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Angels "within" Archangels

#1 Postby +David » Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:24 am

Greetings dear Elder Brother

In several places on the forums you teach about the meta-dimensionality of spiritual beings, Light-palaces, and so forth. In particular, I'm referring to an angelic host being 'within' the body of their archangel - or perhaps 'being' the body of that archangel -in Yetzirah.

I mention because two days ago I was reading the "Paradisio" from Dante's "Divine Comedy". In Canto XIX, the poet describes a great celestial Eagle that is composed of a multitude of spirits - the Eagle speaks with one voice, although that voice proceeds from them all. It tells Dante why it is in a state of glory, and of the way of salvation.

An illustration for the verse, shows the Eagle with each of it 'feathers' being the face of spirit.

Shalom Aliechem

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Re: Angels "within" Archangels

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Mar 18, 2014 8:47 am

Greetings and blessings in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

Yes, indeed, the angels of an order, host, or choir are contained within the archangel that presides over them; hence, the archangel is in them and they are in the archangel, and it is as though they are the “body of the archangel” in Yetzirah, or emanations of the spiritual power of the archangel in Yetzirah.

The deeper we venture into direct experience of the Tree of Life, the Sefirot and Yahweh, the more we understand this, for we will see and hear and know the meta-dimensional reality of the Tree of Life or Sefirot manifesting through the five Olamot-Universes, and how the Olamot emanated from one another, and interpenetrate one another, and are completely interconnected and interdependent with one another, all the emanation of the Infinite One, Yahweh Elohim, from the primordial and supernal reality into the spiritual, astral and material dimensions of creation. The archangels are the emanations of the spiritual power of the Names of God and Partzufim, the Names of God and Partzufim containing the archangels, as well as something of them being in the archangels; hence, the archangels are these Divine Attributes, or Divine Powers, in Beriyah, the spiritual universe, the realm of great cosmic forces, or “forever and ever.” This is true of the archangels and angels, the angels being the manifestation of that same Divine Attributes, or Divine Powers, in Yetzirah, the astral universe, and this is true of the angels and celestial intelligences, elemental forces, and spirits of all things, these are the emanations of the same Divine Attributes, or Divine Powers, in Asiyah, the material universe.

This is also true of souls, or neshamot, we are not as separate from one another as we think in the ignorance, the unenlightened condition, nor are we as separate from the universal – the entire array of creatures or sentient beings on all levels, nor from the Infinite One; all exists in complete interdependence and interconnectedness, or Sacred Unity, inseparable from the Infinite One, and all is Belimah, “without-what,” without substance, apart from the Infinite One (Ain Sof). It is in this, if contemplated, that you may understand a teaching I’ve given elsewhere in the forums, and in a Shabbat discourse a couple of months ago, sharing the truth that Yahweh, the Holy One, is nearer to us than the archangels and angels, for Yahweh Elohim is the very essence and nature of our holy soul, and the very essence and nature of all creation, on all levels, so that in truth, Yahweh Elohim is equally near unto all – this we know in the experience of the Shekinah of Atzilut, or Messianic Consciousness.

Aware of this, we will understand that although creatures are not equal as they are in themselves, they are all equal as they are in the Infinite One.

This does not, of course, negate the reality of the individual, or individuality, but rather speaks the truth of inseparability of the individual and universal, and the individual and universal with the Infinite One. There is One and countless Many, and yet the One remains the Only One, within, yet ever beyond all; hence, the truth of the Divine Name, Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot, “Lord God of Hosts.”

Very truly, there is something of the I Am, Eheieh, within all things in the spiritual, astral and material universes (Perud); hence, “something” primordial and supernal. Yet, while within all, the Holy One of Being is beyond all, and is the Transcendent Supreme, El Elyon; hence, El Elyon and Eheieh as the Divine Names of Keter, the Supernal Crown.

Thus, reality, creation, is not as linear as people may view it and think it is in restricted consciousness or the unenlightened condition, but rather, truly, it is meta-dimensional and magical; all the radiant display of the One and Many, Yahweh Elohim, the countless Many being emanations of the One. This is true on every level of reality, from timeless-eternity (Yichud, primordial and supernal) to the various gradations of time-eternity (Perud, spiritual, astral and material).

If and when we enter into God Consciousness, Messianic Consciousness, we will know and understand this: That, in truth, there is only God – the One, and nothing but God; and as such we will know, all in a great and supreme mystery, that all lives and moves and has its being in the Infinite One, and everything transpires according to Divine Providence and the Will of the Supreme (Ratzon Elyon).

