Diklahiah: Ethereal Lightness of Yahweh

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Diklahiah: Ethereal Lightness of Yahweh

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Diklahiah: “Ethereal Lightness of Yahweh”

This is an archangel of creation from the order of the elohim, “divine beings,” who has knowledge of the lights of the seven heavens, astral and spiritual, and who brings inspirations from the heavens and visions of the heavens to the faithful and elect. As we know, in the wanderings of the soul in dreams and visions, or in the transference of consciousness, the level of light, or quality of light, is how an individual can determine where they are in the inner planes or inner dimensions, and discern the gradation of any experience that may transpire, and so are empowered to direct their journey with conscious intention and to correctly interpret their experiences. Diklahiah is among the angels of God that teaches souls this discernment and who may be invoked as a guide through realms and worlds of the inner dimensions, the astral and spiritual dimensions of creation.

Although Diklahiah does not labor in the Supernal Light, and therefore is not a revealer of that Holy Light, while teaching souls to discern the gradations of astral and spiritual light, so he/she, by contrast, helps souls discern the True Light from lesser lights and false lights; for having discernment of these, if and when a soul experiences the Supernal Light, what that Holy Light is will be clear and a soul will know all former lights in their experience are signifcant restrictions of light, or are like shadows before the Supernal Glory of the Most High (Elyon).

Diklahiah also has knowledge and understanding of the generation of bodies of light formed from astral light and spiritual light, and how through the generation of a corresponding body of light a soul is able to enter into a realm or world of the inner dimensions, or into various heavenly realms and abodes. If you understand how the subtle body is made whole, and greater light, or a higher level of energy and vibration is manifest in it, so you will understand that this is a holy angel that instructs souls in the generation of merit, or righteousness.

Among Gnostics of the Second Coming, our aim is the reception and integration of the Supernal Light, and the corresponding generation of the “Solar Body of the Resurrection,” and yet, in the full generation of this Body of Light, generally speaking, first there is the generation a subtle body of astral light, and then spiritual light, and then the influx of the Supernal Light enters, transforming the subtle body into the Light Body of the Great Ascension. Likewise, in spiritual works for souls that are lost in aimless wandering, or those who cannot draw near and enter into the Holy Light, even with the generation of the Body of Supernal Light there continues to be the generation of the Body of Glory in spiritual and astral light for the sake of measured blessing in spiritual assistance. Thus, the knowledge and power of this archangel remains quit pertinent to our spiritual labor in the harvest of souls.

Because of the knowledge of Diklahiah concerning the generation of light bodies, as you might imagine, this is among the archangels that may be invoked by tzaddikim and initiates engaging the transference of consciousness for the dying at the time of death, or in their spiritual labor to uplift a soul from the Midst into Heaven, for these works of spiritual assistance of the dying and the dead correspond with an “energizing” of the subtle bodies of souls, uplifting their level of energy and frequency of vibration into resonance with a more luminous realm or abode.

This is an archangel very accessible to all who pray and invoke with faith and love. He/she appears in a jeweled body woven of heavenly light, astral or spiritual, and most often assumes a human appearance, one having a gaze and tone that is most gentle and loving. When invoked the Name of Yahweh Elohim is called upon, joined with the Blessed Name of Yeshua. One of the chants taught for this angel is: Da-Ya-Ko, Di-Ka-La-Ha-Ya.

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