Onamiel: "Powerful of God"

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Onamiel: "Powerful of God"

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Apr 20, 2013 3:44 pm

Onamiel: “Powerful of God”

This is an archangel of creation from the order of watchers who is accounted among the great warriors of heaven, and among the angels of wrath and judgment, one who is a very swift messenger of justice. As perhaps you might imagine, he is associated with the wrathful palace, and is in the great array of hosts that stand in the west, holding great knowledge and power for the subjugation and destruction of dark archons and demons, and bringing strong judgment upon evildoers who become the embodiment of these dark and hostile forces in this world.

There are continually dark and hostile forces seeking entrance into the astral earth, and seeking influence and power in this world to bring pain and hatred, chaos and destruction to humankind, and continually the are on the prowl, going to and fro upon the earth seeking out weak and dis-eased souls that might open themselves to the Other Side, and so become their hosts. Once finding a soul that lets them in through evil held in the heart, God forbid, so they enter and take possession, driving to madness – a delight in causing pain, hatred and destruction, and inspiring great evil, great darkness. Onamiel is a watcher who is constantly engaging these dark forces, and who is invoked for the sake of justice and Strict Judgment when souls become portals of these spiritual forces of wickedness and enact great evil in this world.

This, in truth, is an angel of ferocious wrath, and the mercy of this angel of God is the cessation of evil, and the deliverance of souls and lives that comes through the complete restraint or destruction of evil. Thus, this is among the angels of the wrathful palace that is invoked through prayer and fasting, and a continuum of self-purification, so that the one who invokes can stand in his presence in righteousness and truth, and not be overcome by the Power of Strict Judgment that is in this great and mighty angel of God.

There is no other divine action of this watcher but the complete binding or utter destruction of dark and hostile forces, and the bringing of radical evildoers to justice.

This archangel appears as a radiant darkness, as though having a body formed of something like polished obsidian, and his eyes are like glaring coals and flashing fire like lightening comes from his mouth, and he has four great wings like that of kerubim, in which there are unimaginable powers of wrath; his armor is like black Iron, his aura like a flaming furnace and blazing fire, and his great spear and shield no words can speak what they look like, nor speak of the terrible power of God that is in them.

The invocation of Onamiel is taught to initiates who have received the spiritual empowerment of the wrathful palace, when they inquire, and when they have purified themselves, and when it is given in Kali Imma and Kali Shemesh that the invocation be shown.

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