Anointing the Chosen with the Father's Mercy

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Anointing the Chosen with the Father's Mercy

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:47 pm

That is why Christ was spoken of in their midst, so that those who were disturbed might receive a bringing-back, and he might anoint them with the ointment. This ointment is the mercy of the Father, who will have mercy on them. But those whom he has anointed are the ones who have become perfect. For full jars are the ones that are usually anointed. [But when the coating is ruined, the vessels may leak, and the cause of its defect is the lack of coating. For then a breath of wind and the power that is has can make it evaporate.] But from one who has no deficiency, no seal is removed, nor is anything emptied, but what one lacks, the perfect Father fills again. He is good. He knows his plantings, because it is he who planted them in his paradise. Now his paradise is his place of rest.; the bracketed portion is an improved translation from Marvin Meyer

The mystery in this portion of Gospel of Truth concerns what leaks verses what is sealed. To be sealed is to be full; to leak is to lack. The vessels of which it speaks are metaphors of our subtle body, our energetic being, the life, light, and awareness experienced within our physical body.

The subtle body is one of experience. How I'm feeling might be located in the physical body, but the life and awareness of experience surrounds and pervades my physical body. The subtle body is equally a body of emotion, of feeling, and perception of energy.

What this means experientially is quite obvious, even stark. When I lack, when I am inadequate, I am vulnerable. When I find the cause of this lack, I find I'm leaking energy through a disappointment, a grief, a failed expectation. Within this is yet a deeper cause: self-cherishing, self-centeredness. So long as I am in the center of my reality, I have a projected circumference about me through which all events are being filtered for or against me: an impure subtle body. As there's no identifiable source to this phenomena of a fixed self, neither is there an end to its dissastisfaction.

In the Gospel however, I come to embrace a center deeper than who and what I think I am: the Presence of Awareness. To shift out of this self-center and into another center transcendent of my self is to reconcile, reintegrate, and cooperate with Christ, who is fullness, completeness, and integral being. When we speak of the Light Presence, we intend to mean Christ, the Presence of Awareness; when we speak of the Light Power, we intend to mean Holy Spirit, the movement, inspiration, and guidance of the Presence of Awareness.

How we know in faith, hope, or love, is in an energized subtle body. Look at the practices of ours or any meditation-based lineage of Light Transmission. All of them are rooted in observation of the mind, in visualization, conscious breathing, chanting, and movement, with the sole intention of opening consciousness to higher states of awareness. These very states are not 'above' us at all, but within a subtle body elevated by the spiritual life and practice. To practice and mindfully live is to cultivate a sealed jar. When my subtle body is sealed, I am centered, aligned, and balanced in spiritual self-worth and humility.

All of this is marked with oil on one's forehead in the Sophian Tradition's Threefold Rite: "The Sign of Initiation Upon the Brow." Simply, it is an equal armed cross circumferenced by a circle. Brows of companions are anointed repeatedly thereafter to remind of what it is to be a sealed, complete, and integral body of light and energy, capable of recognizing and realizing light transmission: embodied transcendence.

In the Name of the Heavenly Father, the Earthly Mother, the Spiritual Sun, and Holy Spirit. May all who are signed with oil of light be signs of light to all relations.

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Re: Anointing the Chosen with the Father's Mercy

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:51 pm

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

What is the Anointing, and what does it mean to be full and sealed? This is an intriguing contemplation, and one that is essential to initiation into the inner or mystical tradition of Christianity, or the Gnostic Path, very much so!

In the Gospel of St. John Adonai Yeshua teaches that we must be reborn of “water and the Spirit.” In the Gospel of St. Matthew, Yohanan the Baptist proclaims that he, himself, baptizes with water, but that the one coming after him, the Messiah, will "baptize with fire," which is to say that the Messiah baptizes with the Spirit of God, Ruach Elohim, Ruach Yahweh.

