Raphael: The Maggid of Healing

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Raphael: The Maggid of Healing

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Raphael: Maggid of Healing
(Healing with the Image, the Name and Chants)

Contemplation of St. Raphael

The meaning of the name of Archangel Raphael is well known – “healing of God” or “God’s healing”; hence, the power of God, the True Light, to heal the heart and soul, mind and body. In terms of the great adepts and masters who have walked on the face of the earth – the divine and enlightened ones who have lived and moved among us, no doubt, Yeshua Messiah embodied this divine power more than any other, expressing the mercy and love of God through a ministry of exorcism and healing – the banishing of unclean and dark spirits from people and the healing of illnesses in the body, both of which are forms of tikkune-healing. On account of this, of course, the masters of the Christian Kabbalah teach us that Archangel Raphael is the emanation of Tiferet at the level of Beriyah, the Holy Sefirah of the Messiah on the Tree of Life, the center of the Middle Pillar, which is called Rehamim-Compassion.

In the Christian Kabbalah the Messiah is called the Spiritual Sun – the Sun of God, and the celestial attribute of Tiferet is shemesh, the sun; the sun being the emanation of Tiferet at the level of Asiyah, the material dimension. Thus, it is not surprising to find the principle image of Archangel Raphael as a human one with great wings in a body of brilliant light, as though formed of sunlight; an image envisioned in a clear blue sky, as though the sun shining in its full glory and power at dawn. This, quite naturally inspires all of the practices associated with the light of the sun in the healing arts of our lineage – for the sun is understood as the vehicle of this healing power on a subtle level within the material dimension, the light and life of this world; it is like a body of St. Raphael emanating in space-time to shine upon us.

As we have said, Archangel Raphael is the power of God to heal the heart and soul, mind and body. The healing of the heart is the restoration of faith in God, the One Life-power, and the opening of the heart in love and compassion – the active concern for the well-being and welfare of others, and the acceptance and forgiveness of others. Thus, in faith, in love and compassion, and in forgiveness, we find something of the healing power of God, and when we live by faith, and generate love and compassion, and are forgiving, we access healing power. The healing of the soul is the restoration of our sense of connection with the Spirit of God and with God’s creation, for the illusion of separation and the delusion of lack it generates is a spiritual illness, which in turn becomes the cause of psychic (mental-emotional) and physical illnesses; likewise, the healing of the soul corresponds to a level of exorcism, which is the dispelling of negative karma that is often behind ill-fortune and serious illnesses that arise in life. The healing of the mind is healing in thought and emotion – psychological, restoring faith and hope, peace and joy, and dispelling habitual negative patterns of thought and emotion; to the extent that self-negativity attracts and facilitates links with impure and dark spirits, and is, in essence, the manifestation of “inner demons,” this represents another level of exorcism, or the banishing of shades and shadows. The true healing of the body is founded upon healing the heart and soul, and the mind, for ultimately the body and our life is the expression of the soul, and of the mind and heart – an expression of our being and consciousness; basically speaking, the reality of our experience in any dimension, whether in waking consciousness, sleep and dream, or death and the afterlife, is a radiant display of our own mind, consciousness or soul. Healing in the body is the restoration to health and well-being, and to the fullness of life – a state of balance and harmony representing a capacity to truly live our life. The presence of Archangel Raphael can bring about healing on all of these levels – though here we may say that the ultimate healing is in the knowledge of God and union with God, the experience of enlightenment or divine illumination, Divine Gnosis.

Thus, Archangel Raphael presides over the Way of Knowledge – specifically, the generation of the presence of awareness that gives penetrating insight, dispelling falsehood and negativity that lies within and behind all illness in body or dis-ease in consciousness; likewise, St. Raphael presides over the angelic order of the Malachim, the emanation of Tiferet at the level of Yetzirah – the name “Malakim” literally means “messengers,” for the Malachim are holy angels that bring us the word of God and knowledge of God, and who inform us of hidden things.

Although in modern times, due to our overemphasis of the human intellect, when we hear the term “knowledge” or “intelligence” we think of the brain in our head, in wisdom traditions around the world it is not the head that is viewed as the center of our true human intelligence, but rather it is the *heart* – the seat of our faith and inner knowing, true knowledge, understanding and wisdom, the fruit of which is the profound awareness of our interconnection and interdependence with the universe and our innate unity with the source of our being, God; hence, in a word – *love*, as embodied in the Messiah, the Anointed of God.

