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#1 Postby charlie » Mon Apr 19, 2004 9:06 am

greetings, Malachi !

I'm reading along as Rebekah transcribes the text of Pistis Sophia, leaving out the commentary. thus far, I am up to [21] where Mary is first speaking to Yeshua.

one question keeps coming up every time I read the word 'heimarmene': what exactly does this mean, and is it at all related to how neshamah generates ruach based on the patterns of previous incarnations?

blessings and ty for all of this, shalom

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#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Apr 19, 2004 10:07 am

Greeting Charlie!

Heimarmene is called the "dominion of Fate," and is associated with karmic conditioning implied by one's birth chart in astrology. The basic idea is that until a person receives the influence of their soul of Light (specifically their Neshamah) and is Christed, having received the Gift of the Fiery Intelligence (Holy Spirit), he or she is largely compelled unconsciously by karmic conditioning and the play of cosmic forces. This is the state of the majority of humankind; hence most of humankind is dominated by Heimarmene - Fates.

Heimarmene implies that freedom of will is a potential that must be activated and used, something that is activated by the awareness of the Light-presence and the reception of the Fiery Intelligence of the Light-presence (Christ). According to the tradition, Logos is the activating principle - the Living Word of God, depicted as the First Commandment in the Pistis Sophia.

It also implies the influence of the impure or lower Aeons, and the play of the cosmic or spiritual forces associated with them; hence the dominion of the demiugos and archons, and the darker forces associated with Adamas.

Essentially, with the subject of Heimarmene what arises is an awareness of the need for self-purification in the enlightement and liberation process, for how we become bound to "Fate" is through impurities in consciousness and our self-identification with name and form and personal history. This is what is generated under the dominion of Heimarmene and, therefore, so long as we cling to it we are bound by the Fates.

When we encounter an apostle of Light in the inner continuum what becomes most obvious is that name and form is a fluid association for them - we look and see radical changes in their countenance, and thus notice a certain transcendence of name and form. This allows them to consciously direct the play of spiritual forces rather then be compelled by the beings-forces. It represents a certain transcendence of the "stars of their birth," as it has been said by the masters of the tradition, and represents something of the gnosis of the Risen Savior.

In the experience of the inner dimensions we find various dimensions or "planes," each more subtle and sublime as we go inward and upward in consciousness. Within and behind the material plane we find the astral planes, lower, middle and upper astral; then there are the mental, higher vital and causal planes. Beyond the causal planes there are the spiritual and the supernal planes. Heimarmene represents the causal planes, which is the Karmic Web or Matrix that dominates the lower planes. In the self-realization process, through the Grace of the Risen Savior, we experience a transcendence of this Karmic Matrix; hence the Divine Grace that comes from the crucifixion and resurrection. The nature of this Grace is the Gnostic transmission and Light-transmission we receive from the Risen Savior.

So long as we cleave to name and form and personal history, these material bodies and lives are karmic. However, if we go within and live within, and cleave to the Risen Savior inwardly, these same bodies become Emanation Bodies as we enter into the enlightement experience of Christ consciousness. An Emanation Body is free from the Karmic Matrix, for within and behind it is the Body of Glory and Body of Truth.

Emanation Body and Glory Body are the purified Nefesh and Ruach, respectively.

The key to liberation from bondage to Heimarmene is said to be the reception of the Light from above, which is the influence of the Holy Neshamah and Light of Christ - the rebirth in the Holy Spirit.

Rebirth in the Holy Spirit proves an interesting contemplation in this context, for it is akin to a spiritual birth that transcends the influence of the stars of our physical birth and, indeed, of all incarnations. As Yeshua says in the Gospel of St. John, "No one has ascended into heaven except the one who descended from heaven, the Child of the Human One." (John 3:13)

Blessings & shalom!
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