The Father is the Beginning and the End

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The Father is the Beginning and the End

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:39 pm

This is the perfection in the thought of the Father and these are the words of his reflection. Each one of his words is the work of his will alone, in the revelation of his Logos. Since they were in the depth of his mind, the Logos, who was the first to come forth, caused them to appear, along with an intellect which speaks the unique word by means of a silent grace. It was called "thought," since they were in it before becoming manifest. It happened, then, that it was the first to come forth - at the moment pleasing to the will of him who desired it; and it is in the will that the Father is at rest and with which he is pleased. Nothing happens without him, nor does anything occur without the will of the Father. But his will is incomprehensible. His will is his mark, but no one can know it, nor is it possible for them to concentrate on it in order to possess it. But that which he wishes takes place at the moment he wishes it - even if the view does not please anyone: it is God`s will. For the Father knows the beginning of them all as well as their end. For when their end arrives, he will question them to their faces. The end, you see, is the recognition of him who is hidden, that is, the Father, from whom the beginning came forth and to whom will return all who have come from him. For they were made manifest for the glory and the joy of his name.

Mysteries in Kabbalah of the Partzuf Abba (Father) contextualize these rather cryptic teachings of The Gospel of Truth. When we remember that what is meant by Father in Kabbalah is a personification of that of Divine Being transcendent of Creation, we're led to a particular sefirah in the Tree of Life: Hokmah. Between this sefirah and its pair Binah is attributed the infinity, or depth, of time. Binah, who is also the partzuf Mother (Aima) is called the Depth of End; Hokmah, who is Father (Abba) is called the Depth of Beginning. These are not dualities at all, but are rather polarities, meaning they're not opposed to each other, but are relative ends to each other in the sequential experience we call time.

I once thought of Binah, the Depth of End, as the last moment of everything in time. It is nowhere this linear and I am mistaken. The Depth of End is more properly the Depth of What is Yet To Be. It is literally an exhaustless infinity, a depth, of what comes next, next, next, without any final end. Suddenly, this rearranges whatever must be the Depth of Beginning attributed to the Father. Like the Depth of End, I simplistically imagined this as the start of something, like this day, or this post. However, this too is mistaken, literal, and limited. From wherever everything is arising in time has some other antecedent event. Where the beginning of anything may be ascribed ignores the conditions prior; where any end is named likewise ignores what it will later become. The end is the beginning of something forthcoming and the beginning is the end of something previous. The Depth of End is the Depth of Beginning in an inseparable loop: Mother is unfolding Father and Father is unfolding Mother.

Between, beyond, behind what is called Mother and Father is Will, attributed to the sefirah Keter. When the Gospel of Truth says, "It is in the will that the Father is at rest and with which he is pleased," I'm hearing the inseparability between Keter and Hokmah, the Father reposed, transcendent in Will and its envoy. What happens, what appears, what occurs in time is by way of the Mother: "Nothing happens without him, nor does anything occur without the will of the Father. But his will is incomprehensible. His will is his mark, but no one can know it, nor is it possible for them to concentrate on it in order to possess it." If life is ever mysterious or inscrutable to us, it is only because of the limitation of our personal subjectivity dissolving in the vastness of impersonal objectivity, of Supernal Will.

The Gospel of Truth, however, is very careful not to leave a distorted impression of the Father-Mother as impersonal. In fact, it makes extreme statements throughout to counter impersonality, distance, or alien-ness of the Father-Mother. Rather, how the Father-Mother is apprehended or experienced is by way of the mystery of consciously disappearing. To see, to know, to taste the Supernal is to disappear. My bubble of subjectivity must pop. If I've cultivated an awareness of Awareness no longer dependent upon my bubble, then when it pops, I Am:

For the Father knows the beginning of them all as well as their end. For when their end arrives, he will question them to their faces. The end, you see, is the recognition of him who is hidden, that is, the Father, from whom the beginning came forth and to whom will return all who have come from him.

