Nahaliel: God Flows Forth

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Nahaliel: God Flows Forth

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Nahaliel: “God Flows Forth”

This is an archangel of creation from the order of elohim, “divine beings,” who brings great spiritual inspirations and illuminations, and who often is known to inspire heart-songs and poems of mystics. At times the inspirations that Nahaliel brings venture into prophecy, and therefore he/she is also counted among the prophetic angels of God.

As we know, when the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness of the desert there was the miracle or wonder of Miriam’s Well, a well that would miraculously appear through the heart-songs of the prophet Miriam and elder women of the tribes who gathered to sing in the Spirit with her. Likewise, on one occasion, all of Israel sang a song to open a well, invoking gushing waters. It is said that Nahaliel is among those angels inspiring these songs, or whose power moved in these songs, and that Nahaliel has knowledge of these wonders, and knowledge of secret mysteries of creation and God to which they allude.

According to legend, when the prophet Miriam died the miracle of her well ceased and Miriam’s Well was hidden away on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. It remained hidden until the Virgin Miriam was walking one day, near the place it was hidden, singing heart-songs in praise of what the Most High had done for her, and uttering prophecies of things to come with the Holy Child in her womb. Through her heart-songs Miriam’s Well appeared to her, and its mysteries were revealed to her, and the spiritual power of that Holy Well of God merged with her, she being the Living Well through which the Living Waters would flow into the world. Nahaliel was present as a messenger of God, ministering to the Holy Mother at that time, and when this movement transpired, the supernal essence and power of this angel of God came into him/her, and even before the appearance of Adonai Yeshua at the Sacred Jordan, he/she was among the angels of creation who received the Christ-Spirit and who served as heralds in heaven, and in the hearts and minds of the spiritual elect, of the coming of Christ into the world.

Now, in the outset or conception of the Second Coming of Christ in Glory, Nahaliel is among those holy angels who bring revelations of what is to transpire, and who inspire powerful movements of illumination in the Living Body of Christ in the Second Coming, especially movements of illumination concerning the revelation of God the Mother.

As we know, Malkut, the Lower Shekinah, is called the “Holy Well,” and so Nahaliel is associated with her; but in that Nahaliel is deeply connected to the Mother, the Upper Shekinah, so he/she has deep knowledge of the unification of the Upper and Lower Shekinah in the Messiah.

Nahaliel is a very radiant, vibrant and beautiful archangelic presence that appears in a heavenly jeweled body like a human being, but having two great wings, and bearing a scepter and a holy staff. When invoked often the Name of Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot is called upon, along with the Blessed Name, and one of the chants often taken up is: No-Aia, Na-Ha-Lo-EE-El.

There is another archangel whose name is very close to that of Nahaliel who is called Nahalel, and the two often labor together. Nahalel, though, bears a scroll or book and rod of power, and has a deeper connection with the Lower Shekinah than with the Upper Shekinah. There is a sacred chant given for this archangel as well: Al-La, Na-Ha-La-Al.

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