Morehiel: Prophet of God

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Morehiel: Prophet of God

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Morehiel: “Prophet of God”

As the name of this great angel implies, he/she is among the angelic prophets in the heavens, and is stationed in the fifth heaven, Ma’on, and along with the utterance of prophecies, so this angel of God in known as a “great angelic sage,” one who reveals the secret wisdom of God to those chosen to receive it. Thus, this angel from among the beni elohim, “children of God,” is a great teacher and guide to those who live according to their faith in God and knowledge of God, and therefore are accounted as righteous, tzaddik.

Many tzaddikim have experienced the visitation of this holy angel acting as their maggid (angelic teacher), especially those who have the zeal to study and contemplate the Word and Wisdom of God at midnight in secret, and those who keep the “vigil of prayer until dawn.” He/she in noted for the power of full materialization, and very often for bringing secret scrolls and books of heaven for mekubalim to read, bolstering their knowledge and understanding of esoteric mysteries concerning the kingdom of heaven and God.

As we know, holy and enlightened ones appear in this world in the Body of Emanation, and while they can appear as a human being, or any creature, so at times they also may appear as inanimate objects radiating their spiritual power and blessings in space-time and the world. There are also angels who are known to do this too, and Morehiel, and the hosts over which he/she presides, are among those having this knowledge and power, and so have much knowledge of the Body of Pure Emanation generated by great apostles of the Messiah. Thus, at times he/she can emanate as a sacred tree or great stone, or any kind of apparently inanimate object, and when Morehiel does this, if and when a person comes near who has a pure heart and who is a lover of God, prophecy or wisdom may suddenly arise, or they might experience a vision in that place, or be drawn back to that place in a luminous dream of revelation.

On account of this knowledge and power to emanate and manifest as sacred objects, Morehiel also has great knowledge of the fashioning and consecration of sacred objects, such as prayer weapons, and how divine powers may be joined with them or set into them. In this, as perhaps you might intuit, Morehiel has much to teach about the Magical Kabbalah, or the wonderworking arts.

Most often, this is an angel of great mercy and compassion, and he/she is not counted among the warriors of heaven, but Morehiel does have a fierce or wrathful side, and is very swift to banish the power of false lights from images fashioned in idolatry and to diminish the power of the charms of sorcerers. In this divine action Morehiel is very jealous, or zealous, for Yahweh, and has little tolerance for false prophets, or the servants of “strange gods.” In this, as you might imagine, Morehiel is known to teach the spiritual discernment of true sacred objects, versus those objects of power fashioned in Klippah Nogah (false light) or through consecrations drawing upon the impure spiritual powers of the Other Side, or the dominion of the klippot.

When Morehiel appears in visitation, most often he/she resembles a holy man or woman, like a prophet or a sage, but radiant with the great glory and holiness of heaven, and having a countenance that is distinctly otherworldly, or angelic. Very often the Name of Yahweh Eloah Ve-Da’at is called upon when invoking this holy angel, but then other Names of God may be called upon depending upon the divine action for which Morehiel is invoked. Among the chants known for this angelic presence is this one: Ko-Yo-Hu-Ma-Ya, Mo-Ray-He-El.

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