Tau Malachi's Health & Surgery

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Tau Malachi's Health & Surgery

#1 Postby Yonah » Wed May 07, 2014 6:29 am

There is something that I’d like to share with you that is a concern to our whole community, and everyone involved with our lineage and tradition.

Over the past decade, although he does not mention it often, Tau Malachi has been suffering difficulties with his heart and blood pressure that have been brought on by a congenital heart defect, and it has progressed in recent years to become a very serious condition that has led to significant compromises in physical activities along with a lot of discomfort. As a result, in the very near future, Malachi needs to undergo open-heart surgery to address the uncommon condition he is suffering from, as well as for a bypass of an artery that has become partially blocked.

It is good that the full diagnosis of his conditions has come at this time, because so far he has not suffered a heart attack and has no significant damage to his heart to further complicate the surgery. His condition, apparently, is a very uncommon one, but as it turns out there is a surgeon not far from where he lives who has treated many cases of it and is considered an expert in this particular procedure, and he has agreed to take Malachi’s case. The hospital he is associated with is also one of the best on the West Coast for cardiac care, so Malachi will receive the best possible care through this process.

As we all know any surgery comes with risks, and heart surgery is a significant ordeal, but the good news is that if all goes well, Malachi will experience a full restoration of physical vitality and length of life, and no longer need the medications for his heart that he has taken for years. He should experience a radical improvement in the quality of his physical life, and therefore there is great hope in the opportunity for this surgery.

Malachi met with the surgeon yesterday and is tentatively scheduled for surgery on July 1st of this year.

At present Malachi is following his doctor’s advice by taking it easy while waiting for surgery. Following the surgery there will be a prolonged recovery period, so he will be taking some time off to focus on healing and recovery, and as his strength returns, some spiritual retreat.

Fortunately, Malachi does have good health insurance, but there will still be significant medical costs that are not covered by insurance, so any donations to help cover the costs would be deeply appreciated, along with all of the prayers that might be offered.

If you wish to give you can either send a check (mark in the memo that it is for Malachi’s surgery) to EPS, P.O. Box 936, Pflugerville, TX, 78691 or use paypal (put in the comments field that it is for Malachi’s surgery).

I pray for our Tzaddik to have a speedy recovery and to be shielded in our Mother’s arms during this time.

Shalom, Yonah
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