In this we may know and understand that healing is a state of mind, a state of consciousness; and the key to all healing lies in a positive state of mind and an open heart – a luminous and spacious state of consciousness, as reflected in the image of Archangel Raphael we envision during healing work. Meditating on the traditional image of St. Raphael, quite naturally we elevate and expand our consciousness, generating a positive state of mind, opening our mind and heart to the Spirit and Light of God, the healing power of God – a Light-presence (Christ) and Light-power (Holy Spirit) that is both within us and beyond us.

Thus, when you are in need of the healing power of God, or you know of someone in need of healing, simply holding the image of Archangel Rachael in mind and taking up the basic chant for St. Raphael, as given in Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ, can facilitate healing:

Ar Iyah Raphael (Ra-Fa-El, all short vowels)

When we are drawing healing power to ourselves, first we will envision the Spiritual Sun in our hearts and we will chant the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah; and then we will envision Archangel Raphael magically appearing in the space before us – taking up the chant we will envision the healing power of Raphael pouring out upon us as streams of golden sunlight light, and in conclusion we will envision that Raphael dissolves into fluid flowing light that pours into us, merging with us and healing us, our own body becoming self-radiant like that of the archangel. When this is complete we will pray for all who are in need of healing and pray that the Holy Light of God shines upon all, blessing and healing all beings.

Alternatively, rather than envisioning the dissolution of the archangel’s body of light, through the power of the holy angel’s blessing and grace of God, we will envision that we dissolve into fluid light and pour into the archangel – once in union with the holy angel of God, we will then envision that as the archangel we magically disappear, merging with the infinite space of the sky, being healed in repose with Christ in God. As in the first method, in conclusion we will pray for the healing and illumination of all beings, and pray that all might be taken up into rapturous union.

Contemplation of the Name of St. Raphael

Now, in the Holy Kabbalah the letters that form words are viewed as spiritual energies – forms of divine power, and they are often called “angels.” The Hebrew letters represent the basic energy-intelligences of the Divine that form all things, and they all have both simple and deep metaphysical meaning – contemplating the holy letters that form a word or name we can gain insight into that thing or being; likewise, we may draw upon the spiritual energy or light-power that is in them.

The name of Archangel Raphael is spelt with four letters: Resh-Peh-Alef-Lamed, and there is much to be gleaned by contemplation and meditation on these letters – there is healing power in them. Alef and Lamed are a common end of the names of angels and they form a Holy Name of God corresponding with the mercy of God, the Sefirah Hesed – the Holy Name of El. Alef is the first letter of the Hebrew Alef-Bet, and as well as a letter it is the number one, indicating the unity of God in Godself, and the unity of God with creation; as a word itself, Alef literally means either “ox,” or the “yoke of an ox,” and it is called a “Mother Letter,” representing the primordial element of air, also indicating the Spirit of God. Lamed is the eleventh letter of the Hebrew Alef-Bet, holding the place of the last letter of the first half of the Alef-Bet; it literally means “ox-goad” (or “cattle prod”) and it implies the motivating power of God’s Spirit, the Spirit of God in motion, as in creation. One is reminded of Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of God, moving over the surface of the primordial deep at the outset of creation in Genesis. Thus, together, these two letters represent the mercy and grace of God, the outpouring of the power of God in creation – and to the extent that creation is an ongoing process, not an event of the past but something occurring in every instant, sustaining and supporting all creatures and creation throughout their existence, healing comes from our re-creation each moment. In essence, when we experience healing it is as though we are created anew by God – El.

Resh and Peh are very interesting letters together, for Resh means “face” or “countenance,” and Peh means “mouth.” You may recall that God creates by speaking ten holy utterances, which implies the function of the face and mouth of God, if such a thing may be said; while Raphael literally means “healing of God,” by the letters that form the name it also means the “face and mouth of God,” and implies the “speaking of God” and “word of “God,” the utterance or word of God being that which heals – God speaks our healing. Hallelu El! Praise God!

Now, by definition in the Holy Kabbalah the human being is the “speaking one” or “speaking being,” and the letters composing the name of Archangel Raphael reveal to us the central place and importance of speech for our health and well-being. Essentially, right speech tends to produce health and happiness, and the misuse of speech tends to produce illness and unhappiness – when we are seeking healing or working with others for their healing considering the use of speech, which includes thoughts and emotions that lay within and behind speech, and actions, which follow speech, becomes part of the process, for often there is a need to heal our speech in order to heal our bodies and lives. After all, as human beings, we think and speak our lives into existence in a very real way, and according to how we think and speak our lives are shaped, whether for good or ill, or for better or worse – if there is illness or ill-fortune in life we are wise to consider how we are using the power of speech.

