Hattushiel: Assembled One in God

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Hattushiel: Assembled One in God

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:36 am

Hattushiel: “Assembled One in God”

This is an archangel from among the malakim, “messengers,” who is a “caller to prayer” in the heavens, gathering angels and souls in the heavens at the times of prayer, and inspiring the gathering of souls of the faithful and elect in prayer and worship on earth. He/she presides over many legions of hosts, all of whom are messengers of God that engage in this sacred task, and who join their prayers with those of assemblies in heaven and on earth, giving strength to the prayers of those having true faith.

Along with crying out to gather angels and souls in prayer, so Hattushiel brings inspiration in prayer and words of knowledge, enflaming hearts and illuminating minds in prayer, and bringing souls into the state of cleaving, and is known as an angelic teacher of devekut, one who teaches and inspires souls to attach themselves to God, and to increase and extend the Living Presence of God in the world.

Hattushiel is also said to have knowledge of the Beauty (Tiferet) of the Messiah and Yahweh, and is among the holy angels of the Lord that bring visions of that Great Beauty and the glory of the heavens, and likewise is among those angels that inspire luminous dreams of heavenly abodes, uplifting the souls of the righteous in their sleep. If and when a holy person tends a vigil of prayer at night, withholding him or herself from sleep, Hattushiel is among those angels that may visit and minster to them, bringing revelations of heaven and the World-That-Is-Coming.

As we know, there is great spiritual power in prayer, and prayer is the foundation of the wonderworking art, and so it is the Hattushiel is an angelic presence that has knowledge of the continuum of purification and prayer through which wonderworking power is generated; hence, knowledge of fasting and charity joined with prayer that extends great spiritual assistance and blessings to those who are in need.

In that Hattushiel is associated with Tiferet, he/she has much to teach concerning Rehamim, the Compassion of God, and the generation of the Sacred Heart in prayer.

He/she is a most beautiful and glorious angel of God who often appears in an androgynous human form, having two great wings of glory, and a voice that seems to be composed of many voices in the most lovely and enchanting harmony. At times, though, Hattushiel becomes as a breeze or wind with the word of the Lord in it, or becomes a most subtle movement in the Spirit that brings thunderous intuitions during prayer.

When invoked, the Name of Adonai and Yahweh are called upon in the Blessed Name, and a sacred chant taught for this holy angel is: Ha-Ho-Shu, Hat-Tush-EE-El.

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