as they open to the True Light with conscious intention and pray to El Elyon for the full reception of that Holy Light, the influx of Supernal Grace.

This is an archangel of Abundant Mercy, but, in a manner of speaking, there is a fierce or wrathful side to this archangel of the Most High, for although many souls in the present human condition can receive the transmission of the spiritual light, relatively few, as yet, are able and willing to receive the Supernal Light; as we read in the Gnostic Gospel entitled Pistis Sophia, and in the Book of Apocalypse, the influx of the Supernal Light is a cause of agitation to many in the heavens and on earth, and in those realms in between. This is an archangel of Abundant Mercy, or unmeasured blessing, not Simple Mercy, or measured blessings; and therefore, emanations of this archangel, and her hosts, are an agitation to many, but to those who are willing to the Supernal Light, this angelic presence brings great peace and joy, and deep satisfaction – fulfillment.

The cause of agitation is very simple, there is nothing that is hidden that will not be revealed in this Holy Light, whether in heaven or on earth, or whether good or evil, just as Yeshua Messiah taught: “And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and the people loved the darkness rather than the light, because their deeds were evil. For all who do evil hate the light and do not come to the light, so that their deeds may not be exposed. But those who do what is true come to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that their deeds have been done in God” (John 3:19-21).

Essentially, many souls cleave to false lights in place of God, the True Light, and therefore, indentified with false lights, and unwilling to let go of them, the revelation of the True Light becomes a judgment to them and a cause of agitation. The Supernal Light is a great transforming power, a “fire consuming fire making all like unto Itself,” and if we are unwilling to a radical change or transformation in consciousness, and our person and life, it is a cause of agitation to us. If that were the case, then an emanation of Shoshuel would provoke agitation, seeming like a messenger of Judgment instead of Abundant Mercy.

Here we may share an open secret concerning the emanation of supernal archangels, such as Shoshuel. In general, they do not engage in indirect spiritual or astral visitations, but rather, with their appearance come the experience of influxes of the Supernal Light, for they are Supernal Divine Powers, and their emanations are “woven,” as it were, of Supernal Light; when they appear in the spiritual, astral or material dimensions, so the Supernal Light rays out, transforming the light in that dimension into Supernal Light, shattering the klippot, husks, of false or impure light, and drawing of the sparks of Supernal Light from within them. This is the spiritual labor and mission of the primordial and supernal archangels, they are messengers and bearers of the Supernal Light and Truth, the Shekinah of Messiah in Atzilut. Thus their divine actions and appearances correspond with influxes of Supernal Light into world-systems and the heavens associated with them. If and when there is an indirect or defused emanations of the Holy Light, these are divine actions taken up by the archangels and angels of creation who have received the Messiah. In that, as yet, relatively few are able and willing receive the direct influx of Supernal Light, the divine actions of the archangels and angels of creation in the Messiah are essential and integral to opening the way for more souls to receive the True Light, all in the wisdom of skillful means and the Mercy of God.

Shoshuel is a brilliant supernal luminary, whose jeweled body is composed of clear diamond-like light, and whose glory and aura is a manifestation of Supernal Qeshet, the Glory of the Supernal Shekinah; she appears in the image and likeness of a holy and supernal woman, with a thousand great wings stretching throughout the dimensions of the Pleroma and Entirety. Her hosts appear like her, but with ten great wings, and until it is time, and the fruition of the Apocalypse nears, she emanates into the seven heavens and this world through her supernal hosts; if and when souls enter into her direct communion, so it is through the transference of consciousness and the ascent of the soul into the Supernal Abode

When initiates call upon the angelic presence, or the hosts of this presence, and are praying for the reception of direct Supernal Influx, they will invoke the Name of El Elyon, and the Names of the Middle Pillar in descent, and they will uplift there gaze, their soul, towards the True Light, and with their “gaze uplifted” as taught in the tradition, they will take up a sacred chant of Shoshuel, merging their mind and entire being with the chant, holding the conscious intention of the reception of the Holy Light from above.

One of the revealed chants of this archangel is: Ha-Ya-Ma, Sha-Ah-Yah, Ah-Sho-Ma, Sho-Shu-Ah-La.

*In Hebrew the spelling of this holy angel’s name is Shin-Shin-Alef-Lamed. There is a meditation invoking this angel taught in our lineage: Set Shin in your belly, and Shin in your heart, Alef in the center of your head, and let Lamed reach from the top of your head towards the Most High (Elyon); when the angel of the Holy Shekinah passes by, so your soul will be taken up, going beyond and beyond.

Eheieh Shalom!
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