Your Grace

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Your Grace

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:40 am


My beloved has gone down to his garden,
to the beds of spices,
to pasture his flock in the gardens,
and to gather lilies.
(Songs 6:2)

Mysteries of Pentecost and Ascension continue stirring my imagination since its luminous feast day in our continuum. The mysteries of Enoch being taken up speak whole new volumes in teachings of the Straight Path, into which I hope, with God's help, to invite others.

The Zohar makes an exquisite metaphor of Enoch as a lily plucked at the peak of its fragrance: "Come and see: Enoch was pure, but the Blessed Holy One saw that he would eventually decay [on account of his generation], so He gathered him in beforehand, as is written: My beloved has gone down to his garden, to the beds of spices, to pasture his flock in the gardens, and to gather lilies (Song of Songs 6:2)—because of their fragrance the blessed Holy One gathers them before they decay" (I:56b).

The olfactory image of a fragrance, which Rabbi Yose corresponds with righteous deeds, becomes another allusion to Enoch in the Song of Solomon: While the King was on his couch, my spikenard spread its fragrance (Songs 1:12)—"good deeds, on account of which he is plucked from the world prematurely...executing judgment upon [his generation]" (ibid).

The famous verse of Enoch being taken holds a profound wordplay:
Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him (Genesis 5:24)

וְאֵינֶנּוּ כִּֽי־לָקַח אֹתֹו אֱלֹהִֽים

One becomes 'no more'—ein—precisely as it's spelled here—וְאֵינֶנּוּ—when, as Tau has taught, God has so taken up one's attributes and replaced them with God's attributes: That one is 'no more' as before. The legends, or midrashim, teach that Enoch was so aligned with God that Enoch became transfigured into Metatron, the greatest of God's archangels, manifest in the worlds of perud as the viceregent of the Supernal Shekinah.

Before us is a tremendous teaching on Grace—what it is and when and how it manifests 'below.'

This principle of Grace is implicit in two names of Bereshit that are closely linked albeit in different gnerations: Enoch and Noah. The name Hanok חֲנוֹךְ is complex. It's both a proper name and a primitive root verb hanak, חָנַךְ meaning to teach, as in Train up a lad in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). By a radical play upon its letters combining the word grace חֵן hen and the final Kaf—which in Hebrew is a possessive pronoun—one could contemplate the name Hanok as Your Grace. This interpretation of the name of Enoch foreshadows his stature as Metatron, the viceregent of the Supernal Shekinah.

Three generations later, the letters spelling Grace reverse to spell נֹחַ
Noah, who name means rest. Unlike the Nun-final spelling Grace, Nun begins the spelling of Noach, with implications of a restriction of Grace in the time of Noach, whom we know is not received in his generation either. Unlike his great-grandfather Enoch, Noah remains in the world, yet like Enoch, he transcends by virtue of the ark while severe judgment destroys the world.

May the play of the word grace in these two names invite a new hearing of the immediacy of Oneness and the Straight Path, Enoch being its first envoy.


Elder Gideon

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Re: Your Grace

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:15 pm

Grace and peace to you in El Elyon and the Messiah!

First there is something to be said of Enoch, for that he was ‘pure’ and ‘fragrant’ implies the realization of a perfect human being. If we understand that the aim of the Straight Path is the realization of the perfect human being - perfect tzaddik, the story of Enoch is the story of those who sojourn the Straight Path, and realize the great natural perfection that is innate to their inmost essence and nature, the primordial light, supernal light - clear light. This inmost essence is, of course, nothing other than the Essence of God Most High - the Absolute Light, and just as no one has knowledge of the Essence of God save God, so it is with the inmost essence of all spirits and souls, all things in creation; God and God alone has knowledge of the Essence, and the countless emanations of the Essence, the inmost essences of things. As we know, Ain is the primary word used in the Holy Kabbalah to indicate the Essence of God because nothing can be known of it save by God, the Most High.

