Truth is the Mouth of the Father

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Truth is the Mouth of the Father

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:21 am

Shabbat Shalom!

But the Father is perfect. He knows every space that is within him. If he pleases, he reveals anyone whom he desires by giving them a form and by giving them a name; and He does give a name and cause to come into being. Those who do not yet exist are ignorant of him who created them.

This ongoing portion recapitulates and will resolve mysteries earlier introduced in the Gospel of Truth under sub headings titled, "The Father Calling Those Who Have Knowledge." Here, the tension between existence and non-existence is explained very concretely in the metaphor of fruit. Here, to exist is to be a tree which bears fruit, becomes another fruit-bearing tree. We know only when we fully share what we've known; we possess only when we give what we've possessed; we receive only when we transmit what we we've received.

Kabbalah speaks of existence as fruit in precisely the same terms with five tightly-related examples. The first example is found in a classical mizvot, commandment, of all men among the tribes of Israel to bear sons. While it is certainly patriarchal to posit that, "A man who has not generated a son will not have a place in the World to Come," what a son represents beyond the literal continuity of the Israeli nation, is the generative capacity realized in another to further generate in a lineage of enlightenment. Beyond the Jewish partriarchy, Christians, women, and the celibate, may understand a 'son' to be any other in whom gnosis may be transmitted and received in full, in turn capable of passing this same gnosis to another.

The second example is found in the very word Kabbal itself, which is to receive. On giving and receiving, reciprocity, existence is tendered.

The third is the very process of emanation of the sefirot themelves, phrased by the Ari of Safed as sefirot "reaching and not reaching until they finally reach": Keter is not established until Hokmah has reached and emanated Binah; Hokmah is not established until Binah has reached and emanated Hesed, continuing all the way to Malkuth.

The fourth example is Malkuth Herself, being the tenth, culminating emanation of the Tree of Life. She is the fruit, the evidence, the manifestation of everything hidden in the essence of the roots, Keter, bearing within Herself the seeds of infinite orchards, giving back so much more than she received.

To whom Malkut as a sefirah reaches is the final example. Our Christian Kabbalah maintains that She is established, having reached and emanated the Risen Savior, witnessed first by the Holy Bride, Lady Mirya of Magdala. Yeshua anticipated this exactly in his final discourse with his disciples in St. John:

"I am the true vine, and my Father is the vine-grower. He removes every branch in me that bears no fruit. Every branch that bears fruit he prunes to make it bear more fruit. You have already been cleansed by the word that I have spoken to you. Abide in me as I abide in you. Just as the branch cannot bear fruit by itself unless it abides in the vine, neither can you unless you abide in me. I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing." (15:1-5)

To the mystery from this portion of the Gospel of Truth, let us proceed, hearing what is has further to say of existence and non-existence.

I do not say, then, that those who do not yet exist are nothing. But they are in him who will desire that they exist when he pleases, like an event that is going to happen. On the one hand, he knows, before anything is revealed, what he will produce. On the other hand, the fruit that has not yet been revealed does not know anything nor is anything either. Thus each space that, on its part, is in the Father comes from the existent one, who, on His part, has established it from the nonexistent. For whoever has not root has not fruit, but although thinking, "I have come into being," that one will perish. For this reason, whoever does not exist at all will never exist.

Fruit that is revealed is the seed it contains becoming another fruit-bearing tree. To be revealed is fulfill the intention for which the fruit has come into being. Apart from this intention, there is no existence. To exist is to manifest the intention for which one has come into being, "being given a form and a name" by the Father. If I am a pear and I've fallen from my tree but fail to produce another pear tree, I scatter, disperse, dissolve, and disintegrate. My pear essence disappears.

While the energy of my pear fruit protecting the seeds of a future pear tree continues, certainly, in another fertilizing form, the intention in which I've come into manifestation, namely, a pear tree bearing other pear trees, is lost. Compost and fruit must not be confused. While unregenerated fruit becomes compost, which is completely necessary for fruit-bearing trees, compost is not a fruit-bearing tree. To receive a name and a form from the Father destines our bearing-fruit; to refuse to hear and become that for which we're manifest destines our composting.

While this message will probably never fill a megachurch, it speaks precisely for the spiritually mature from Elohim's very book of nature how delicate, intricate, and exquisite is the mystery of existence far beyond any sentimentalities of I am.

May we glorify you, Father,
bearing much fruit, loving as we're loved,
completing the joy from which we've come.

Elder Gideon+

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Re: Truth is the Mouth of the Father

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:01 pm

Grace and peace to you in Messiah Yeshua, our Adonai!