As we know, baptism with water is a rite of spiritual purification, and it corresponds with the sealing of the subtle body and soul; arising from the living waters “sealed,” so a soul becomes full, and is able to receive the baptism of fire, or the Spirit of God. The baptism of fire, or the Spirit of God, this is the True Chrism, or Anointing with the Supernal Light and Spirit of God, and corresponds with the consecration and sanctification of our soul in the Messiah and El Elyon. Praise God!

Baptism with water is one thing, however, and baptism with fire, or the Spirit of God, is another; we see this in a story told in the eighth chapter of the Book of Acts. According to Acts St. Philip preached the Gospel to the Samaritans and many believed and were baptized, but they did not receive the Holy Spirit, or True Anointing with God’s Power. Therefore, St. Philip sent word to the apostles in Jerusalem and St. Peter and St. John were sent out on a mission to help facilitate the communication of the Holy Spirit. When they arrived they prayed and they laid their hands on the new believers, and the Samaritan converts received the Holy Spirit, the Light-presence and Light-power of Christ and God entering into them.

Being dabbed with holy oil is not the True Chrism or Anointing, but rather it is an actual experience of Light Transmission and communication of the Spirit of God; when imparted, something of the Living Presence and Power of the Messiah indwells the person – something of the Power of God is in them. This corresponds with our True Initiation as followers of the Way, or spiritual Christians.

The communication of the Living Presence and Power that happens between St. John and St. Peter and the Samaritan people is so distinct and recognizable that a man named “Simon Magus,” who put himself off as the embodiment of a pagan god and great magician was astonished by what he witness, and offered to buy the “secret” of this power from the apostles. As we know, however, St. Peter rebuked him and sent him on his way, unwilling to give way to a sorcerer.

Here we may say that this Anointing is something much more than a transmission of psychic power or magic power, or “occult knowledge and power”; it is the transmission of the Living Light and Spirit of God, the Supernal Light – (the Knowledge and Power of the Messiah and El Elyon), and through it we are established in a true Holy Communion with God, the True Light.

This Holy Communion is not founded upon any rite or ritual, but rather it is founded upon the reception of the Shekinah of the Messiah, the Indweller; this Light-presence and Light-power taking up our person and life, and guiding our soul in a return to God, or reintegration with the Light Continuum.

St. Yohanan was correct, this Holy Light and Spirit is a Holy Fire; the nature of the Supernal Light is like a spiritual nuclear fire, a “fire consuming fire making all like unto itself.” Thus, if and when aspirants come who have had spiritual and mystical experiences in the astral light and astral dimensions, or the spiritual light and spiritual dimensions, encountering one who embodies this Light-presence and Light-power, and experiencing something of the Light Transmission with them, they are likely to be amazed and astonished, for it will be a movement of power they have not experienced before.

In order to receive this Light Transmission, though, we need to be sealed and full; and, as the saying goes in the Holy Kabbalah, “A blessing cannot rest on an empty table,” and likewise, “The Holy Shekinah cannot rest upon a depressed person.” We cannot abide in the delusion of lack and receive the Light Transmission, and likewise, we cannot abide full of ourselves and be filled with the Holy Spirit. There is a need for spiritual self-worth in Christ, joined with spiritual humility, and we must learn to go within and live within, and open to influxes of the Holy Light from above; in this we are sealed and will be full, and so will receive the Anointing with Supernal Light.

Living within, and opening to the Holy Light, of course, implies a life of faith and devotion, and it implies aligning our mind, heart and life with what is good and true, and enacting what is good and true; inwardly, we cleave to the Risen Messiah, Tzaddik and Community, and we worship God in spirit and truth, and we pray and meditate, and enact good works, waiting upon the Holy Spirit. Through this active and dynamic surrender we created the conditions necessary for the reception of our Anointing and the ongoing experience of Light Transmission, and likewise through this active and dynamic surrender, receiving the Supernal Anointing, we integrate our person and life with the Holy Light, and we realize and embody that Holy Light in this life.