If you consider it, various stories in the Old Testament hint to this, stories in which the distinction between angelic visitors and the God blur, and likewise in the New Testament as the distinction between the Son and Father, or Messiah and the Infinite One blur. The difficulty of most faithful people reading and contemplating the Holy Bible, and other Holy Scriptures of various wisdom traditions, is that they do so in a state of constricted consciousness, and the dualism and linear perspective of mental consciousness, not through direct experience of God Consciousness, or Supernal Consciousness; hence, not in the experience of conscious unification with the Holy One, the I Am (Eheieh). Thus, the Holy Bible is read and contemplated apart from the experience of expanded states of consciousness and God Consciousness from which it is inspired, and distorted dogmatic doctrines are formed, and many misconceptions are generation – a very limited understanding and view of the revelation and realization of the Mysteries of Creation and God, as well as the angels and the heavens.

I will share this with you. The reality of neshamah and archangels, and ruach and angels, also blurs in awakened or realized souls; hence the story of Enoch translated into an archangel, and so innumerable hosts of angels. If ever we encounter one who embodies this God Consciousness – a great tzaddik of the generation, when we pray and meditate with them, and engage in ceremony with them, when archangels and angels are invoked, as much as coming from apparently external space they will come from apparently internal space, and thus, as much as coming from the “outside” they will emanation from within the holy tzaddik.

Many do not comprehend what is meant in Gnostic Scriptures when they read, “The kingdom of heaven is within you and all around you”; many repeat this, but do not understand it through direct experience, the experience of God Consciousness. In the experience of God Consciousness, Supernal or Messianic Consciousness, this is the literal truth of our holy soul in the Light Continuum, Yahweh.

Here we may also say, just as we may speak of heavens above and heavens below, as discussed in the “Zohar” forum, so we may also speak of supernal archangels and angels within and beyond the archangels and angels of creation. These are the true angels of the Messiah or Christ – the Pleroma of Light; to understand these holy and enlightened angels, though, Aliyat Neshamah, the mystical ascension of the soul, must be brought to its fruition by the Holy Spirit, so that like Enoch, the soul is able to reach into Atzilut to see, hear and know in the Supernal and Primordial Universes, or Light Continuum (Yichud, or Atzilut and Adam Kadmon).

This realization corresponds with the Yod in the Great Name, the least of the Holy Letters, and regarding this we may share an esoteric secret concerning a teaching of Adonai Yeshua. When he teaches that “the least among you will be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven,” the “least among you” corresponds with Yod and with the Clear Light Union through which the corresponding Supernal Influx, and Supernal Realization, transpires; hence, the fruition of Aliyat Neshamah, the mystical ascension of the soul in the Messiah, the Anointing.

Such realized souls are saviors, redeemers, with Messiah Yeshua, having knowledge of their neshamah in all neshamot and all neshamot in their neshamah, and having the supernal power of hayyah and yechidah in them; thus, truly, they may uplift living spirits and souls in return to God, or facilitate the enlightenment and liberation of sentient beings, for they are aware of their interconnection with all and abide in conscious unification with God, the True Light.

Consider this: The inner sanctuary is composed of the Holy Tzaddik, Archangel and Shekinah (or hosts); and the secret sanctuary is composed of the Threefold Body, Truth Body, Glory Body and Emanation Body.

Likewise, understanding this, contemplate Tzaddik and Community as the Living Body of Messiah, and understand that the Living Body extends into the heavens, encompassing archangels and angels of which the heavens are composed.

Considering this mystery of archangels and angels, consider the mystery of the Messiah in us and us in the Messiah!

Praise God for the salvation, the enlightenment, to which we are predestined in the End-Of-Days and World-To-Come!

May we be blessed to experience the Great Vision, and Supernal Beauty (Tiferet), the truth and reality of the Messiah, the One Anointed with the Supernal Light and Spirit of the Infinite (Ain Sof). Amen.

Yahweh Shalom!
Tau Malachi
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Re: Angels "within" Archangels

#3 Postby tonybellah » Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:24 am

I just wanted to thank you for this wealth of knowledge and information,the area's of study are amazing,bless your hearts,I am amazed,Sophia indeed,my heart soars like a hawk at the opportunity to learn these names and principalities,the interactions and effects,with humble respect I learn all I can,and with the blessing of our Adonai Yeshua and our Lady we abide in holy sanctuary and become a sanctuary unto all.
Shabbat Shalom. Ahava Achad

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Re: Angels "within" Archangels

#4 Postby Tau Malachi » Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:15 am

May the face of Yahweh shine upon you this day dear brother! Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!


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Re: Angels "within" Archangels

#5 Postby sheryl » Sun Mar 30, 2014 2:27 pm

Shabbat Shalom, Dear Tau and Friends!

Praise and bless the Holy Name of God!

I was delighted to read your above teaching, dear Tau, especially in light of the first three of the Six Essentials: attachment to Messiah, Tzaddik and Community.

