Nehumiel: Comfort of God

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Nehumiel: Comfort of God

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Nehumiel: “Comfort of God”

This is an angel of the Lord from among the elohim, “divine beings,” who brings comfort to those who are sick and those who are dying, and to those who are grieving, as well as those who are in torment, and who suffer from persecution and oppression; he/she is an angelic presence of great warmth and compassion, in whom there is no severity or judgment, only endless mercy for souls bound up in sorrow and suffering. On account of this, as much as reaching out to people of faith, so Nehumiel reaches out to those who do not have faith, and even to those who might act like “enemies of God,” or those who might rightly be called “wicked.”

Nehumiel is among those angels of God that continually pray for the mitigation of judgment and the outpouring of mercy upon souls, and is among those who will rise up in the court of the Most High to counter accusing angels and to recite all that is good and true a soul has accomplished, and the potential for righteousness in future lives. It is said that Nehumiel is so zealous and passionate in this that he/she is called the “saint of lost souls” and “saint of lost causes” in heaven, and at times it is said that he/she will minister to demons, laboring for their redemption. Because of this, Nehumiel is considered to be among the angels of forgiveness.

There is also a special healing power associated with this holy angel, the healing of the heart, or the opening of the heart to God, and very often when Nehumiel ministers to souls and comforts them, this healing takes place within them, and it is a great consolation of the soul.

This is an angel who is stationed in the first heaven, Tibel-Vilon, and is one who sends forth emanations into the Midst, to comfort, encourage and guide souls that wander in those in-betweens, along with bringing comfort to souls that are incarnate.

Nehumiel is a very accessible and gentle angelic presence, and is known to often visit little children. When invoked, the Name of Adonai and Yeshua Messiah are called upon, and one of the chants that may be taken up is: Ne-Ha, Ne-Hu-Me-El.

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