The outer form of the Threefold Rite, baptism in water, anointing with holy oil and the feast of bread and wine, is one thing, it is symbolic; but the inner form of the Threefold Rite, through “mystic word, radiant holy breath and laying on hands” is another, it is a literal and actual Light Transmission. The outer form of the Threefold Rite is like a body, and the inner form of the Threefold Rite is like a soul, and just like a body without a soul, the outer form of the Holy Rite is an empty husk and is dead without the inner manifestation of the Initiation – apart from direct experience of Light Transmission and Risen Christ it is nothing.

This is why the Gospel of St. Philip teaches us that if we go down in the water and rise up, but do not receive the Anointing, then we borrow the name Christian, and as with anything borrowed it must be given back, and with interest; but, if we go down into the living waters and rise up, and we receive the Holy Light and Spirit – our Anointing, the name Christian is given to us as a gift, and a gift we do not have to return, but it is ours to keep and cherish.

Here it must be said, though, that there are many gradations of Light Transmission, or the revelation of the Body of Glory and Emanation, and it assumes many and diverse forms, always, however, there is a profound experience of the Living Word, Radiant Presence, and being touched and uplifted by the Spirit of God, Ruach Ha-Kodesh.

The very nature of this Light Transmission is such that, two can be in a room, and “one will be taken up and the other left behind,” or many will be in a room, and some will receive the Light Transmission, while others do not; in this we may understand the word “chosen” associated with the Light Transmission, or Anointing, because in it, quite literally, we are touched and chosen by the Spirit of God, our soul within us being awakened in the Shekinah of the Messiah and unified with the Risen Messiah. This choosing, however, is not on account of our worthiness, or things that we have done or not done, it is the manifestation of the Mercy or God and Love of God, which is present for all, but each must open to that Holy Light and Love, and be willing to embody that Light and Love, and live according to the Truth and Light revealed; we need to be willing to accept, surrender and embrace God’s Mercy and Love, or Light and Spirit.

Essentially, we need to be willing to surrender, and let go of self-grasping and self-will, attachment and aversion, so be open and sensitive to the Holy Light, or transparent before the Light-presence and Light-power; in the very instant that we surrender in this way in full faith and devotion, and open to the Holy Light, that Holy Light and Spirit will communicate itself to us, Anointing us.

Basically speaking, we become chosen when we choose to return to God, when we choose to open to the Holy Light and Spirit of God; God loves all souls equally, and God desires to give Godself to all equally, but we need to accept and receive God’s Spirit.

We see this in the circle of disciples gathered around Yeshua Messiah, for as we know, he embodied a passionate, unconditional love, and loved all of his disciples, and all souls, just the same, and yet, there were disciples closer to him than other disciples, and those who were accounted as most beloved to him. Hearing this, the natural question is: How could it be, that the Lord loved some, more than others? In himself he did not love one more than another, not at all, but among his disciples, some loved him more than others loved him, and some were able to open to the Light and Love in him more than others, and therefore, some were able to draw closer to him and receive more of his Divine Light and Love. Yet, more than this, those who drew closest to him were those who joined the desire to receive with the desire to give, and who desired to receive this Holy Light and Spirit in order to share it with others; in this desire to give, this desire to love, they resembled the Lord and drew near, becoming united with the Lord, Adonai, this Light-presence and Light-power.

Those who have faith and love, and who cleave, are those who are sealed and who are full, and in this they can receive the Anointing with the Supernal Light of God in full, for they resemble the Anointed.

This is a contemplation that arose today, one I was inclined to share.

May many receive their Anointing this day, and know the Immeasurable Mercy of God in Christ! Amen.