Now, understand, in the full realization of the Absolute Oneness that God Is there is, in effect, a ‘passing away’ or ‘extinction’ of any identity apart from God, and this is exactly the meaning of “…he was no more…” There is, however, a secret hidden here, for as we have said ‘Ain’ refers to the Essence of God, and the inmost essence of spirits, souls, all things, and that inmost essence of all things is an emanation, manifestation, of the Essence of God, inseparable from the One God. Thus, ‘passing away,’ abiding in pure essence, pure existence, in the realization of Oneness, so God is the seeing and hearing - the knowing, and God knows God, and knows the Essence and Being of God. Is this not ‘Your Grace’?

Indeed, it is in this way that God reveals the secret of secrets to perfect tzaddikim, or ‘gnostic masters.’ God and God alone reveals the secret of secrets, corresponding with knowledge of the Essence, and it is a revelation from God, to God and for God. Contemplate this well, and understand!

If you consider it, the very translation, transformation, of Enoch into Metatron corresponds with what transpires in the inmost grade of ‘passing away’ and the Self-realization that follows, for “…God took him…” indicates the taking of his human attributes, and with this the giving of the attributes of God. As we know this transpires with the prophets and apostles of God, and with lesser, greater and perfect tzaddikim at various gradations, all according to their anointing and realization, all as God wills for them. So with Enoch this transpired at the grade of perfect tzaddik, as with the one who would walk as the Messiah in this world, and as those who would bear the full light transmission of the Messiah in the world thereafter. Though, indeed, the Jewish Midrashim speak of Enoch being taken up in divine rapture to avoid corruption, in truth a holy and enlightened one of such a supernal realization would not be corrupted or harmed by the generation surrounding them, and even if it were that they appeared to fall from grace they would be blameless in the Hereafter, received in Abundant Mercy. In fact it was mercy for that ignorant and wrongdoing generation, and generations to come, that Enoch was uplifted from the world, for understand, were the Messiah to come and not be received by any soul it would be the end-of-days, the world passing into utter destruction in Strict Judgment. Thus, having this lofty supernal realization, and embodying the corresponding manifestation of the Divine Presence, Holy Shekinah, God took him up in divine rapture as mercy for that generation and the world.

In the generation of Noah the time for the fruition of judgment had come to this world, and what a very severe judgment it was! Yet, through the prophet Noah and the making of the ark there was a mitigation of judgment for the sake of future generations, and life in this world was preserved. As Noah’s name implies, the ‘gate’ of Supernal Grace was closed and sealed at that time, and although there was an crucial mitigation of judgment, judgment came into full effect and dominion over that wrongdoing generation. There was no mercy for any, save those within the ark, human, animal, or otherwise; all fell under severe judgment. Basically speaking, time was given for turning, repentance, but from Enoch to Noah virtually none turned to God, save for Noah and a few family members.

Through Noah and a few family members, however, something of the revelation of God Most High was preserved, the ‘gate’ of Supernal Grace was opened again and mercy was restored, light and life remaining in the world, and an ongoing revelation opening the way for the reception of the Messiah in humankind. As we know, in the Messiah is the fullness of Supernal Grace - 'Your Grace,' such that those who believe and who turn to God are established in a sanctuary of grace - union of grace in the Messiah.

Here we may cite an open secret. As we know, the Metatron Continuum corresponds with the ‘sending’ of the prophets and apostles of God, and great tzaddikim into the world, the Holy Light of the Messiah being the light of them all, all laboring in light transmission for the fruition of the Second Coming. The ‘sending’ of the prophets and apostles, and tzaddikim - true spiritual guides, is the manifestation of Supernal Grace, 'Your Grace.'

As we know, as long as tzaddikim are in the world the world is sustained preserved for their sake, and they indeed are greater mercy from God; hence the saying, “The Holy Tzaddik is the foundation of the world.”

These are some thoughts the Holy Spirit would have me share with you.

Abiding in the sanctuary of grace - the Messiah - may our turning come to its destined fruition in the Holy One! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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