The Fifty-Eighth Names

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The Fifty-Eighth Names

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri May 23, 2008 8:31 am

The Fifty-Eighth Names

The Fifty-Eighth Name of Gevurot: Yod-Yod-Lamed

There is an open secret in the Light Wheel – a form of sacred circle in the tradition; you can only move sunwise, clockwise, in the Light Wheel which is to say that you cannot go back in time, but only forward, from the present into the future, and likewise, it teaches us the future is generated now, in the present; the past, in truth, does not matter, but rather it is the present that matters and our vision for the future.

This, exactly, is the wisdom and power in this Holy Name – in it is the empowerment to let go of personal history, to conceive of a new self-image in the Divine Light and set our life into motion realizing a new state of being and consciousness, a new paradigm of ourselves and our lives as we are in the Light Continuum (Yahweh).

In our contemplation of this Holy Name we might remember the story of Lot’s wife – though the angel told them not to turn and look back, but to keep their gaze forward, clinging to her wealth in Sodom and her past life there she looked back and became a pillar of salt; and so it is with us any time we cling to the past and do not orient ourselves to the present with our attention towards the future, we become bound up in klippot of name and form, and personal history, and cannot be present in the flow of what’s happening. Wonders can never transpire in this way.

In this Holy Name is the power to dissolve klippot binding us to the past and to bring about wondrous changes in our lives by a conscious response to the flow of what’s happening; if and when you feel weighed down by the past and somewhat stuck in your life, if you are willing to stand in the Shekinah of the Messiah and entertain her dance, calling upon this Name of God the power of the Holy Spirit will be set in motion and she will work wonders in your life – growth and movement will swiftly follow.

Now this Holy Name enumerates Nun (50), and as such it is among the Holy Names invoked to draw upon the power of the Fifty Gates of Binah-Understanding; likewise Kol (All), which is a cognomen of Yesod-Foundation, equals Nun, and so this is among the Names of God invoking the full influx of the upper Sefirot into Yesod and the manifestation of the Holy Shekinah in her fullness – an invocation of great wonders.

There is also the secret knowledge and power of Yonah in the belly of the great fish in this Holy Name, and the Messiah in his ministry in Gehinnom during the three days before his resurrection from among the dead.

Along with all of this, in this Holy Name there is also the empowerment of transcendence – the remembrance of one’s soul completely transcendent of the body and world, and the experience of blissful detachment that empowers us to the most dynamic action in the dance of the Holy Shekinah and flow of what’s happening.

There is great liberating power in this Holy Name of God!

A Meditation with the Name: Vision of the Future Self

Want to be free of the burdens of the past and experience transcendence in the flow of what’s happening in the moment? Want to look and see your future self in the Risen Messiah? Then go within and open to the Holy Light of God from above and just let go, abiding in the Shekinah of Messiah, the Shekinah of Yahweh – letting go, invoke this Holy Name and envision yourself arising in Body of Light as your Holy Maggid, and as the Holy Maggid, look and see, and know, the flow of what’s happening and see the vision of your future in the Light Continuum.

Activate this Holy Name with the chant of Yah Yahweh Elohim and the chant of the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah; and then intone the Name: Yo-Yo-La.

As you chant the Name envision the generation of the Body of Light in the form of your Holy Maggid and envision that you rise up in the Body of Light – with the sight of the Holy Maggid in the Spirit and Light Continuum, look and see what’s happening and let the Spirit grant you an insight or vision of the future, your future self in Hayyah Yeshua.

When this has transpired, give praise and thanks to God and pray for all your relations – that all might be blessed to see and know themselves as they are in the Light Continuum. This completes the movement.

This is the practice.

A Practice among the Navim: Great Wonders

When navim and wonderworkers wish to unleash a current of great wonderworking power, seeking to bring about a radical wonder for a person or for the people they may call upon this Holy Name of God.

They will go out upon a walk of power invoking Ha-Shem and the Divine Powers, and when they come to a place of power, they will engrave a circle on the earth with their holy staff while chanting Yahweh Elohim and then the Holy Name:


Then, standing in the sacred circle and facing the east with hand upraised they will invoke the Name of Yahweh and call upon the Dragon – and they will intone the Holy Name: Ya-Ya-La.

Then, in Ruach Ha-Kodesh, in the power of the moment, they will speak the wonder to transpire, whether in the heavens of upon the earth – and speaking it they will worship in the presence of Yahweh and will pray for the people.