Messiah Shalom!
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Baptism, Aeons and Mentalities

#3 Postby BrandonLw » Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:34 am


Recent contemplations extending from Shabbat discourse in conjunction with this post have me wondering: can it be said that with baptism and anointing is a gate or opportunity for arising in a different aeon? I have been curious to watch multiple aeons and mentalities exist simultaneously in a world (and in arising of self!) and wonder at the transition from one to another. Since my baptism in tradition, "the world" has certainly transformed as my mentalities have, and I wonder how much the right of baptism serves as a means of moving mentalities into aeons corresponding with Divine Will and a more heavenly and auspicious incarnation.

Perhaps in this we can understand how the tzaddi, "hook" uplifts souls into new worlds, and how the Messiah as the Good Shepard drives the flock into a new aeon, new mentalities. Is this what also might be said of "drawing closer" to Messiah?

May we arise and know the union of our Mother-Father!

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Re: Anointing the Chosen with the Father's Mercy

#4 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Sep 20, 2013 1:14 pm

Grace and Peace to you from Adonai Yeshua Messiah!

When we are received into the Living Body, Anointed Community (Messiah Knesset), we are joined to a new humanity, and a new heaven and new earth; hence, we enter into a new aeon, the “Aeon of Perfect Light.” This assumes, of course, that with our baptism we receive our anointing with the Holy Light and Spirit of God, and undergo a true spiritual conversion, or radical shift in our self-identity and mentality; hence, that we no longer self-identify so strongly with limited name and form, and personal history, or the flesh, but instead self-identify with our soul in Christ and God, the True Light, and cleave with our mind, heart and body to the Risen Messiah, Tzaddik and Community.

The Pleroma of Light, or Aeon of Perfect Light, was revealed with the appearance of the Risen Messiah, and our full entrance into it comes through direct spiritual and mystical experience of the Risen Messiah and Light Transmission; in this our faith is joined with knowledge, our hope with understanding, and our love with wisdom, and we receive the Spirit of the Messiah in full and are unified with the Messiah. As we know, this is not a single experience, but is an ongoing revelation of the Risen Messiah, the Holy Light and Spirit of God, through which there is a growing Habad, or wisdom, understanding and knowledge of the Mysteries, and through it we progress in the Gospel, or our self-realization in the Messiah; hence, our self-identity and mentality continues to transform as our consciousness ascends and expands, and we access the greater intelligence of our divine nature, or our supernal and heavenly soul (neshamah). Our first experience of the Risen Messiah and Light Transmission is our initiation and reception into the Living Body, thereafter our experiences of the Messiah and Light Transmission are spiritual blessings and empowerments, and correspond with evolutions of our communion with Christ and God, and with tzaddikim and maggidim, or “saints and angels.”

The revelation of the Pleroma of Light, or Aeon of Perfect Light, with the First Appearance of the Risen Christ was like the implanting of a Seed of Light in the world, and in a similar way, our first experience of the Risen Messiah and Light Transmission is like the implanting of a Seed of Light in us. The Second Appearance of Christ in Glory is like the fruition or blooming of that Seed of Light, with many embodying this Holy Light and Spirit in full, and receiving our Anointing with the Holy Light and Spirit, this is our aim, to nourish and nurture that Seed of Light to its fruition or bloom, and to embody the Holy Light and Spirit in full, just as our Elder Brother, Messiah Yeshua did.

The Aeon of Perfect Light, of course, is a Gnostic term for the World to Come, the full revelation and realization of which is in the End of Days; thus, in a manner of speaking, there are progressive revelations and emanations of the Aeon of Perfect Light in the world from one generation to another moving towards the end times, and these, in effect, correspond with multiple aeons of light within, and yet emanating from, the Perfect Aeon of Light. There is something of an open secret concerning the dawn of new aeons of light in the world, and specifically, the progressive revelations of the Great Aeon of Perfect Light. Essentially, every time a soul enters into Supernal or Messianic Consciousness, and embodies this Holy Light and Spirit in full, there is a revelation of the Pleroma of Light, or Aeon of Perfect Light, and in this revelation a new aeon of light is manifest in the world. Thus, we can speak of Anointed Tzaddikim and Anointed Communities all entering into the Aeon of Perfect Light, but at the same time each Anointed Tzaddik and Community generates a unique aeon of light and abides in that aeon of light, corresponding with their Habad of Christ and the Gospel, and their experience of the Aeon of Perfect Light.