We have spoken elsewhere of the reception of our true name from the Father, and likewise, we have spoken of the spaces that are in the Father, but here I’m captured by “those who exist” and “those who do not exist,” and am inclined to take up this contemplation.

First, there is this truth, until we receive the Holy Light and Spirit of God, and we are reborn from above, in effect, on a spiritual level, we are “dead” and “do not exist,” for we cannot see, hear, feel, smell, taste and know in the Spirit; in this state of ignorance, unenlightenment, it is as though we are a body without a soul, a corpse. When we receive the Christ-Spirit, however, there is light and life in us, and we are able to see, hear, feel, smell taste and know in the Spirit, we acquire Knowledge of the Mysteries and God.

Second, as we know, until our soul evolves and comes into being, embodying something of our neshamah, our heavenly and supernal soul, ruach and nefesh are not preserved following an incarnation, they dissolve into their essence and nature, and because there is nothing of neshamah in them, they cease to exist, and another ruach and nefesh are generated for the next incarnation from the karmic continuum of the soul. Thus, basically speaking, ruach and nefesh are unreal, or have no existence, apart from neshamah, and the karmic continuum of the soul is unreal – sin and death never having had any substantial self-existence. If this is what a person clings to and lives in, and their ruach and nefesh are not joined to their neshamah, on a spiritual level, as yet they do not exist; such a soul, as yet, does not appear in the true kingdom of heaven, or Light Continuum.

When we receive the Christ-Spirit and we are reborn from above, so the influence of our neshamah enters into our ruach and nefesh, and as we progress in the Gospel a greater and greater influx of our heavenly and supernal soul enters into our incarnation, and there is a greater embodiment of the Christ-Spirit in us. Thus, when we depart this life, something of our ruach and nefesh will be preserved, and we will appear in the kingdom of heaven, or Light Continuum; having received the Christ-Spirit, abiding in the Sanctuary of Grace, we already appear in the kingdom of heaven, and the kingdom of heaven is within and around us in this life. Praise God!

“Truth is the Mouth of the Father.” This is an intriguing statement if we consider what it means in the Holy Kabbalah. Truth (Amet) is a cognomen of Keter-Crown and Mouth is a cognomen of Malkut-Kingdom. Thus, this saying implies something of Keter realized and embodied in Malkut, and this world; this is what happens when we embody the Christ-Spirit and our neshamah, and access the inmost aspects of our soul, yechidah, our divine spark, and hayyah, light-power, something of Keter, or the Divine I Am, is realized, and Malkut is made manifest as us.

It is a difficult matter to speak of the reality of the Supernal Universe, or the eternal realm, and to speak of the great mystery of how timeless-eternity intersects with time-eternity, but we may say this, all that has ever been awakened and realized, is awakened and realized now, or that will ever be awaken and realized, is a present reality in timeless-eternity. Yet, simultaneous with this, and without contradiction, there is time-eternity, and there is the play of being in becoming, and these two realities, being, or timeless-eternity, and being in becoming, time-eternity, are completely interconnected, inseparable from one another; hence, the Pleroma and the Entirety are inseparable.

All in a great and supreme mystery, souls must arise from a primordial unconscious unity and coming into being, becoming awakened and realized in order to recognize their innate unity with the Holy One of Being; in this process, in some way, the illusion of separation becomes the vehicle through which conscious unification is realized and embodied, the sorrow and suffering of separation giving way to the peace and joy of union.

As perhaps you might surmise, those spirits and souls that will awaken and become realized in this world-system, and those souls that will become awakened and realized in this great cosmic cycle, are preordained and predestined to awaken and become realized from the perspective of the eternal realm, the immortals and God. These are souls that are said to “exist.” Conversely, it is also true that souls that will not become awakened and realized in this world-system, or this great cosmic cycle, are preordained and predestined not to awaken and become realized from the perspective of the eternal realm, the immortals and God. These are souls that are said “not to exist,” or that “have never existed” – they do not appear among the living ones or the immortals in the Light Continuum from this world or this universe.

As we know, however, there are countless worlds and universes, and eventually all souls will awaken and become realized; hence, the teaching of universal salvation in Christ.

All of this, of course, is a very great and deep mystery, one very difficult, if not impossible to speak about, but it is a mystery we experience and acquire knowledge of when Supernal Consciousness dawns and we perceive the reality of the Supernal Universe, or Pleroma of Light. This knowledge, in truth, is makifin, encircling or transcendent in this world, for it is the knowledge of the World to Come and cannot be spoken here, save perhaps through hints, or a pointing towards it.

O El Elyon, please grant us knowledge of the Messiah and World to Come that we might be empowered to bring others into this Holy Remembrance, all as You ordain, all as You will. Amen.

Shaddai Shalom!
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