I suppose this portion is closing on what most simply and practically may be called the gap. Between my thoughts, between my breaths, between my sleeping and waking, between my waking and sleeping, this gap is everywhere, punctuating everything in time, from beyond time. In the gap beyond time is the recognition of the Father-Mother who are hidden by time, fully revealed beyond time's subjectivity. To affirm this moment of timeless awareness beyond the body, beyond this life, its name, form, or personal history, is why the Gospel of Truth declares we ever arose in time to begin with, "for the glory and the joy of his name."

May we remember we are here and there,
in time and beyond time,
now and always.

Amen and amen!

Elder Gideon+

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Re: The Father is the Beginning and the End

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:03 am

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

This is a wonderful teaching you have given my brother, and it is a delight to read and contemplate.

In the passage you cite, there is an interesting swirl regarding the Living Father as the “Will” and as “Thought,” and it reflects the very same swirl we find in the Holy Kabbalah concerning Keter and Hokmah. On one hand, it is taught that Keter is the first Sefirah, or emanation of Ain Sof; but then we are taught in the Zohar that Hokmah is Reshit, the “point of the beginning, beyond which there is nothing knowable,” and it is counted as the first Sefirah, Da’at taking the place of Keter following after Hokmah and Binah. To the novice this might seem like a confusing contradiction, but it speaks the truth of a great and supreme mystery, one incomprehensible in mental consciousness, but that is known and understood in the experience of Supernal Consciousness.

Essentially, Keter, Will (Ratzon), is the concealed of the concealed, and Keter of any given Olam-Universe never appears in the Olam; thus, in effect, it does not exist in the Olamot-Universes. On account of this, and on account of its inseparability from Ain Sof, Keter is often called Ain, “No-Thing” in classical writings of the Kabbalah. Keter, however, or the Will, becomes revealed through Thought within the Divine Mind, and it is expressed as Da’at, or Knowledge, when Binah, Understanding, “gives voice” to Thought, the Thought of the Divine Mind being spoken, and coming into being, or being set into motion, action. This is how all creation comes into being, and how it is sustained, and it is how all revelation of the Divine, and realization of the Divine, transpires. In that Thought, or Hokmah, remains in the Divine Mind, and is non-verbal, so Thought, or Hokmah, is also concealed, and we may say that Wisdom-Hokmah, corresponds with God’s awareness of Godself, and God’s awareness of emanation, creation, formation and making, the awareness of the Infinite, the Omniscient, the Omnipresent, the Omnipotent, such as no creature can conceive; the beginning of what can be known and understood, or what can be revealed and realized, corresponds with Binah, or Imma, and what is revealed, known and understood, or actualized and realize, corresponds with Da’at.

Let us consider for a moment the 32 Paths of Wisdom, which are within Hokmah-Wisdom, or “Thought.” These correspond with the Holy Partzuf of Abba, and they are Abba, and they correspond with the entire Divine Plan, or Divine Order, of emanation, creation, formation and action as it is in the “Mind,” as it were, of the Infinite and Eternal; hence, the vision of all that was, is, or ever will be, from the view of the primordial and eternal reality. Through Binah-Da’at this grand Thought in the Divine Mind becomes uttered, which is to say the Sefirot and Netivot of Atzilut emanate and appear, the revelation of the Realm of Yichud (Unity). As we know and understand, this, in turn, gives rise to the Realm of Perud, the 32 Paths as they manifest in Beriyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah. Thus, in this way, the Pleroma of Light (Yichud) and Entirety (Perud) come into being through the utterance of the Word of God, all founded upon the Wisdom of God (Hokmah of Atzilut).

There is a great and supreme mystery we need to share concerning this. When Binah, Imma, gives voice to Thoughts in the Divine Mind, and the Word of God goes forth, generating Atzilut, Beriyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, while going forth, so the Word remains as a Thought in the Divine Mind, inseparable from the Divine Mind; in other words, understanding all that arises and appears as words of God, emanations of the Word and Wisdom of God, though “spoken,” or arising and appearing external to God, or separate from God, so all remains within God, inseparable from God, never departing from God and Godhead.