Here it must be said that according to mystical traditions around the world, speech is associated with the flow of energy in our subtle body; likewise, it is associated with invoking and banishing spiritual forces in the subtle dimension of our environment – our linking with spiritual forces, whether positive or negative. Thus, as known and understood my mystics around the world, there is very real power within and behind speech – far more than most of us realize. This is strongly reflected in Christian tradition by the frequent use of the term Word for Christ – the Word that we are taught is the light and life of all beings in the prologue to the Gospel of St. John.

The name Raphael directly points to the central place of sound-vibration and the power of speech in healing arts – thus, coupled with visualization, touch, gesture and such almost always we find the use of sound-vibration and speaking as part of healing work, as though we are speaking the healing. When “speech” is truly understood in its energetic and spiritual sense – everything we are doing in healing work is a form of speech, whether inward or outward, or in mind, heart or body, and ultimately it is all the expression of the Word of God, and the healing that transpires is the healing spoken by God (El).

In this, perhaps, you may gain a sense of the profound connection between the healer and the prophet, or healing and prophecy; for if in prophecy we bear the word of God or speak the vision of God to the people, and in healing work we are vehicles of God who speak the healing of souls, then the movement is basically the same, only the application is different. Yet, if we look into the role of the prophet, the application is not really so different, for the messages the prophets bring typically identify illness and seek to bring about tikkune-healing in the relationship of the people and God, healing in the relationship of the people and their source of health and happiness.

In the midst of healing work we often experience something prophetic, for intuitions arise of illnesses and the causes within and behind them, and the healing work – the methods we use, become the “speaking” of those intuitions, the speaking of the word of God placed into our hearts. The very name Raphael teaches us this – we become as the face and mouth of the presence of God’s healing, the vehicle of God’s healing.

Now, just as we may envision the image of Archangel Raphael during healing work we may also envision the holy letters of the archangels name – the same healing power is in them as in the anthropomorphic image of the angel, and some would say that an even more essential and potent form of the healing power of God is in the letters of the name.

When we know a person is in need of healing we can envision the letters of the name over a person’s head and intone the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah; then we take up the sacred chant:

Ya-Ha-Sha-Va-Ha Ra-Fa-Ah-La (healing on all levels)

As we chant we can envision healing power in the form of light raying down upon the person – as though the face of God is shining upon them through these holy images of the letters; we envision fire flashing forth, dispelling the causes of illness and dis-ease, and golden light raying out, illuminating and healing – and at the end of the chant we envision the holy letters dissolving and pouring down into the person, envisioning the Spiritual Sun ignited in their heart, envisioning them healed, whole and complete in the Light of the Sun of God.

*This same chant can also be used in the healing practice given above – it is a common chant for healing that combines the Name of Yeshua and Raphael.

Here we can also share some other chants with Archangel Raphael for healing work:

1. ReSha PeHa AhLaFa LaMaDa (healing of karmic causes)

2. Yah-Ra-Fa-Ah-La (spiritual healing and illumination)

3. Ya-YaHa-YaHaVa-YaHa-Va-Ha Ra-Fa-Ah-La (soul healing)

4. Ah-AhLa-AhLaSha-AhLaShaDa- AhLaShaDaYah Ra-Fa-Ah-La (mind-heart healing)

5. Ah-AhDa-AhDaNa-AhDaNaYa Ra-Fa-Ah-La (body healing)

*These are the standard basic intonements, but other intonements are also generated by changing the vowels sounds, all dependent upon the energy of sound-vibration that is needed for the healing

The third through the fifth chants are extensions of the Divine Names Yahweh, El Shaddai and Adonai joined to Raphael, respectively, and can be used individually as needed, but they are often used together to form a holistic healing movement. The following is a practice using all three together:

Begin by praying over the person and ask them to pray with you for their healing – begin your prayers as a devotee of Yeshua Messiah, praying to the Holy One in the blessed Name of the Messiah, but as you pray shift, envisioning yourself magically transformed into Adonai Yeshua and pray to Hayyah Abba (the Living Father) as Adonai Messiah, drawing close to the Holy One.

When you have prayed in this way, envision and inverse pyramid of translucent golden light above the head of the person you are working with for their healing, the apex penetrating their brow star and the corners to the four directions – at the apex envision the letter Shin and at the four corners the letters of the Great Name of Yahweh: Yod, south; first He, west; Vau, east; and He final, north.

Above this envision a sphere of white brilliance, a diamond-like light radiant with rainbow glory.

Envision the person in a dim and cloudy body of light at the outset, with only the slightest aura, and at their heart envision a tiny spark of light.

Holding this body of vision in the mind’s eye, chant the Holy Name of Yeshua: Yah-Ha-Sha-Va-Ha.

Then, focusing on the brow star, and through the brow all three upper interior stars, chant the extension of Yahweh with Raphael for the healing of the soul.

