Prayer to the Magdalene: Lady of Divine Gnosis

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Prayer to the Magdalene: Lady of Divine Gnosis

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Apr 01, 2006 4:53 pm

Prayer to the Magdalene: Lady of Divine Gnosis

O Lady of Divine Gnosis, Tower of the Flock,
You have known men and the Divine,
And you have known yourself;

Wandering in your exile,
You are the Gnostic of the Entirety,
Meeting the Good Serpent in the Garden,
You are the Holy Mother of Life;

In you Christ the Sophia has come among us,
Pistis Sophia and Zoe Sophia are embodied with us,
You have brought Eve and Lilith into Union in you,
And you have revealed the Image of Christed Womanhood;

You are the Maiden of Light,
Mother of Royal Blood,
And Crone of Ancient Wisdom;

You are the Mistress of the Night,
Mother of Radiant Darkness,
And Hag of Destruction;

You are the Virgin and the Whore,
Sophia Stellarum and Sophia Nigrans,
The Perfection of All-Wisdom and all Divine Gnosis;

You are the Anointed Bride of the Human One of Light,
Christ the Logos is your Divine Consort,
In you the Gospel of Truth is spoken;

You are the Holy Daughter, the Savioress,
The Image of the Great Mother made manifest,
Priestess-Queen of the Divine Order;

O Miriam, the Magdalene, we praise you and we adore you,
We called upon your Holy Name and invoke your Divine Presence;

O Christ the Sophia, bless us,
O Christed Womanhood, bless us,
O Lady of Divine Gnosis, bless us!

As you have spoken your Holy Vow to remain with us,
So we pray to you, remember your vow:

Be present with us now and always –
Let us abide in your Holy Company!

Hallelu Miriam! Hallelu Miriam! Hallelu Miriam!

We praise and we bless your Holy Name, Miriam the Magdalene!

Amen and amen.
Tau Malachi
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Ecclesia Pistis Sophia

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