In the end they will seal the gates and bring the Dragon to rest, and they will abide in hitbodedut – this completes the movement.

This is the practice.

*In the tradition it is said that a Baal Shem is also a Baal Teli, a Master of the Dragon – Ruach Ha-Teli is an expression for the force that can be used for good or evil, while Ruach Ha-Yahweh represents a force used only for good.

Angels of the Name

Yeroshiel, Yitztuvael and Lagviel are the holy angels of this Name of God; they are of the Beni Elohim and bear great knowledge of the Magical Kabbalah.

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Fifty-Eighth Name of Gevurot, all as God’s Spirit inspires this day. Hallelu Yah – Praise the Lord! Amen.

The Fifty-Eighth Name of Hasidim: Mem-He-He

It is very interesting – this Holy Name also equals Nun (50); they represent one and the same force – but the Name of the Gevurot is the ascending force and the Name of the Hasidim is the descending force.

It is given that we may speak a secret teaching concerning these Holy Names – they are the Names that invoke the force of the Dragon in service to the Continuum of Light Transmission; hence, they invoke the ascending and descending force of the Serpent Power in Adam Kadmon.

The name of the Dragon is Teli, but it is also call Leviathan, and according to the masters of the tradition, the “spine of the dragon” is the Milky Way, running from north to south, and the force of the Dragon “sleeps in the secret center of the black earth,” as in the root star of the subtle body of a human being – it is a force pervading all, just as is the Shekinah of Yahweh, and it is inseparable from Ruach Ha-Yahweh, as is all creation.

When it is time, a holy tzaddik or navi may take close friends on a walk of power and reveal the invocation of Ruach Ha-Yahweh and Ruach Ha-Teli; it is in this way that an initiate comes to know and understand the “Dragon” and how to invoke its powers in service to heaven and the Continuum of Light Transmission.

Now the Name of Gevurot sets things into flux, creating the conditions in which great wonders can transpire; in this Name of Hasidim is great manifesting power – when the continuum is set into flux, calling upon this Holy Name what is envisioned and spoken comes to pass as it is spoken, and it is a movement of great forces, for all spiritual forces move in harmony with one who knows how to call upon this Name.

As we know, the Kabbalah says that all spiritual forces are the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and Shekinah of Yahweh – when an initiate wishes to gain insight into this most essential truth, they will call upon this Name of Hasidim to look and see the bright and dark face of the Holy Shekinah, the Mother and Bride, and in so doing many have experienced the recognition of the non-dual truth, the vision of experience that leads to Supernal Realization.

On the most practical level, at times there can be so much movement and so much transpiring in our lives all at once that it can feel overwhelming – and in the midst of feeling overwhelmed by all that’s happening things can begin to become somewhat confused and chaotic; in this Holy Name is the empowerment to bring multiple movements of energy in our lives into alignment and harmony, restoring balance and order.

This is a Holy Name of God that has the power to align and harmonize material, psychic and spiritual forces, even forces that appear diametrically opposed to one another – needless to say, on account of this there is very radical wonderworking power in this Name of God.

A Meditation with the Name: Harmony of Forces

In the midst of a great flux in life and the movement of multiple forces – when there are many significant changes or events transpiring all at once, rather than be overwhelmed by carrying the burden yourself, instead offer it up to the Holy One and Shekinah, and call upon this Holy Name, letting the Shekinah of Yahweh orchestrate and harmonize the flow of energies.

Abide in Primordial Meditation, and turn to the Holy One in prayer offering up all that is happening and consecrating all movements in your life to El Elyon, the Supreme; open to the Holy Light from above and invite and welcome the Shekinah of Elyon into the movements in the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah.

Then take up the chant Yah Yahweh Yeshua Messiah, and with the conscious intention of the Holy Shekinah entering and orchestrating the various movements in your life, intone the Holy Name: Mey-Hey-Hey.

When you do this trust in Ruach Ha-Yahweh and trust yourself in the Light Continuum – trust the presence of the Messiah in you, and do what needs to be done following the guidance of the Spirit; in this process remember to uplift others in prayer and to extend blessings to all your neighbors, all your relations.

This is the practice.

*At times you might wish to seal this with a Wedding Feast.

