Zioniah: Holy Hill of the Lord

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Zioniah: Holy Hill of the Lord

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Zioniah: “Holy Hill of the Lord”

This is a supernal archangel from a secret order of angels within the malakim, “messengers,” that are called “elevations,” for the knowledge and inspirations they bring elevates or uplifts soul to higher grades, opening the way of greater spiritual realization and illumination. Zioniah, as the name implies, is a great guardian of Zion, the “Holy Hill of the Lord,” and as a great guardian of Zion, having Zion as a namesake, so this angel of God has deep knowledge of mysteries of Zion, earthly and celestial, as well as the truth of Zion in the Messiah, or as it appears in the World-To-Come.

This is an archangel of great glory and holiness, and is accounted as a purifier of souls, one of the angels of God who sanctifies with the Blood of the Lamb of God, and likewise who with the Power of the Blood (Dam) vanquishes spirits of unrighteousness who seek to ascend the Holy Hill, but who do not have the Spirit of the Lord and do not seek a return to God. This is an angel who separates “goats from sheep,” and who strikes down “wolves in sheep’s clothing” – an angel of discernment and judgment in the spiritual Assembly of Israel.

There is great mercy and great compassion in Zioniah, however, for the mysteries of Zion are mysteries of souls drawing near to the Lord, mysteries of how souls cleave to Divine Attributes and are unified with the Divine Attributes, and so pass from one gradation of nearness to another, until entering into gradations of conscious union. Likewise, Zion corresponds with the Spirit of Prophecy, and knowledge of the End-Of-Days and World-That-Is-Coming, and with the communion of tzaddikim and maggidim, “saints and angels,” and the continual coming and going of the holy angels of God to and from this world, as well as in their constant coming and going the presence of living tzaddikim.

As we know, with the coming of Adonai Messiah, and the overthrow of the chief archon that ruled over Jerusalem, the Holy Land is no longer in the Middle-East, but rather the Holy Land is wherever an Anointed Tzaddik abides, and the Anointed Tzaddikim are called the Holy Hill of the Lord (Yahweh), for through the Spirit of the Messiah in them, the Supernal Light, souls are draw up in the Great Ascension, “mounting up with the wings of the Great Eagle,” Shekinah of Messiah. Thus, in Melekh Messiah, Zioniah is a guardian and ministering angel of great Anointed Tzaddikim, and is intimately connected to the transmission, anointing, of the Supernal Light they convey to those who seek it and are able to receive it. This corresponds with the knowledge of Zion as it appears in the World-To-Come, or the Pleroma of Light, for it is the formation of the co-saviors, or great elders, gathered around the Holy Shekinah of Yahweh Elohim, Shaddai, and the Lamb of God; hence, the Anointed Tzaddikim in the Light Continuum.

As you might surmise, when a holy tzaddik proclaims, “Zion, come hither!” in a sacred ceremony, it is an essential invocation of this archangelic presence by one having an intimate acquaintance with this great and holy angel.

Zion corresponds with completion and perfection – fulfillment, and as an angel of the Risen Messiah, so Zioniah is a great leader among the angels of the Second Coming of the Messiah in Glory, and is accounted a great guardian of those assemblies through which the Second Appearance of the Messiah is transpiring, and will transpire, all as ordained by El Elyon. As perhaps you might intuit, this is a holy angel with secret knowledge of the Holy Kabbalah of the Second Coming and the fruition of the Second Coming with the appearance of New Jerusalem.

Here it is given that we may share an open secret. The name of this archangel is also a secret Name of God – a secret Name of the Messiah, Zion Yah; this corresponds to power of Zion manifest in the unification of Yahweh and Elohim, or the Supernal Father and Supernal Mother, and likewise corresponds with this image of the Great Seth: “You will see heaven opened and the angels of God [El] ascending and descending on the Son of the Human One [Seth]” (John 1:51).

The invocation and appearance of this holy angel of the Lord is revealed to initiates who have receive the Supernal Anointing and come into being as true Light-bearers, for through prayer and fasting the Holy Spirit reveals it to them.

If and true and faithful companion of the Anointed Tzaddik or Shekinah of Messiah wishes to invoke this supernal archangel, let them pray and fast, purifying themselves on behalf of the People of the Book, and let them study and contemplate Psalm 24, and most especially: “Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place? Those who have clean hands and pure hearts, who do not uplift their souls to what is false, and do not swear deceitfully. They will receive blessing from the Lord, and vindication from the God of their salvation. Such is the company of those who seek him, who seek the face of the God of Jacob” (3-6).

*In our oral tradition of teachings on the holy angels there are, in fact, many teachings concerning the knowledge and power of this archangel, as well as the power of this secret Name of God; what is shared here, though, does encapsulate their essence.

Yah Zion, Yahweh Shalom!
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