Gileadiel: Geat Witness of God

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Gileadiel: Geat Witness of God

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:15 pm

Gileadiel: “Great Witness of God”

This is an archangel from the order of watchers who has knowledge of secret works of the Spirit of God within and behind that dawn of ages or aeons, and their revolutions, and the various movements through which they come into being and the prophecies given of them come to pass and are fulfilled. As we know and understand, there are aeons within aeons, in heaven and on earth, and Gileadiel holds knowledge of these, and likewise, as we know, there are aeons inspired by the Spirit of God and archangels of God, and aeons inspired by archons and demons, and Gileadiel holds the power of the discernment of the aeons, and is a fierce opponent against the powers of aeons of the archons and demons, and is swift to cast down those who serve them.

Gileadiel’s knowledge of the aeons extends into the Pleroma of Light, and he/she is among the angels with understanding of the Aeon of Perfect Light, though the orientation of this angelic presence is towards the aeons manifesting within the entirety and the revelations of Christ and God within them.

This is also an archangel known for great power in the subjugation of dark archons and demons, and knowledge of how such spiritual powers might be oath-bound to the service of the kingdom of heaven. Joined with this power he/she has deep knowledge and understanding of the “fig leaves,” the powers of the klippot upon which sorcerers draw, and how those dark forces can be thwarted and diminished.

There are sorcerers who seek to reanimate and conjure ancient archons and demons vanquished in ages past, and likewise those that seek to evoke the powers of darkness and chaos from “alien realms” in their lust for great magic power. Gileadiel is among the angels of God charged keep watch for these servants of the Other Side, and so is among those who are given the authority and power to prevent their works from bearing fruit.

As perhaps you might intuit, this is an archangel with deep knowledge of Da’at and the Great Abyss, and the corresponding wonderworking arts of space-time, and the shifts of great spiritual powers between dimensions and universes that are associated with them.

This is an archangel who is very jealous, or very zealous, for Yahweh, who can appear in Mercy or Judgment, passionate in Mercy and passionate in Judgment – a True Witness of God.

It is not given that we can speak of the appearance of invocation of Gileadiel, but through prayer and meditation perhaps it might be revealed to one who inquires in faith and devotion with a good heart.

Peace be with you!
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