The Holy Davek: Touch of the Holy Spirit

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The Holy Davek: Touch of the Holy Spirit

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Davek Ha Ruach Ha-kodesh: Touch of the Holy Spirit

The following is an expression of one of the traditional oral transmissions given to aspirants of the Order of St. Gabriel – depending upon the person to whom it is given and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit the teachings and mysteries spoken may vary, but what is recorded here are the basic elements that are always present in the oral transmission.

May Adonai bless this teaching and those who receive it; blessed by Adonai, may this teaching be an extension of Divine Light – a blessing upon all living spirits and souls. Amen.

The Sacred Discourse on Holy Davek

This is the speaking of the Baal Shem to the aspirants in the assembly of the navim among us:

We have spoken to you of the way of entrance into our beloved Order, instructing you in the way of the perfection of worship – perfect communion, and encouraging you in the study and contemplation of the Holy Torah and Gospel; and we have shared the basic teachings on the Way of the Navi in the Beatitudes – with this we have invited you to abide in the midst of our sacred discourses on mystical prayer and other mysteries of our practices so that you might come to understand our way and perchance be received among the sons and daughters of the navim, if it is God’s will. Now that you know the Holy Gate of our Order and how to enter, if it is God’s will that you enter, we may share with you knowledge of the confirmation of the call of a navi – Davek Ha Ruach Ha-Kodesh; we may now share something about how the sons and daughters of the navim come into being through the grace of the Holy Spirit, and how we recognize noble born sons and daughters so as to receive them and impart to them the initiation and empowerment of the Mantle of Eliyahu (Elijah).

As you have learned, self-purification is the very essence of the Way of the Navi – for unless you abide in holiness, with clean hands and a pure heart, you cannot stand on the Mound of Adonai, let alone arise to the Vision of El Hai and pass beyond to receive the Word of Yahweh; you must be empty of yourself to be filled with Ruach Ha-Elohim, the Spirit of God, and you must be clear and transparent for the Holy Light to shine through you – this is the secret of the letter He in the Great Name depicting the Upper and Lower Shekinah, and it is the secret of letter Dalet in Shaddai, which is the holy door indicated by “blessed are the poor in spirit…”

Here we shall remind of what the Maggid of Hayyah Yeshua said to the maggid of the holy church of Philadelphia: “Look, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut…Listen! I am standing at the door, knocking; if you hear my voice and open the door, I will come into you and eat with you, and you with me” Apocalypse (3:8, 20).

If you wish to understand the Holy Door, then contemplate the teaching of the Gospel of St. Philip: “Do not despise the Lamb, for by it you see the Door.”

We may clarify this saying from the Gospel of St. Philip by reminding of what Adonai Yeshua taught us: “Take up your cross and follow me in my way.”

The essence of self-purification is the *circumcision of the heart* – the removal of the taint of Klippah Nogah in you; yet more it is the uplifting of the Serpent Power into cessation, the removal of the serpent’s skin and transmutation of its venom into the Elixir of Life.

Listen and hear the witness of the Holy Spirit with true apostles, as taught by our Adonai and Savior, the confirmation of our faith in maturation: “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel of Truth to all creation. The one who believes and is baptized [by the Holy Spirit] will be saved; but the one who does not believe will be condemned. And these are the signs of those who believe: by using my Name they will cast out demons [shedim]; they will speak in tongues [of angels]; they will pick up snakes in their hands, and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover” (Mark 16:15-18).

Reflect upon this, contemplate it and meditate upon it, and seek the illumination of its esoteric meaning – in this is the Holy Davek, and one who is touched in this way is no longer of this world, but their life is in the World-To-Come, their life is in the Holy Imma.

Go look and see what is said of the Divine Child born of Holy Imma, the Virgin of Light, in the Book of Apocalypse – the Child of Divine Rapture; when that Holy Child is born to the Virgin of Light, he-she is taken up in Divine Rapture (perfect devekut), for that Holy Child is not of this world, but he-she is of the World-To-Come, the Pleroma of Light.

