Psalm 24: An Ascent & Opening Gates

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Psalm 24: An Ascent & Opening Gates

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:46 pm

Psalms 24: An ascent & Opening Gates

When it is written “Of David, A Psalm,” such as Psalm 24 and Psalm 110, according to Mekubalim, these are special psalms written in a state of Ruach Ha-Kodesh; they are prophetic illuminations and there is great Divine Power in them. Whereas most psalms are a striving for an elevation in consciousness, seeking to enter into the state of Ruach Ha-Kodesh, these flow forth through an elevation by way of grace – thus they are gifts of God to the prophet and the people, a great blessing of God upon them.

There are prophetic and wonderworking practices given in the oral tradition for all of the psalms – inner kavvanot and ways of using them to enter into various grades of prophetic consciousness and for various works of wonder; naturally, very special practices are given for those that are viewed as the direct utterance of the Holy Spirit, such as Psalm 24, and the practices given prove especially powerful.

Here we may share two practices with Psalm 24 as taught in the Order of St. Uriel and St. Gabriel.

Opening the Gates of Or Ofan: The Light Wheel

When the Light Wheel is to be opened for a blessing upon the people and the land, the holy tzaddik or wonderworker will smudge themselves and all who are entering into the sacred ceremony to take up the spiritual labor of invoking blessings.

*Offerings and sacred items will be laid out on a magical rug or sacred blanket in the appropriate place within the Light Wheel, and all who enter will bear a Light Wheel Key.

When all are purified, each will enter by the Direction inspired by the Holy Spirit for the spiritual work to be done, each as they are called by the Spirit, the tzaddik or wonderworker entering first by the Direction they are called to walk opening the way.

All will walk the sacred circle seven times, and as they walk they will call upon a corresponding Name of God, cleaving from rung to rung through the Sefirot of Construction, Malkut to Hesed; then the tzaddik or wonderworker will go to the Stone of Kodesh Achad in the center, and they will lead the people in the sacred chant of Yahweh Elohim, Yah and Eheieh, completing the ascent and unification of the soul with the Supernal Sefirot.

*Usually the tzaddik or wonderworker will be their holy staff and a sacred eagle feather during the chants and invocations of this ceremony, putting them down only to make the offerings and to perform the Wedding Feast.

When this is accomplished, they will recite Psalm 24.

Then, going to the South the Holy Name of Eheieh is intoned by extension and the Divine Power called in – following this the Holy Name of El Shaddai to the West, Yahweh to the East and Adonai to the North, all intoned through extension and followed by the invocation of the Divine Power of that Holy Gate.

When this is done the tzaddik or wonderworker will return to the center of the Light Wheel, to the Stone of Kodesh Achad, and they will intone the Holy Name of El Elyon through extension, and invoke the Divine Power from above, and they will intone Agla through extension and invoke the Divine Power below.

Then, offerings will be made, to Above, Below, South, West, East and North, giving praise and thanks to the Holy One and Shekinah, and to the Divine Powers, and once offerings and worship have transpired, along with the tzaddik or wonderworker, all will begin to invoke blessings upon the people and the land.

*Invoking blessings the initiates will walk or dance the sacred circle and directions as inspired, and they will pray, sing or chant as inspired, and they will make use of the Light Wheel Key they have been called to bring to extend blessings from the Light Wheel.

When all blessings have been extended, the tzaddik or wonderworker will stand in the center of the Holy Light Wheel, in the Dwelling Place of Kodesh Achad, and they will intone Yahweh, Yahweh El through extension, and recite the Attributes of Hesed-Mercy, Exodus 34:6-7.

This will be followed by prayers of Judgment (Gevurot) binding away klippot from the people and the land – not as a banishing in the Light Wheel, but prayers invoking the Messiah and Holy Shekinah in Judgment liberating the people from their bondage to the dominion of the klippot, the dominion of the demiurge, archons and demons.

