Haggiah: Yahweh's Feast

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Haggiah: Yahweh's Feast

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Haggiah: “Yahweh’s Feast”

Haggai and Haggiah are similar, both comes from the order of malakim, “messengers,” and both are supernal archangels, and are associated with Malkut of Atzilut, but they are also very different angelic presences, with different knowledge, power and dominion. Haggiah, as the name implies, is among the angels of God with deep knowledge of mysteries of the Wedding Feast, the feast of bread and wine, and therefore has knowledge of the supernal and spiritual power of the Body and Blood of Christ, and how souls are established in the Kingdom of God through it.

If we contemplate the mystery of the bread and wine, and their union, it is Mercy and Judgment, and in union, Compassion; and as we know, within the bread is Holy Light and within the wine is the Fire of Heaven – the spiritual power of the Sefirot, the Divine Attributes. It is said that “Malkut has no light of her own,” but that she receives her glory and power from the Upper Sefirot through the prayers and invocations of tzaddikim on earth and maggidim in the heavens; and the same is true of bread and wine, it has no light or fire of its own, but receives glory and power through the Great Gesture of the Messiah, and through the prayers and invocations of tzaddik and maggidim, or “saints and angels.” The full influxes of the Sefirot of Atzilut are drawn down into Malkut, and the bread and wine, through Abundant Mercy, the Messiah praying to El Elyon, and so it is that when a soul embodies the Spirit of the Messiah and performs the Wedding Feast, in the consecration of the bread and wine, it is the invocation of Supernal Influx, the Holy Light and Fire of the Supernal Abode. Haggiah understands this great mystery, and holds knowledge of the perfect devekut through which the Holy Spirit accomplishes this mystery.

Eating of the consecrated bread, and drinking of the consecrated wine, the kingdom of heaven is in a person and soul, and that soul is established in the kingdom of heaven, if and when there is eating and drinking in the fullness of faith and love; but as we know in the case of Judas it was not the Spirit of Heaven that entered into him when he ate and drank, but rather the spirit of the Other Side, Samael or Satan. There is this play in Light Transmission of Mercy and Judgment, so that drawing near to the Holy Light some are uplifted and receive peace, while others are agitated and cast down; all according to what is in their heart and the evolution of their soul. Haggiah is an archangel with knowledge of this mystery, and in this knowledge we find a deep connection of Haggai with Haggiah, though Haggiah has special knowledge and understanding of how all of this is for the sake of redemption, and how those “agitated” and “cast down” will eventually be uplifted and receive their rest, peace.

There is a time in the Holy Wedding Feast when there is an invitation of “guest,” all manner of living spirits and souls who wish to come in peace, and who desire to receive the Holy Light and Fire; at this time angelic messengers go forth to gather in the guests, and Haggiah is among those messengers, and likewise is among those angels of the Lord who extend the Light of the True Cross at the time of the Holy Seal.

There is also another significant spiritual labor of Haggiah, for Haggiah prays continually for the outbreak of charismatic, or “gifted worship,” when souls are set on fire with the Holy Spirit and rejoice in the presence of the Lord with great kavvanah-concentration and devekut-cleaving, and Haggiah is among the angelic messengers of the Holy Spirit coming upon an assembly. Thus, when tzaddikim or initiates are seeking an experience of gifted worship in a gathering, very often they will call upon the Lord and invoke Haggiah. This corresponds with another meaning of the name of this great angel, the “festival of Yah.”

Although Haggiah is a supernal archangel, he/she is among those swift to send forth emanations corresponding with the Great Compassion of Christ and God, the True Light; these holy emanations are like radiant and fiery winds, but when sent for the sake of a visitation in dream or vision he/she often appears as a human being composed of light and fire, resembling the souls of the righteous as they are in the light realms of the Supernal Abode, the “eighth heaven.”

When invoked, the Name of Yahweh, El Shaddai and Adonai are called upon in the Blessed Name.

One of the sacred chants known for this holy angel is: Ha-Hi-Yo-Shu, Haggiah.

Messiah Shalom!
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