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Immaiel: Mother of God

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Immaiel: “Mother of God”

This is an archangel that emanated from the heart-womb of the Virgin of Light in the Pleroma when Mother Miriam received the Spirit of the Messiah and the Holy Child was conceived in her womb, Miriam becoming the Virgin Mother in this world, the embodiment of Mother Wisdom in the Entirety. In this, perhaps, you may know and understand that Immaiel is an archangel of Great Supernal Influx, who is a great guardian and guide of the Holy Mother, and who knows the secret mysteries hidden in the heart-womb of the Virgin, above and below; hence, she has knowledge of all manner of secret mysteries concerning the Holy Mother and her ways.

Having the most intimate knowledge of the Mother, so this supernal archangel has secret knowledge of the Name of Elohim and its permutations, and knowledge of the Great Matrix of Creation emanating from the Pleroma of Light, and its inseparability from the Pleroma; hence, knowledge of the secret operation of the Mother Spirit through all spiritual forces that compose the Matrix, including the demiurge and archons, and demons, the dominion of the klippot (husks).

Mother Miriam held deep esoteric knowledge of the mysteries of creation and God, joined with knowledge of the angels in heaven and the Messiah, but very rarely did she outwardly speak a teaching or preach the Gospel. Instead, in her presence those who came to visit her would experience mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart transmissions, the Great Habad she had radiating from her and illuminating others in the Living Presence. Thus, having questions, merely being in the presence of the Holy Mother people would receive their answers, and likewise, those in need of deliverance or healing would often experience their deliverance or healing spontaneously in her presence. Immaiel is an angelic presence that bears this quality of the Holy Mother, so that merely through appearing to souls, their prayers are often answered and wonders transpire.

As you might imagine, having intimate knowledge of the Holy Mother, Immaiel has great knowledge of the Second Coming, which corresponds to the revelation of God the Mother; specifically, she has knowledge of the four great cycles of the Second Coming, the time of conception, and the times of gestation, birthing and maturation, or fruition, that will follow, and can reveal to soul what is to transpire and how it will come to pass. The only secret mystery Immaiel cannot reveal, because it is concealed from her, concerns the maturation, or fruition, of the Second Coming, and whether the culmination will be in the Great Ascension or Great Transformation, for that is known only in the Living Father, or rather, is knowledge concealed in the Transcendental Presence of El Elyon, God Most High.

As we have said above, this holy angel corresponds with the Great Supernal Influx embodied in Mother Miriam, and as such, Immaiel has knowledge and understanding of the Supernal Influx through Elohim, or the unification of Eheieh and Elohim in the Messiah, and so has knowledge of the manifestation of the Lower Shekinah (Malkut) as Elohim in the Second Coming; in that the Supernal Influx through Elohim is inseparable from the Supernal Influx through Yahweh, or the unification of Eheieh and Yahweh, so Immaiel holds this knowledge as well, and knows the mystery of how the Name Shaddai becomes the manifestation of Supernal Grace, or Pure Mercy, in the Apocalypse.

This is a very lofty and holy archangel, and yet as the emanation of the Mother’s heart-womb she is a very gentle, nurturing and nourishing angelic presence to those souls who are willing to enter and abide in the Holy Light, and who invoke her with a pure heart. She appears in the likeness of a Great Supernal Woman, resembling the Mother or Supernal Havvah (Eve), but has two great wings of light and fire, and is enshrouded in rainbow glory, like that of Supernal Qeshet, and her face is a white brilliance. When tzaddikim and initiates invoke her they cleave to the Holy Mother, and cleave to her Holy Child, and they call upon the Name of Elohim, and unify the Name of Eheieh with Elohim in the Blessed Name, and they will take up one of the sacred chants of this supernal archangel, such as: Ya-Ma-Ma-Ya, Ah-Yo, Ya-Ma-EE-El.

In closing it is given that we can share an open secret. As we know, in the Second Coming the Holy Mother and Holy Bride are a unified Living Presence, Kallah (Bride) becoming Imma (Mother). Thus, having knowledge of the Holy Mother, the Virgin Mother, Immaiel has knowledge of the Holy Bride as the Mother, the Holy Bride in her Supernal Glory and Truth.

We may also share this: If an initiate wishes to know and understand the virginity of the Holy Mother, and what this means to true Initiates of the Order of Melchizedek, Immaiel is among the angels of God that has knowledge of this mystery and will reveal it to those who know the way of deep meditation (hitbodedut).

Elohim Shalom!
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