Yehiel: God Restores Life

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Yehiel: God Restores Life

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Apr 20, 2013 2:53 pm

Yehiel: “God Restores Life”

This is an archangel of creation from among the hashmalim, “speaking silences,” who bears knowledge and power of resurrection, and restoration to life, and so also, the knowledge and power of miraculous healing that preserve life. Thus, for example, it is said that Yehiel was among the angels who were sent when Elijah, and Elisha after him, raised souls from among the dead, and likewise it is said, that Yehiel holds knowledge of the healing of the children of Israel when they were bitten by fiery serpents and dying.

When the soul of Elijah returned as Yohanan the Baptist, and the soul of Elijah returned as Yeshua, Yehiel was among the angels of God that often visited them and ministered to them frequently. After Adonai Yeshua was anointed with the Spirit of the Messiah and had overcome the temptations of Satan, so Yehiel was among the holy angels that came to minister to him, bowing down before him and receiving the Spirit of the Messiah. In that very instant his/her supernal essence became realized, and the Lord named this angelic presence Yehiah, “Yah restores life,” for he/she received the knowledge and power of the Great Resurrection in the Messiah, and was ordained among the angelic messengers calling souls into it and revealing its mysteries to those who inquire in faith and love.

There is another ministry of this holy angel of God and the legions of hosts that are with him/her, for he/she is among those angels that pray before the throne of glory for the auspicious reincarnation of faithful and spiritual elect souls when they depart the heavens, and who serves among the guardians and guides in the journey and evolution of souls who receive the Spirit of the Messiah, laboring for their full realization in the Great Resurrection and leading them towards their destiny in the Risen Messiah.

Joined with this, although a very lofty and holy angel, so Yehiel is an angel who labors for the restoration of life when the lives of souls is shattered through severe events, or there is a radical shift in the life-path and direction of souls so that, in effect, they loose the life they had and must seek to restore, or re-create, their life, as though starting all over again. This is an angelic presence that often intercedes on behalf of souls during such times, and that may protect and guide souls during such times, and in that during such great crossroads in life there can often be a crisis in faith, and a need for the restoration of faith, or souls may be brought to faith and turn to God through them, so Yehiel is known as a restorer of faith, which is call the very essence of abundant life and eternal life by the saints.

Yehiel is a very radiant and beautiful angelic presence, but like many of the hashmalim, he/she rarely entertains the play of form, but rather appears as a radiant heavenly light-presence, or vibrant heavenly glory; hence, a formless presence of jeweled light and sound-vibration. When invoked most often the Name of Yah or El is called upon, joined with the Blessed Name, and among the sacred chants taught for this holy angel is: Ya-Ha-Al, Ye-Ha-EE-El.

*There is also another supernal archangel that bears the name Yehiah, one from among the order of ofanim, “wheels,” who is an angel with deep knowledge of the ages and dispensations of revelation in world-systems, and knowledge of the aeons of light within the Pleroma of Light, but of this great and holy angel it is not given by the Spirit of God that we can speak, save in passing. In sharing this, it must be remembered that many angels may share the same name, not dissimilar from human beings sharing the same name, and yet being very unique and distinct individuals.

Messiah Shalom!
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