A Practice among the Navim: Invoking the Dragon

The invocation of the Dragon corresponds to the spiritual labor pacifying, enriching, subjugating and destroying spiritual forces in service to heaven or the Continuum of Light Transmission, specifically archonic and demonic forces; it corresponds with the generation and invocation of “oath-bound wrathful guardians,” for example, as well as great movements of forces in the world or the “alien realm.”

When a son or daughter of the navim has been introduced to the Dragon and the force of the Dragon, and its invocation has been shown to them, they may call upon this Holy Name to invoke the Ruach Ha-Teli.

They will purify and prepare themselves as they have been taught, and they will go out into the wilderness on a new or full moon, depending upon the spiritual work they intend to do, and they will create a sacred circle with four serpentine paths leading into it, and place about it the corresponding mystic symbols reflecting their intention and invocation.

Just at sunset they will call upon Ha-Shem and the Divine Powers, and they will purify and consecrate the sacred space – then they will wait upon the Spirit, letting the matrix of the sacred circle gather power from the earth and heavens.

At night, under the starry night sky, when the Spirit moves and the Powers call, they will take up their sacred ceremony – offering lights and incense, and banishing, they will invoke.

They will invoke the gaze and breath, the wings and talons, the head, spine and tail, the body and then the Spirit of the Dragon; as they invoke they will generate the Body of Light as the Great Maggid in wrathful countenance, and begin to take up the spiritual work that they intend, moving with the Dragon.

In the midst of the movement and their spiritual work they will arise and join their soul to the Holy Sefirot of the Middle Pillar reaching to Da’at, and joined to Da’at they will unify Yahweh with Elohim, and they will invoke the influx of the star gates (or Comity of Stars) as they have been taught – then intoning the Holy Name they will set the force of the Dragon in motion to accomplish the wonders they intend:


When the movement is complete they will rise up to Eheieh and El Elyon, joining their soul and uplifting the force of the Dragon into union with the Shekinah of the Supreme; then they will celebrate a Wedding Feast, praying for the redemption of all beings and praying for the full reception of the Holy Bride, the Second Coming of the Messiah.

Once this is accomplished, they will bring the Dragon to rest and seal all gates, bidding all spirits bound up in the movement to depart, granting them blessings and peace, and they will banish in full, taking up the countenance of Messiah Melchizedek (the Sacred Priest) and extending the Light of the True Cross as from New Jerusalem. This completes the movement.

This is the practice.

*This, of course, is a practice among adept initiates in the tradition that aims at the refinement of the realization of the non-dual truth and insight into deeper mysteries of the Divine or Universal Order; it assume the recognition of the non-dual truth, along with the oral transmission and empowerment that teaches the way of invocation.

A Secret Mystery of Serafim

Within the orders of angels there are many classes and kinds, and so it is with the Serafim – there are many different classes and kinds of the Serafim, the most commonly known being those resembling a kind of Kerubim having the four Kerubic Faces, but with six wings rather than four. The word Seraf, however, literally means “fiery serpent,” as for example in the Book of Numbers chapter twenty-one when the children of Israel and being plagued with fiery serpents (serafim). This suggests a lesser kind of Serafim, but there greater kind of Seraf among the Serafim according to masters of the tradition, which resemble dragons, akin to what in the Eastern mystical schools are called “nagas.” Thus, secretly, the Magical Kabbalah speaks of greater Serafim that are “ancient dragons,” much like what we find in Eastern schools of mysticism – the idea of the Serpent Power of Adam Kadmon as the “Great Dragon” has its root in this lore.

A Secret of the Serpent Power of Adam Kadmon

There is an intriguing teaching in the Christian Kabbalah of one Western mystical schools – the Order of St. Martin. Essentially, hearing the teachings of the shevirat ha-kelim, the breaking of vessels, as taught in Kabbalah of Isaac Luria, St. Martin proposed that Adam Kadmon was the demiurge, and in a certain respect there is truth in this assertion. The same basic idea is proposed in our Christian Kabbalah in the teachings on the Great Dragon as the “Serpent Power of Adam Kadmon” – a force that must be sublimated, uplifted and redeemed within all creatures.

Angels of the Name

Michael, Hashmakaviel and Hosael are the holy angels of this Name of God; they are among the greater Serafim and hold secret knowledge of the movement of great cosmic forces, including the secret portals and pathways through which they move.

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Fifty-Eighth Names of Gevurot and Hasidim through the empowerment of Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of God. Hallelu Elohim – Praise God! Amen.