You shared:

Consider this: The inner sanctuary is composed of the Holy Tzaddik, Archangel and Shekinah (or hosts); and the secret sanctuary is composed of the Threefold Body, Truth Body, Glory Body and Emanation Body.

Likewise, understanding this, contemplate Tzaddik and Community as the Living Body of Messiah, and understand that the Living Body extends into the heavens, encompassing archangels and angels of which the heavens are composed.

It comes to mind that attachment to the Messiah, the Holy Tzaddik and Community around Tzaddik, is related to our awareness of and cleaving to the archangels and the angels of the Living Body. The Tzaddik stands in this world as the Speaking One and so all that emanates from Tzaddik - thought and word and action (all of this prayer of the Holy One), extends the Living Body into this world and beyond. Is it accurate to say that our ability to draw nearer to Messiah, Tzaddik and Community is related to our ability to perceive and cleave to the Living Body within and behind the movements, the rituals and teachings of Tzaddik and Community?

It has often been taught that to invoke teachings and blessings from Tzaddik requires a kind of skillful means - the ability to seek, to question, to ask, in the right way. This right way seems very much related to our efforts to know and cleave to the Living Body, what is within and beyond the appearance in the physical, or the teaching or ritual of Tzaddik - the body of archangels and angels, through our daily spiritual living, through our studies, contemplations, meditations, and relations with others.

Any thoughts or adjustments to this contemplation will be received with gratitude, all as God wills.

There feels to be a great empowerment in this as well. If we are cleaving to the Living Body, then we have the blessing to seek, to ask, for blessings, for greater teachings, for empowerments from our Tzaddik. And we can know in faith that we will receive, according to the Will and Wisdom of God.

Indeed, the Kingdom of Heaven is within us and all around us! Hallelu - Yah!

May we cleave to the Living Body of the Messiah in all that we think, all that we say, and all that we do.

With gratitude,


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Re: Angels "within" Archangels

#6 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:20 am

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

We cleave to the Infinite One, and the Infinite One alone, but our cleaving is through the Holy Sefirot, and through the Messiah, Tzaddik and Community, through which the Infinite and Eternal is revealed and known, and interacts with us, and so, likewise, through the archangels and angels, our siblings in the heavens.

There is something of an open secret that may be shared, one reflected by Enoch translated into Archangel Metatron. At the outset angels uplift souls into the heavens, all as God wills it, and angels visit the righteous, bearing the word of the Lord, and sharing knowledge and empowering. As souls receive the Holy Light and Spirit of the Messiah, and they progress in the Gospel, so through the Holy Spirit souls may ascend into the heavens and supernal palaces to visit tzaddikim and maggidim (angels) in them, and as souls enter into Supernal Consciousness and unification with the Messiah in El Elyon, so they transcend the stations of the angels and may uplifted them. When there is perfect devekut, cleaving, so angels cleave to awakened souls and are drawn in ascension, the potential of a reciprocal interaction being realized, so that, truly, a human soul resembles the angels and becomes a mature sibling of the warriors, messengers and luminaries of the heavens.

For a time we are created a little lower than the angels, but then as souls receive the Light and Spirit of the Messiah they are uplifted and exalted among them, and beyond them. In this we might consider, and contemplate, a Shabbat prayer of the Master recounted in the Gospel of St. Philip: “O you who have united the Perfect Light and Holy Spirit with us, join with us now the images of the angels that we might be complete” – that we might walk in your beauty and holiness, your true image and likeness.

There is a reciprocal interaction between us and the angels of God, they blessing and uplifting us, we blessing and uplifting them, they giving us strength, light power, and we giving them strength, light power, and together through the Spirit of God, Ruach Elohim, Ruach Yahweh, we are uplifted in the Great Ascension, us and the angels of God, all gathered in Adonai Messiah. Praise God!

Cleaving to Tzaddik and Community, we cleave to the Messiah and El Elyon, and cleaving to Tzaddik we do not cleave to the name and form, or to the personality display, but we cleave to the indwelling Messiah, the Light-presence and Light-power within them, and around them. The same is true of our Elder Brother, Adonai Yeshua, it is not the person of the man, Yeshua, that we cleave to, but rather it is the Messiah, the Anointing in him – the Holy Light and Spirit of El Elyon, the Supreme. Thus, understanding this, in order to cleave we must have faith, an intuitive sense of the Living Presence within the Tzaddik, for otherwise we cannot cleave, and would not cleave; and to engage in full cleaving with our soul, and our mind, heart and life, we must have, not only faith, but knowledge of the Holy Light and Spirit in them, or some experience of the transmission of the Holy Light and Spirit with them. Then, having the vision of experience, seeing who and what they are in the Light Continuum, and having some experiential knowledge, we are empowered to engage in a full cleaving, and so we are drawn near and are uplifted, and we are well established in the Sanctuary of Grace.