Thus, not only do we enter into the Aeon of Perfect Light when are baptized and receive our Anointing, but also we become an emanation and conscious agent of the Aeon of Perfect Light, and we co-generate and co-create a unique aeon of light in the world as members of the Living Body, Anointed Community.

Another way of speaking this same truth is to say that, entering into an aeon and abiding in it, we strengthen, increase and expand the influence and power of that aeon in the world, and we open the way for other living spirits and souls to enter into it and abide within it. In any case, as co-creators, we are co-generating the aeons that become manifest in the world, and how aeons manifest in the world is with, in and through us.

As we know, the Second Coming of Christ in Glory has begun, and, in effect, a New Aeon or Age has dawned, the Aeon of Emergence, or Age of Flowering; to the extent that we hear the Gospel of the Second Coming, receive our Anointing, and take up an energetic preaching of the Gospel, this play of Light Transmission, so we abide in the Aeon of Emergence, or Age of Flowering – this emanation of the Aeon of Perfect Light blooming among us. As perhaps you might imagine, there will be a unique emanation of manifestation of this New Aeon or New Age with each Anointed Tzaddik and Community that enters it; naturally so, for each will have a unique experience, and therefore unique wisdom, understanding and knowledge of it, and a unique realization and embodiment of it.

As you have said, though, there are many aeons manifest in the world in any given generation, and all of them are not emanations or revelations of the Aeon of Perfect Light, but rather many correspond with impure or false lights, and with the impure emanations and influence of the archons, and their angels and servants, as well as demons, and their angels and servants. Likewise, as we know, there can be corruptions of the emanations or revelations of the Aeon of Perfect Light, as witnessed with the church of the anti-Christ spirit, and the various distorted, dogmatic creeds, doctrines, rites and rituals generated by it. Thus, truly, there is a need for discernment concerning what we support, promote and facilitate in this world, remembering that ignorance, darkness, dominates this world, and that good and evil are often sorely confused in this world, evil often being called “good” and good often being called “evil.”

The tendency in modern spirituality to propose everything is the “same,” and everything is “good and true,” is a radical manifestation of this ignorance, for here, in this world, there is also much that is not good and not true – there is much deception here, for by nature, this is a world of falsehood, or a shadow land, the World of Truth corresponding with the World to Come.

Yes, indeed, as we receive this Anointing we live in a new heaven and earth – a New Aeon or Age; and as such, our self-identification and mentality undergoes radical shifts as we engage a conscious evolution, seeking to progress in the Gospel, or our self-realization in Christ. Receiving our Anointing, though, we have received a call to be advocates and conscious agents of the Aeon of Emergence, the Age of Flowering, and to take up an energetic preaching of the Gospel of Christ’s Second Appearance; hence, the Gnostic Path or Mystical Path of Christ – an actual enlightenment in Christ.

This self-realization or enlightenment is all about an ascension and expansion of consciousness, and specifically the experience, and realization, of Supernal or Supramental Consciousness, or true Christ Consciousness. The very nature of the advent of a New Aeon emanating from the Pleroma of Light is the generation of a New and Higher Consciousness, and a greater manifestation of the gift of Fiery Intelligence, or Christ-Spirit.

This is what the Mother would have me share today as we tend the continuum for the Holy Feast of the Apocalypse and pray for the shattering of limited mentalities and the greater dawn of a New Consciousness and this Age of Flowering.

May many souls burst forth into bloom through the Light of the Spirit Sun shining upon them this day – may saint and sinner alike be blessed! Amen.

Yahweh Shalom!
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