Then a Holy Wedding Feast will be celebrated, with an emphasis upon the forgiveness of sin in the Sanctuary of Grace – the liberation of the people and the land through the Blood of the Lamb of God (El).

*All of the utterances of the Divine I Shall Be will be as the embodiment of Supernal Blessing that may be carried out to the people.

In fruition of the Wedding Feast, when blessings are extended and it is sealed – as this is done all will walk out of the Light Wheel by the Direction they entered, so that with the intonement of Hallelu Yah all are outside of the Light Wheel praising the Lord.

*As Hallelu Yah is intoned all will focus upon the Ascension of Hayyah Yeshua, the uplifting of Malkut to the Supernal Abba-Imma.

This completes the sacred ceremony.

As always, any sacred object used in the rite is purified following the spiritual work, including everyone’s Light Wheel Key.

*This is a sacred ceremony navim may perform seeking vision – rather than invoking blessings, they will invoke visions and the word of Ha-Shem; thus, in place of the speaking of blessings there will be either a charismatic speaking in Ruach Ha-Kodesh of prophecies in the Light Wheel, or else an abiding in perfect communion, what comes being spoken following the sacred ceremony outside of the Light Wheel.

A Prayer of Ascent to Prophecy: Kavvanot of Psalm 24

At the outset let the son or daughter of the navim abide in primordial meditation, waiting upon Ruach Ha-Yahweh; then, as they are moved by the Spirit of Yahweh, let them join their soul to the Holy Sefirot, rung by rung in ascent to Keter Elyon, and joined to Keter Elyon, let them give praise to El Elyon and bless the Holy Name of the Messiah.

Then, let them recite Psalm 24 with the following Kavvanot:

The Earth is Yahweh’s and all that is in it, the world and those who live in it; for he has founded it upon the seas, and established it in the rivers (1-2); with verse one concentrate on the Good Earth as Malkut, the Holy Shekinah, and with verse two concentrate on the flow of shefa and ruhaniyot through the Sefirot and Netivot of the Tree of Life – the fullness of the Holy Shekinah and the coming of Kallah Messiah.

Who shall ascend the hill of Yahweh? And who shall stand in his Holy Place? Those who have clean hands and a pure heart, who do not lift up their souls to what is false, and who do not swear deceitfully (3-4); with verse three concentrate upon Hayyah Yeshua, the Great Resurrection, and cleave to the Holy Tzaddik, the Foundation of the World, and with verse four shift your center of consciousness into a body of light envisioned above in the image of Hayyah Yeshua, concentrating on the uplifting of the whole world as Malkut with you.

They will receive blessings from Yahweh, and vindication from Elohim of their salvation. Such is the company of those who seek him, of those who seek El of Jacob (5-6); with verse five concentrate upon the union of Mercy and Judgment in Hayyah Yeshua, in the heart star of your light-body as Hayyah Yeshua, and upon the love and forgiveness in the Messiah, opening your heart to all beings as the Anointed, and with verse six concentrate upon Clear Light Union, and with the dissolution of yourself as Hayyah Yeshua into the True Light, concentrate on the whole world as Malkut drawn into this union with Tiferet with you – all sin forgiven, all sorrow and suffering brought into cessation, perfect peace, shalom.

Lift up your heads, O Gates! And be lifted up, O ancient doors! That the Melekh Ha-Gedulah may come in. Who is the Melekh Ha-Gedulah? Yahweh, strong and mighty, Yahweh mighty in battle (7-8); with verse seven concentrate on yourself as Hayyah Yeshua magically reappearing – you embodying the Shekinah of the Risen Messiah, and with verse eight concentrate upon the binding of sin to the klippot and the shattering of the dominion of the klippot.

