Grace and Calls of the Holy Spirit

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Grace and Calls of the Holy Spirit

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Grace & Calls of the Holy Spirit

There is something that has been spoken in my heart that I wish to share with you, something it is important to understand. At times we have much to say concerning manmade religious institutions, and their outdated and dogmatic doctrines, rites and rituals, and the various social-political and worldly power struggles among ‘religious authorities.’ In this voice calling out the corruption of faith and religion, or ‘husk of religion,’ we echo Adonai Yeshua as he spoke against many Pharisees and Sadducees, unspiritual and unenlightened religious authorities of his day. It needs to be understood, however, that when we speak against theological notions, speculations, concepts, of human origin and concoction proffered in place of revelations of Divine origin, or true inspirations and illuminations of the Messiah and Holy Spirit, we are not speaking of the faithful, those of sincere faith and love of God, but rather speaking of human institutions and the ignorance that tends to arise in them. Understand, even when there is a flawed doctrine, or limited understanding of the Holy Scriptures and ongoing revelation, regardless the grace and mercy of God Most High remains in effect and the Holy Light and Spirit of God comes upon souls of sincere faith and love, and they are truly beloved by God and established in the Sanctuary of Grace, the Messiah. In truth the grace and mercy of God, the reception of the Holy Light and Spirit, is not dependent upon outward doctrines and ways, but rather the interior life of a faithful person, their heart and mind, and their soul, being open to the Divine Presence in faith and love according to the call, the leading of the Spirit of God that they have received. Such is the grace and mercy of God Most High in the Messiah, and following their call, their leading in the Spirit, each will come to their ‘salvation’ or ‘enlightenment as ordained in God and as destined for them.

This is reflected in the spiritual work of praying for the spirits of the dead and guiding them in ascent through the seven heavens, for as we know to some is given the first heaven, to others the second, to others the third, and so on in the movement of ascension, and as souls are established in their ‘place,’ their abode in the heavens; at each level there is knowledge that it is good, and that it is a great blessing, all as souls desire and are able to receive, all as ordained in the grace and mercy of God Most High who gives to each what is good to give, loving them and blessings them. Though, indeed, from one heaven to another there is greater light and love, and greater nearness, intimacy with God, and so ‘greater delights,’ God is present in the heavens just the same, and they are all in God, and are all equal in God, and they are manifestations of the mercy and love of God for spirits and souls, the good grace of the Lord.

Understand, many souls are called, led, to receive the Messiah in common faith, and are given the knowledge of the outer gospel through which to cleave and draw near, and love the Lord, and it is very good, there is salvation in this, grace and mercy from God. Other souls are called, led, into a deeper inwardness in the Messiah, and are given knowledge of the inner gospel through which to cleave and draw nearer still into a most intimate nearness, oneness with the Messiah in God Most High, and this for them is very good. Then there are those who are called, led, into a complete passing away in the Messiah, in whom the knowledge and understanding of the secret gospel dawns - full and perfect knowledge of God as God Is, Christ or God Consciousness, and for these this is very good. Just as the revelation of the Messiah and Holy One is different from one individual to another, so the call, the leading to the Messiah, the Way, is different from one to another, all as God wills, all as God ordains, all as is good and destined for each spirit and soul. Understanding this, do not judge the call, the leading, of others in relationship to your own, but rather abide in awe and wonder of the diversity of revelations of God and calls, leadings, of souls to the Messiah and God, aware of this great mystery of God’s love, God’s grace and mercy, having equal respect and honor for each call or leading, while paying attention to the call, the leading you have received and following it in full zeal, full faith and love. Understand, all who have sincere faith and love in the Messiah and Holy Gospel are established in the same Sanctuary of Grace, all are members of the Body of the Messiah. Likewise understand that Divine Grace is ‘wild,’ radical, and incomprehensible, and that with the Living God anything is possible - any soul, of any grade, can experience a radical rapture and progress, and any gifts and knowledge of the Spirit of God are possible for them, all as God wishes, whether having cleaved through the way of the outer, inner or secret Gospel all according to their call, their leading in the Spirit.

In this regard we might recall the intriguing parable of Adonai Yeshua about a landowner and farmer who hired laborers throughout the day to work in his fields, some in the morning, some at noon and some even later in the day, but, much to the dismay of those who worked longer, at the end of the day the man paid them all the same wages. Likewise, we might also recall another curious teaching of the Master, that in the realization of salvation ‘the first will be last and the last will be first.’ These are teachings that hint at the radical supernal grace and mercy of God Most High manifest in the Messiah, the workings of grace and the Spirit of God truly being very ‘wild,’ very unpredictable, and so a great mystery.

Now, aware of the manifestation of supernal grace in the Messiah, which we may say is the inmost essence of God’s love, just as we must not judge the call, the leading, of others in the Spirit, so also in faith, hope and love we must not fall into self-judgments and doubts concerning our own call or leading in the Spirit. More so, we must never fall into self-doubt of what Divine Grace is doing in us, or can and will do; we should not think that with God’s help, through the grace and mercy of God, that any station or state of spiritual realization is impossible for us, nor that any gift of the Holy Spirit is out of our reach. Indeed, for abiding in the Sanctuary of Grace - the Messiah, and following the calls and leadings of the Holy Light and Spirit in us, in Divine Grace anything is possible, anything is potentially in our reach, for the Spirit of God is capable of uplifting our soul and giving to us anything God wishes to give. This corresponds with ‘hope’ in the teachings of St. Paul when he speaks of faith, hope and love as the three most essential qualities of Christian spirituality - having faith in the grace and mercy of God manifest in the Messiah, so we will have this hope for all good things, things we may not even be able to comprehend or imagine as possible, and likewise we will have love, loving one another, and nourishing and nurturing one another in the Messiah.

There is something to be said of the radical grace - supernal grace, at the heart of the Holy Gospel, for though, indeed, receiving Divine Grace, there is a necessary response of an ongoing co-labor with the Holy Spirit, a taking up of a spiritual life and practice in the Messiah, and the enacting of good works, neither through the law nor works is our souls brought into higher stations, or spiritual or supernal realization - true salvation; but rather it is through grace, through the actions of the Holy Light and Spirit in us that all is accomplished. Thus, as we study and contemplate, as we pray and meditate, and worship God in spirit and truth, it is the Messiah and Holy Spirit that takes up all of these actions and completes and perfects them; through all of our spiritual labors, in the grace and mercy of God in the Messiah, we have divine intervention and intercession, incredible divine assistance, so that truly we do not labor alone, but rather we labor with God, with the Messiah and Holy Spirit, and the angels of heaven. Therefore, it isn’t a matter of what you and I can do, but rather what the Messiah and Holy One have done, and can and will do, if indeed we abide in the Sanctuary of Grace, actively engaging in the Life Divine.

There is no doubt more that may be said, but this seems enough for the moment. I’m inclined to say no more, but to wait in silence upon the Spirit of the Lord.

May supernal grace be received by many this day, and may they be gathered into the Body of the Messiah and uplifted to God Most High! Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!
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