A human being may, indeed, be a living tzaddik – an awakened soul, a holy person, but the Holy Tzaddik is not the human person, or personality display, it is the Living Presence embodied in them, to which the person and life serves as a vehicle, and is merged with in harmony; hence, the Holy Tzaddik is the indwelling Messiah united with the awakened soul within them.

If and when we experience the transmission of the Supernal Light and Spirit, and we experience the revelation of the Glory Body, then we clearly see and know the Holy Tzaddik, the Human One of Light; in Body of Glory they resemble an archangel, or rather, a supernal prince, and yet more, the resemble a great palace of light and the luminous assembly of souls and angels in it – an inconceivable and immeasurable array of Holy Light and Fire, Shekinah and the Holy Spirit. If and when we are touched by the Holy Light and Spirit, and yet more, when we behold the revelation of the Body of Glory – the Truth of the Risen Messiah, then we can cleave to this Living Presence, the Holy Tzaddik, within and around the man or woman of God we know in this world, for then we have the experience, the knowledge, through which we can cleave.

Quite naturally, believing is one thing, and it is good, but knowing is another, and it is superior to believing; ultimately our salvation is not accomplished through believing, but through knowing – understanding this we are rightly called Gnostics, and ours is a Gnostic Apostolic Succession.

Let us understand the true purpose of this, however, and let us have no idols – the purpose is the awakening and uplifting of our soul in return to God, the realization of the inner tzaddik and indwelling Messiah, and the experience of God Consciousness (Supernal or Messianic Consciousness). When I say, “let us have no idols,” what I mean is, let us receive in oneness, not in the delusion of lack, or the illusion of separation, and let us understand that as who and what the Holy Tzaddik is in God is revealed to us, so who and what we are in God is being revealed to us that we also might abide as the Anointed, a Human Being of Light – a true daughter or son of the Living God (Elohim Hayyim).

The entire purpose of the Holy Tzaddik and their revelation to us is the awakening and realization of our soul, and our return to God, and this revelation, and the anointing we receive, is not from a mortal being, or flesh and blood, but it is from Shaddai, the Almighty, and is communicated to us through Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of God; Yahweh Elohim, the Lord God chooses, El Elyon, the Supreme ordains. What transpires was preordained, predestined. It’s God-given! Praise God!

Look and see! When we receive the revelation of this Living Presence and Power – the Messiah, then, cleaving to the Messiah and Holy Sefirot we cleave to the Infinite One, Ain Sof; and cleaving with knowledge, da’at, to Tzaddik and Community, so we cleave to the Messiah and Sefirot, for we know that Holy Light and Spirit in the Living Body. When we receive our anointing, and we cleave, so are we joined to the Living Body, and we, too, embody that Holy Light and Spirit, that Living Presence, more or less, all as we abide in the remembrance of the I Am, all as ordained by El Elyon.

Truly, this revelation, this realization in the Messiah, is a holy remembrance – remembering who and what we are in God and in the Pleroma of Light, and living the Life Divine is being and becoming who we most truly are, the unique and individual emanation of the Living God that we are, and shall be.

Archangels, angels, they are not foreign to our soul in the Messiah, they are our siblings, our brothers, sisters, in the Light Continuum and the heavens. Thus, in the Revelation of John the Beloved, a very different relationship is spoken between this anointed tzaddik and the angels than with the prophets before him, for when he bows down before the angel and his angelic tzaddik corrects him, the holy angel tells him, “We are siblings.” This happens twice in Revelation, and it is a message to all of us who are in the Messiah, the Anointing.

Listen and hear, and understand! If, indeed, in the Messiah we are siblings of angelic, divine beings, and if in the Messiah we are uplifted in ascension beyond the world of angels and world of archangels into the Palace of the Messiah, the heart of the Supernal Abode, then we have every reason to abide in spiritual self-worth in the Messiah, while also having spiritual humility before the Infinite One, Yahweh Elohim, Shaddai. The Infinite and Eternal is within us, and we are in the Infinite and Eternal, and the Infinite and Eternal is ever beyond us – in unification with the Infinite we touch and do not touch, and so we abide in spiritual self-worth and all humility, and we give praise and thanks to the Lord God, and we worship the Lord our God.

We cleave to Yahweh Elohim, Shaddai, and to the Messiah, the Lamb of God, and through Divine Grace, the Holy Spirit, we are unified with the Messiah in Yahweh Elohim, Shaddai. Praise the Almighty Living God!

The more we are aware of the Infinite One within and behind what appears, and what transpires, the greater our cleaving, and the greater our experience of nearness and oneness; may the Most High bless us with this holy awareness, this holy remembrance, and gather us in! Amen.

Shaddai Shalom!
Tau Malachi

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