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Equinox Shalom, Tau Malachi:

We recently encountered a specific angel in our Zohar study I hoped you could share about:

"At that moment [in the life review of a righteous soul who drew a sinner to repentance], a certain official appears who is treasurer of images of the righteous in the mystery of conjugal union, mysteriously named Yehodi'am, in a crown of the wielded Holy Names. The Blessed Holy One signals, and the official brings the image of that person who transformed the souls of sinners and places it before the King and Matronita. And I call heaven and earth to witness that moment this image is given—for there is no righteous person in this world whose image is not engraved above the power of that official—seventy keys of all the treasures of his Lord are delivered into his hands (2:129a)."

Daniel Matt's extensive notes below reiterate this scene,
"The angel Yehodi'am is in charge of the images of the souls of the righteous and apparently conveys them to the chamber of Shekinah as She unites with her beloved and generates souls. Here, at the moment of union, Yehodi'am takes the image of the soul of this earthly hero, who has himself 'made' (or transformed) the souls of sinners, and brings it before the divine King and Queen to be rewarded. The soul image is delivered back to Yehodi'am, presented with keys to the divine treasures, and granted all blessings bestowed upon Abraham, who also 'made' or transformed the souls of sinners. The name Yehodi'am יהוד׳עם contains the three component of the name YHVH: יהו, which themselves constitute the name YHV. Joseph Angelet suggests that יהוד׳עם may mean יהו הוד׳ע לעם: He revealed the name YHV to the people."

On first encountering this particular presence, I'm fascinated. YHV is a tremendous force in itself, overlapping with the letters IAO. Pistis Sophia speaks of Little IAO and in our lineage there are meditations with this these letters appropriated from a teaching (1:10)from Sefer Yetzirah of sealing the six extremities. What more have masters of the tradition to say of this presence named Yehodi'am?


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Re: Yehodi'am

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Greetings and blessings to you in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

Yehodi’am is counted among the great sarim, ‘supernal princes,’ and is among the names, emanations of Archangel Metatron. In the Order of Gabriel I gave teachings some years ago on many of the names of Metatron, each corresponding with an emanation, a divine attribute and action, of this most holy archangel. There are a number of secret names of Metatron that appear in sacred texts of the Holy Kabbalah that I did not teach about, Yehodi’am being one of them.

As you are aware, in a great midrash we are told that Enoch was taken up in divine rapture by God and ascended through the seven heavens into the eighth heaven, the Supernal Abode, and that therein he beheld the great vision of the coming of the Messiah, the End-Of-Days, and the World-That-Is-Coming. Although it was given to him to enter into full reintegration with the Infinite Light and the Eternal One, beholding the Messiah, and beholding the bondage of souls and the desire of Eternal One for their salvation, in love and compassion he withheld something of his soul from full reintegration, and so was translated into Archangel Metatron and was exalted above all other angels of God, the True Light, even the supernal princes. Thus he abides in the labor of the harvest of souls until the Great End-Of-Days, the conclusion of this great cosmic cycle. In this you may understand that according to our Kabbalah Enoch-Metatron represents something like the principle of the Bodhisattva in Buddhist teachings, great souls that withhold themselves from final cessation of the ultimate enlightenment because of the desire to help facilitate the enlightenment and liberation of all sentient beings.

Holding this noble and holy intention naturally there are emanations of Metatron that seek to inspire other souls to take up the same intention and action, and that minister to and co-labor with the souls of the righteous - tzaddikim, who engage in this Great Work, the harvest of souls. Yehodi’am is among these emanations of Metatron, and according to the Zohar this emanation of Metatron blesses and empowers those who actively engage in the deliverance of lost souls and facilitate their spiritual conversion, their return to God, the True Light. If what is said in the Zohar is understood, among the specific blessings, empowerments, this great supernal angel can bestow is knowledge of aliyat neshamah, mystical ascensions of the soul or transference of the soul from the physical body into a body of light; hence, the ‘image’ that Yehodi’am bears for these righteous ones.

Essentially, the knowledge and power of aliyat neshamah corresponds with a key spiritual empowerment for greater actions of deliverance and redemption of souls, for when a tzaddik is able to engage in conscious ascents and descents, and conscious spiritual works and interventions through the inner dimensions, they are able to serve as a true spiritual guide to souls and able to uplift the souls of other in their ascensions - they are able to be of greater service in the harvest of souls.

When souls have a capacity for aliyat neshamah, so they are able to ascend into various heavenly abodes, and into the various light treasuries of the Lord, and are able to bring forth ‘wisdom treasures’ of new teachings, practices and revelations through which souls might be enlightened and liberation, and likewise they may recover and restore ancient teachings and ways as well. Thus, they are fully empowered in the wisdom of skillful means, and this wisdom includes knowledge of the tikkunim, mendings, of souls and how they might be accomplished.

This is the knowledge and power of Yehodi’am that he imparts to those who give their lives to this Great Work, the returning of souls to God, the True Light.

Now concerning ‘image,’ zelem, this corresponds with what is actualized and realized ‘below,’ in this world, which then appears and becomes manifest ‘above,’ in the World-That-Is-Coming; hence, through works accomplished and the full embodiment of the soul unified with the Holy Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, there is the generation, realization, of the supernal image, zelem, and Yehodi’am holds the knowledge of this - and so knowledge of the generation of the spiritual body and heavenly dwellings. Along with this development of things done, manifest, below generating the corresponding appearances, manifestations above, so also souls are able to invoke and join themselves with corresponding emanations, images, of angels. Thus, to invoke Yehodi’am and form a bond with him an initiate must be engaged in outreach and an active labor to deliver lost souls, facilitating their return to God, the True Light. In a manner of speaking, it is such souls to which Yehodi’am is ‘attracted,’ and the same is true in the invocation of any of the holy angels of heaven and the Supernal Abode, they are attracted to those who resemble them, those who cultivate corresponding divine attributes and actions.

As perhaps you might inuit, the appearance of Yehodi’am is something like a human being of light, crowned and radiant with supernal glory with many wings; gazing upon this supernal prince is like gazing into a faceted jeweled being of incredible beauty and holiness seemingly composed of countless light images, light forms, something like the supernal image of Adam Elyon, or the Messiah.

“He who revealed the Name YHV to the people”
is, indeed, the meaning of his name, and this hints at the greater knowledge and power hidden within this supernal archangel - secret knowledge of The Name, revelations of The Name, and tikkunim of The Name. Of this secret knowledge and power of Yehodi’am it is not given for me to speak in the moment, but those with understanding who contemplate the name of this great and holy angel may draw out many insights with God’s help.

May the Holy One bless you this day and may the face of the Holy One shine upon you; may knowledge of the Holy Name of Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot be gifted to you, greater knowledge of the hosts of heaven! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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