We may understand this by considering a thought we communicate to someone, which generates the same thought in their mind, while nevertheless that thought remains within our own mind, and has not departed from it; this transpires with the Divine Mind, or God, in creation, all that arises and appears remains within God, or the Light Continuum, while emanating from God, or the Light Continuum.

The entire play of emanation, creation, formation and action, is for the sake of the recognition and realization of the Thought, or Word, as it is in the Divine Mind, in God or the Light Continuum, which is the fulfillment of the original Divine Intention or Will, Ratzon Elyon. When this is recognize and realized, and embodied, spirits and souls return to God, or are reintegrated with the Light Continuum; this we see with the resurrection and ascension of Yeshua Messiah, who becomes unified with the Father, Abba, in fruition of the Divine Incarnation.

If we gaze into this mystery within the Light Continuum or eternal realm, it is really very strange and curious from the perspective of mental consciousness, and quite incomprehensible; but understanding that there is no time in eternity, no past or future, but all that was, is or ever shall be is a present reality, the Depth of the Beginning and Depth of End are inseparable from one another, and all that will come into being exists, and is realized, in its innate perfection within God, the True Light.

This is the Supernal Grace, Abundant Mercy, that manifests in Christ – the revelation and realization of the innate perfection of all as it is in God, the True Light; and through the Christ-Spirit, Ruach Elohim, Ruach Yahweh, this innate perfection becomes realized in us. Praise God!

The Living Father sees and knows us in our innate perfection, in the reality as we are in him; he does not see imperfection, taint, trace, flaw, stain, or anything unreal, but rather beholds the thought and word we are in him, holding in the Divine Mind, as it were, the vision of our realization and fulfillment.

Here we may say, that vision of our realization is Christ – the Risen Christ, and through the appearance of the Risen Christ and our Anointing, the communication of the true Christ-Spirit, our realization in Supernal Consciousness is assured; in fact, in a manner of speaking, it has already been accomplished! We just need to recognize and realize, or embody, this truth of our Divine and Supernal Being as we are in the Light Continuum, or the Living Father (Hayyah Abba).

Truly, the Father is the beginning and the Father is the end, and the Father is everything real in between; and as our beginning is in the Father – perfect divinity, so our end will be in the Father, our original perfection, or divinity, being remembered and realized. Hallelu Yah! Praise the Lord!

In this light, consider the Great Name of God, Yahweh, “That Which Was, Is, and Forever Shall Be,” and consider the Blessed Name of Yeshua, “Yahweh delivers.” The recognition and realization of who and what we are in God, or the Light Continuum, is the true salvation of our soul, and it is this that we behold in the Risen Christ, understanding the Christos, or Logos and Sophia, as the truth of souls as they are in the Father.

May the Face of Yahweh shine upon all beings, and may all beings realize their innate perfection in Yahweh, the Light Continuum. Amen.

Yahweh Shalom!
Tau Malachi
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Re: The Father is the Beginning and the End

#3 Postby sheryl » Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:58 pm

Shabbat Shalom, Dear Tau and Friends,

Praise to Abba Imma for this sacred discourse, from beginning to end! It is has been a delight to partake on this Shabbat Day.

It reading through these revelations, the thought arises that in this great mystery we are speaking of the Bridal Chamber, where the separation between past and future dissolves, and all becomes the Eternal Now. The delusion in time and space dissolves in great Bliss, as depths join in Unity.

It also comes to mind that perhaps we are speaking of the mystery of darkness - of the arising of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Is it possible to correlate the arising of the Tree of Knowledge with the arising of the delusion of separation of beginning and end as well first and last and all directions?

In a final thought, the pleasure of the Father is mentioned throughout this discussion which brings to mind scripture quoted in our Wedding Feast:

Blessed are you Adonai who brings forth the rain that fructifies the vine bringing forth the wine which gladdens the heart of the Human One.

