Samaliah: Mantle of Yah

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Samaliah: Mantle of Yah

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Samaliah: “Mantle of Yah”

Samaliah is an archangel from the order of authorities. These are angels that hold the authority of God and that convey divine authority to angels and souls, all as ordained by El Elyon, God Most High, and so it is with Samaliah, one of the chief princes among them, he/she is a bearer of divine authority to those chosen by God to stand among the prophets of God and those ordained as holy apostles of the Living Word.

If and when a tzaddik is seeking divine authority and permission to impart teachings of deep esoteric mysteries, or to impart inner and secret spiritual empowerments, or to engage in a great revelation or great wonder, Samaliah is among the holy angels of God that may be sent to them to convey the authority for which they have prayed.

As we know, when Elijah called Elisha as his disciple he threw his mantle over Elisha, passing something of the power of his spiritual realization to Elisha, and later, when it was time, the Mantle of Elijah was passed to Elisha, becoming his own when he became the Baal Shem, the master of the assembly of prophets. This is an archangel with deep knowledge of the Mantle of Elijah, and all of the various manifestations of passing the Holy Mantle and taking under the Holy Mantle in the Tradition; hence, this is an angel with knowledge and understanding of secret initiations and empowerments imparted by tzaddikim, and one that labors with tzaddikim in the preparation of souls for initiation.

Samaliah is a great angel of God that prays without ceasing for the purification of souls so that they might receive initiation and come to the knowledge of God, or Enlightenment.

Joined with this Samaliah is holds great knowledge of the Mysteries of the Chariot and Mysteries of the Chambers, and prayers, meditations and rituals of the riders of the Chariot, and is among the angels who stands as a guardian of these secret mysteries, so that they are not taught to the wicked, or the unworthy.

The invocation of this great and holy angel is revealed by living waters, or under the Holy Mantle, in a moment of Light Transmission.

Yahweh Shalom!
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