O Yahweh Elohim, we praise and bless Your Holy Name and we pray for the salvation of all beings – the enlightenment and liberation of all in the Human One of Light, the Messiah. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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YHVH Will Fight for You!

#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:00 pm

Blessings and Shalom!

Come and see: When Pharoah approached to attack Israel, the Blessed Holy One did not want Israel to arouse an arousal below at all, for there was already arousal above, since the patriarchs [and matriarchs] had initiated arousal above and their merit stood before Him. This arousal had been stimulated, so the Blessed Holy One did not want Israel to arouse below at all—for it inhered in a supernal site, as is written יְהוָה, יִלָּחֵם לָכֶם (YHVH yillahem lakhem), YHVH will fight for you and you—keep silent! (Exodus 14:14) Keep silent!—precisely, and do not arouse, since that is uncalled for. Here is interwoven a holy name in its token letters, as the Companions have aroused [Zohar 2:47b].

As we've been studying the context preceding the parting of the Red Sea, the very chapter from where Names of Gevurot are derived, the rabbis are planting exquisite secrets of Names of Gevurot throughout Zohar. This instance regarding the inner silence at the Red Sea is ours as well. The Children of Israel felt trapped between an open sea before them and an advancing army behind them. What's most inspiring, is how rabbis find in this very moment YHVH will fight for you an acronym for this Fifty-Eighth Name of Gevurah:


The application of this Name is so immediate and direct. As I've recently felt very much between a rock and a hard place, my only solace inside has been to shut up. To pick up my personal narrative and continue carving the all-too-familiar tracks changes little if anything. Real change, real healing, real liberation for me from between a rock and a hard place is to be internally silent, suspending the narrative and commentary and debate in my head. Keeping silence and not arousing the personnel of selves within me allows the Holy One to do something I can't, which is to see everything from beyond my narrative trap.

In this beautiful Name, I'm assured by the rabbis' passing commentary that the Holy One, with my cooperative silence, will fight for me. This wisdom dovetails perfectly with Tau Malachi's commentary on this Name as a revision of personal narrative. The most that can be done in a really hard time is to Be still, and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10) and it is enough.

May the Holy One fight for those willing to wait in silence.

Elder Gideon

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Re: The Fifty-Eighth Names

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Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

What you have shared about the teaching of the rabbis in the Zohar is lovely dear brother, and it expands understanding of this Holy Name significantly, indicating specific great wonders to which this Name is oriented; hence, wonders of deliverance, divine protection, and the vanquishing of fierce spirits and demons.

As we know, when Abram went out to battle with the Kings of Edom he did not engage the Enemy, but rather the angel of the Shekinah, angel of Elohim, went before him striking down the hosts of Edom, and causing those evil kings to flee and return to their proper abode, banishing them. When Abram lead his tribe out to battle to deliver his nephew Lot, he went within, and turned to Shaddai in prayer, and he cleaved to the Holy Shekinah and was in repose. Thus, he was taken up by the Holy Shekinah, and he was moved by the Holy Shekinah, and the angel of the Shekinah went before him and behind him, to his right and his left, above and below, and he was no longer the doer, but the Shekinah and angel of the Shekinah, and the Spirit of God was the doer. In this way El Elyon delivered his enemies into his hands, just as Melchizedek proclaimed in his blessing when Abram returned from the battle victorious. As perhaps you might imagine, the Fifty-Eighth Name of the Gevurot is an invocation of the very same movement of the Holy Shekinah and the angel of the Shekinah when confronting the Enemy, the force of great darkness, great evil. Going within, turning to Shaddai and cleaving to the Shekinah of Shaddai, invoking this Holy Name, so the angel of the Shekinah will go before you and enshroud you, and will fight for you.

Quite naturally, this is a Name of God Templars take notice of and often invoke, joining it with the theurgic drawing of their sword and establishing the guardianship of the seven directions of the sacred circle or sanctuary.

There is another aspect of the invocation of great wonders associated with this Name that we might mention. This is a Name that is called upon to stir or activate potential psychic and spiritual powers, and to activate and move hidden forces within and behind what appears and transpires, shifting the play of what’s happening and what becomes manifest; hence, bringing about apparent wonders or miracles.

Here we may also share that this is among the Names invoked in prayers of tzaddikim sending ivurim (impregnating sparks) into souls they seek to elevate, stirring the good that is in them.

These were are a few thoughts I was inclined to share.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi

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