When this is accomplished, then focus on the heart star, and the throat and solar plexus through it, and intone the extension of Shaddai with Raphael for the healing of the heart and mind.

Then focus on the navel star, and through it the three lower stars, and intone the extension of Adonai with Raphael for the healing of the body.

Throughout this process envision the interior stars opening in descending order, the body of light of the person growing brighter, the glory of their aura growing more brilliant, and the radiant holy breaths (subtle energies) freely flowing through the channel-ways of the body of light.

In fruition intone Eheieh: Ah-Ha-Yah, and envision an influx of white brilliance descending, as though a thunderbolt illumination of the person, sealing them in the grace of Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah.

As you do this, lay hands on the person and then anoint them with holy oil, saying, “In Ha-Shem you are anointed and healed.”

Then, with the person, give praise and thanks to El Elyon and pray for the healing and illumination of all living spirits and souls – the fruition of all in the Great Resurrection and Ascension.

When all is accomplished, make the sign of the cross before the person and bless them, and say, “Amen,” and “shalom.” This completes the healing.

*If moved by the Holy Spirit this healing work can be sealed with an essential Wedding Feast.

**A variation of this practice is used by initiates of the Order of St. Gabriel for the invocation of a prophetic state of consciousness – the sole difference is that they shift their center of consciousness into the Supernal Light Sphere above following the influx, intoning Ah as they do so.

Through this contemplation of St. Raphael and his name, along with the practices and chants that are given, you can extend and deepen your practice of healing with St. Raphael. The more intimately acquainted you are with this holy archangel of God, the more you will find that your body of light and auric field resonates with this emanation of the Divine Presence and Power, and the more the healing power of God will flow through you. Thus, it is good for initiates of the Order of St. Raphael to contemplate St. Raphael frequently and to invoke him often, both for instruction through communion with the holy maggid and in healing work.

May all who seek the healing of God receive it, and healed may they be illuminated by the Spirit of God – all through the grace of Adonai Yeshua Messiah; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Chant & Invocation of the Malakim

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The Malakim: the Messengers

As we have mentioned above, the Malakim form the choir of angels over which Archangel Raphael presides – the “messengers” corresponding with Tiferet at the level of Yetzirah; these are messengers of the Divine that bring “words of knowledge” and who revealed things that are secret or hidden. In healing work, as is well known, unless there is some awareness of the root cause of illness or misfortune, full healing is not possible – something of a person’s suffering might be relieved, or the current ailment might be brought to an end, but until the cause is addressed and an actual reintegration is brought about on the level of the soul or energetic being the healing is not complete, but very likely other problems will arise from the same root cause.

This is where the Malakim come into play – frequently during spiritual healing the healer will invoke not only Archangel Raphael, but also the Order of the Malakim, asking the messengers to help them know and understand the root cause of illness or misfortune, and to empower them to help the person they are working with to look and see it. Many of the Malakim are especially good at this task; therefore they are often invoked during healing works and counseling to facilitate intuitive perception and effective communication of what is perceived.

There is a common chant for the invocation of the Malakim in the tradition. Following the invocation of a corresponding Divine Name, along with an invocation of Archangel Raphael, the chant is taken up:


When this sacred chant is taken up the initiate will envision a luminous assembly of sixty messengers surrounding them – the angels will appear as human beings whose bodies seems to be formed of golden sunlight, each having two wings formed either of white brilliance or rainbow glory; these holy angels wear white garments, which may be envisioned as robes or as modern garments, all as the initiate is inclined to envision them.

Once the invocation is done and the angelic presences fill the sacred space, then through prayer the initiate will ask for their help in the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah, and holding their inquiry in their mind the initiate will abide awaiting an illumination.

As very simple as this practice might seem it can be astonishingly effective, at times leading to a depth of insight that might rightly be called “prophetic.”

Along with the chants and invocation of Archangel Raphael it seemed good to include this chant and practice for the invocation of the Malakim.

Blessings & shalom!
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Re: Raphael: The Maggid of Healing

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Thus, when you are in need of the healing power of God, or you know of someone in need of healing, simply holding the image of Archangel Raphael in mind and taking up the basic chant for St. Raphael, as given in Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ, can facilitate healing:
Ar Iyah Raphael

Shalom Tau Malachi,
Thank you for the practices that help our connecting with the healing energy of Archangel Raphael. What is the meaning of the word "Ar Iyah"?
May we be open to the grace of the Divine Healing Light,

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Re: Raphael: The Maggid of Healing

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Though this word does contain a Name of God, Yah, like many words used to form sacred chants with angelic names and Names of God the 'meaning' isn't conceptual but vibrational and energetic, generating a certain sound-vibration, and so energy with breath. So it's more about the tone and feeling.

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