Lift up your heads, O gates! And be lifted up, O ancient doors! That the Melekh Ha-Gadulah may come in. Who is the Melekh Ha-Gedulah? Yahweh Tzavaot, he is the Melekh Ha-Gedulah (9-10); with verse nine, envision the Supernal Influx of the Holy Sefirot and Netivot as a Holy Dove of White Brilliance descending upon you, passing through the top of your head and descending into your heart, and with this concentrate that the world as Malkut, the Holy Shekinah, receives the full Supernal Influx of the Tree of Life, and with verse ten, abide in the awareness of emptiness, Ain.

Then, from the Hokmah of Ain, intone the extensions of the Holy Names of the Middle Pillar through extension – Eheieh, Yahweh, El Hai and Adonai; now abide in the Shekinah of Elyon, looking and seeing, listening and hearing.

(At time, invocations of maggidim may be included before the abiding for prophecy.)

*Whatever a navi is asked to do for the people by Adonai, they will do exactly as instructed.

After Ruach Ha-Kodesh has come upon you, bless Ha-Shem and give praise and thanks, worshipping in the Shekinah of Elyon, the Supreme; if the Holy Spirit does not take you up, nevertheless worship in the presence of Ha-Shem.

*If inspired to do so, a Holy Wedding Feast may seal the movement.

This completes the prayer-meditation of ascent with Psalm 24.

May Yahweh bless the people and may the world be drawn up in the Great Resurrection and Ascension in Hayyah Yeshua – Yahweh delivers! Hallelu Yah! Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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#2 Postby Phillip » Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:07 pm

Shalom +Malachi!

This psalm is quite beautiful and this Kavvanah gives great blessing and contemplation.

I have been speaking this prayer before bed in a desire to draw in luminous dreams and vision, merged with the Kavvanah associated here, and I wonder if there may be a similar practice to the ones listed here that are more focused on developing luminous and visionary dream and remembrance and lucidity in dreaming. Dream time seems an auspicious time to "open gates" to other worlds and to Heavens and luminous realms, so it seemed intuitively a good prayer to mark the moment before waking and sleeping.

Thank you for this practice and may the Lord be Praised for his mysteries revealed!

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going into dreamtime

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:24 am

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

If this practice is used for the invocation of luminous or lucid dreams, following the Clear Light Union the reappearance is not in this body and world, but rather it is in light body beyond the physical, the focus becoming a spiritual body in a heavenly realm, a light realm, and the opening of heavenly gates in ascent. Thus, at the end, you envision yourself as the Risen Messiah going beyond, ascending into the Light of the Infinite, and fall asleep with this conscious intention and prayer. Thus, instead of an influx of Supernal Light into the world you focus upon an ascent and reintegration with the Holy Light above, beyond, the earth and heavens. In this way the practice is transformed into a "dream union."

Abiding in union with Hayyah Yeshua, may we experience full reintegration with the Light Continuum, Yahweh. Amen.

Peace be with you!
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union of Mercy and Judgment in Hayyah Yeshua

#4 Postby +David » Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:54 am

Dear Elder +Brother

While contemplating this phrase: "the union of Mercy and Judgment in Hayyah Yeshua" I realized that, in most Byzantine icons, Yeshua Messiah is shown robed in Red and Blue (his sun-bright halo, suggesting Tiferet too)

His under-robe is colored Red, and his over-robe (like a toga) being Blue. Blue being uppermost seems to intimate that Mercy is the greater - inasmuch as even Judgement is rooted in Mercy.

Lord have mercy!

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#5 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:34 am

Greetings and blessings in the Light of the Messiah!

An outer robe in blue and inner robe in red, with a golden halo, reminds me that in Compassion, Mercy contains Judgment; also I'm reminded of the Sefirot in the configuration of encircling emanations, with the upper containing the lower, and Judgment (Gevurah) emanating from Mercy (Hesed).

Yeshua robed in this way also brings to mind that first and foremost, in the Messiah, the intention is Mercy, and how we are taught in the Gospel to side with Mercy whenever possible.

These colors also invoke thoughts of water and fire, and an outer and inner baptism, the two together bringing illumination or gnosis.

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