Now as we speak of the Holy Davek you must understand that ascending beyond the world of the klippot there are still klippot (husks of impurity) – the klippot of Klippah Nogah, the false light that deceived Pistis Sophia (Faith-Wisdom); this stands in between the world of the klippot and World of the Holy Sefirot, and is like a luminous membrane of ethers filled with all manner of deceiving spirits and angels that speak an admixture of truth and lies – they are not as the tzaddikim and maggidim of God (El) who speak the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Indeed! Their touch is the *false davek* – the davek of false prophets and unenlightened diviners, and the many who are lead astray by false voices, dreams and visions. This Klippah Nogah, however, is like the sword of flashing fire in the hands of the Great Kerubim that stand as the Guardians of the Path to the Tree of Life – the Straight Path, ensnaring and striking down the impure and unrighteous ones who would seek to enter into the Gates of Holiness as though to take the Gates of the Heavens by storm like thieves and bandits. Thus, Klippah Nogah serves the Lord (Adonai) as Guardian of the Way.

In this you may know and understand why we have said that the Way of the Navi is self-purification: *confession and repentance* as taught in the Pistis Sophia, for unless a soul abides in kavvanah and devekut with God, the True Light, the soul will be entangled in the luminous web of Klippah Nogah, never reaching the first Gate of Holiness – True Prayer.

Now there are various grades of Davek Ha Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Touch of the Spirit of Holiness). The first grade is when the Spirit of God speaks in our heart – the inner knowing and words of knowledge we receive in perfect communion when we worship in the presence of Ha-Shem as you have been taught; and the second grade is the illuminations that come through the Holy Spirit when we study and contemplate the Holy Torah and Gospel with kavvanah, cleaving to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah in our hearts.

Here we can share something more about the perfect communion and the contemplation of Holy Scripture – in holiness and purity, as with all that is done in the spiritual life and practice of the hasid and tzaddik, these must be done for their own sake, for the joy of it, or for the sake of heaven and sake of Ha-Shem, and for no other reason; for if and when any good work is done not for its own sake, or not for the sake of heaven or God, it is impure and unholy, and rather than uplift the soul to the Holy One and lead the soul to Yichud, it will bind the soul to the Other Side.

Now, when you contemplate the Holy Scripture, contemplating the word of God for its own sake, for the sake of heaven and for the sake of God, you must contemplate the body and soul, and seek to penetrate to the soul of the soul – if you contemplate only the surface meaning, it is as a body devoid of its soul and there is no light-power or truth in it, for the purpose of the Body of Holy Scripture it to serve as a merkavah and revelation of the Soul of the Scripture – Kabbalah, the Tradition, and within and behind this Holy Soul is the “Soul of the Soul,” which is El Elyon, God Most High.

We study and contemplate the body and soul of the Holy Scriptures together so that through kavvanah we might be blessed by the Holy Spirit to acquire knowledge of God; and yet more, so that we might cleave to God, and be blessed by the Holy Spirit with perfect devekut – rapturous union with God and Godhead, as embodied in Yeshua Messiah.

Receiving illumination – Kabbalah, you will acquire the experience of Wisdom, and as you join Kabbalah and Wisdom, you will ascend the Straight Path.

Here we must remind of the teaching of the Mekubalim – the masters of the tradition: “When you study and contemplate Kabbalah – Ma’aseh Bereshit and Ma’aseh Merkavah, unless you fail, you will not succeed; but if you fail you are destine to succeed, for then your success is God’s will, and so it shall come to pass – vehayah. Hallelu Yah!”

The meaning of this teaching is simple – at first, with all sincere and humble aspirants to the mystical knowledge, there is the experience of the cloud of unknowing, and although there may be moments of flashing insights in the midst of this cloud of glory, there are more questions than answers that arise, and more confusion than clarity. Those who are introduced to the Holy Kabbalah and at the outset proclaim “I know, I understand, I have no questions!” are self-deluded, self-intoxicated, and as yet they abide in immaturity and are unworthy of the secrets and mysteries of the Kabbalah – their knowledge is in ignorance and is bound to error and missing the mark (sin); and so the great tzaddikim have said, “Do not instruct a fool in wisdom, for you will condemn them and condemn yourself – give instruction only as the Holy Spirit instructs, sharing wisdom with the wise.” You may recall the teaching of Adonai Yeshua in this regard, “Do not cast pearls before swine!”

No, indeed, at the outset we will fail to know or understand anything of the Holy Kabbalah – necessarily so, for it is revealed, received, and it not the concoction of the finite intellects of mortal beings, but it is given by God and the holy angels, and it is revealed by the Holy Spirit; thus, we cannot know and understand it, let alone attain to wisdom, by our own efforts and power, or through our finite intellect – it will be known and understood only through the intelligence of our heart and soul (faith), and the illumination of Ruach Ha-Kodesh, the Holy Spirit (gnosis). Thus, at the outset we struggle and strive to know and understand Kabbalah – and it is good that we do, for it is God’s will that we do; but it is also God’s will that we fail, so that when we fail we might confess our failings and repent, and surrender ourselves to the Good Grace of God, Ruach Ha-Kodesh. When at last we surrender and live in submission to the Holy One of Being – then we will receive illumination and be received by the Holy Spirit.

There is no other way to acquire knowledge and understanding of the Holy Kabbalah, and to come to wisdom, save through the Holy Spirit, the Good Grace of God; when a person acquires such Habad, however, it can be recognized by all who have been given Habad (Mekubalim), and all that is given will accord with the Kabbalah – the Tradition, by this we know true from false davek.

Now, when the Spirit of God speaks in your heart and an internal dialogue develops, and when the Holy Spirit enters into your contemplations of the Scriptures, illuminating your mind and heart with secret mysteries, if you abide in holiness another grade of Holy Davek may come that is well known to the sons and daughters of the navim – visitations of the maggidm. The maggidim will come and reveal deep mysteries known to them, and give secret teachings – they will minister to the initiate, instructing them in knowledge of God and guide them in the Way, and all that is received from them will accord with the Tradition. This is the third grade of Holy Davek – in the fourth, the souls of tzaddikim will come, the souls of prophets, sons and daughters of prophets, and holy apostles, and sons and daughters of holy apostles, and they will reveal mysteries that the maggidim cannot reveal, but which they long to listen and hear – and again, all that is received will accord with the Tradition.

If you arise into the third and fourth grades of Davek and you abide in holiness – then by the Good Grace of God you may pass into the fifth grade of Holy Davek, receiving the visitation of Navi Eliyahu (or Navi Yohanan), who speaks secret mysteries no one else can speak, but that are known to all Christian Mekubalim who have received his visitation; these are secret mysteries that we speak to those who already know them, but only in private.

When an initiate receives the visitation of Navi Eliyahu – whether by Emanation Body or Glory Body, and acquires the knowledge of Ruach Ha-Elijah so that they can speak it in the presence of one who is a navi, a bringer of vision, then the initiation and empowerment of the Mantle of Eliyahu can be imparted to them, for receiving it from Navi Eliyahu they can receive it from a living Baal Shem.

When a Baal Shem, or a son or daughter of the navim, throws their mantle over you and anoints you, having received the word of Ha-Shem to receive your soul in the assembly of navim, then you are received among the sons and daughters of the navim. In this holy transmission, when two are joined below, Kabbalah (Imma) and Wisdom (Abba) are joined above, and Ruach Ha-Elijah passes between them, and so, from ancient times until this very day, the navim are anointed as ordained by El Elyon.

In any generation few are received under the Mantle of Eliyahu, but it is good to aspire to the Holy Mantle for the sake of heaven and for the sake of Ha-Shem, for by the Good Grace of God it may be that a soul is taken under this Holy Mantle to serve the children of God and to serve the Holy One as a vision bringer.

In the Holy Name of Adonai Yeshua Messiah let us pray that until the End-Of-Days comes, in every generation, God continues to send true tzaddikim and maggidim among us for the sake of the harvest of souls; may the Continuum of Light Transmission remain among us until all destined to the harvest from this world are gathered into the Mystical Body of Hayyah Yeshua – amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Re: The Holy Davek: Touch of the Holy Spirit

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Teachings such as this one we only have in writing, not any audio discourse. When teachings like this one are given in circle, it's oral and not recorded as usually it's a teaching in the inner circle and is not an open or public discourse. We do, however, record our Shabbat discourses each week and those are available on YouTube. There is a link to our Youtube channel on our main website.

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