Is this the great mystery of which we speak? The 'wine' being that which dispels the delusion, giving rise to the awareness of the unity of beginning and end, of all things in God, the True Light? This being the bliss, pleasure of the Father?

May our thoughts align with the Thoughts of the Father, bringing healing and blessings to all people.

Shabbat Shalom!


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Re: The Father is the Beginning and the End

#4 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:45 am

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah!

“The end is the recognition of the One who is hidden”; and as we know, the “end is in the beginning,” the End of Days and World to Come being a reality in the Holy One from the very beginning, the reality of all creation beheld within the eternal realm, or the Pleroma of Light (Yichud).

Listen and hear, and understand! At the outset, Adam and Havvah (Eve) abide in unity, in the eternal realm, or Supernal Abode; instead of honoring the single commandment, or the revelation of the will of God, on the eve of the Holy Shabbat they eat of the Tree of Knowledge, and the delusion of lack, or illusion of separation, takes hold of them, and therefore, they do not enter into the Eternal Shabbat, but rather they exit the Garden of Eden, the eternal realm, and become bound up in space and time, and in the gilgulim transpiring in the spiritual, astral and material dimensions, the Entirety (Perud). The Eternal Shabbat corresponds with the End of Days and World to Come, and the recognition of the One who is hidden; hence, conscious unification with the Holy One, Yahweh Elohim. Instead of bringing about this recognition, this unification, a division, separation, was created in consciousness, and the Human One fell from Grace, timeless-eternity. On account of this there was the need for a Savior and Gnostic Revealer, liberating from ignorance, the illusion of separation, and revealing the truth of innate unity, and guiding souls into the recognition of the One who is hidden.

Had Adam and Havvah not eaten of the Tree of Knowledge, and had celebrated the first Holy Shabbat, the Eternal Shabbat would have dawned, they would have eaten of the Tree of Life as a gift from God, as God willed, and then they would have eaten of the Tree of Knowledge in union, having full Knowledge of God, the Holy One of Being. Eating prematurely, before recognition of the One who is hidden and innate unity, however, instead of the full Knowledge of God there was the knowledge of good and evil, and in the illusion of separation sin and death appeared, and the potentially endless rounds of life, death and rebirth came into being – the reality of the gilgulim.

This is, indeed, the separation of the end from the beginning, and this ignorance or illusion of separation pervades all, creating divisions and conflicts, the peace and joy of the Eternal Shabbat not being recognize and realized.

“This is my Son, the Beloved, with whom I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17). These are the words a heavenly voice (Bat Kol) spoke to Yohanan when he baptized Adonai Yeshua, “This is the Human One, the Anointed, with whom I am well pleased”; hence, the pleasure of the Father, pleasure of the Mother, the Holy One. What is this pleasure, this bliss or joy? It is recognition of the One who is hidden, and unification with the One who is hidden, the full Knowledge of God (Da’at), and in this the beginning and end were united below as above, this Knowledge of God being embodied and revealed in the world, the Messiah, the Anointing.

As we know, this Son of the Human One, or “Second Adam,” is called the Lord of Shabbat (Adonai Ha-Shabbat), for in his appearance the Eternal Shabbat dawns; it is the End of Days and revelation of the World to Come, the good pleasure of the Holy One.

What is this pleasure, this bliss or joy? It is love, and more so, its fruition, unification. The way of this love, and unification, corresponds with Knowledge of God, knowing God and knowing God’s will, and therefore cleaving to God and enacting God’s will; this is what it means to love God, and in this we are unified with God, and in this the Holy Light and Spirit of God, corresponding with Keter, is embodied, the Divine I am being realized.

This is the good pleasure of the Living Father, Hayyah Abba, and the nature of this pleasure is repose and movement; the soul abiding in repose, in unification with God, and the Spirit of God moving with, in and through the soul, taking up that person and life. Thus, the doer, the child of the demiurge (ego-grasping, ignorance) is brought into cessation, and the Holy Light and Spirit of God – Christ and the Holy Spirit, become the doer; in this, free from self-grasping, desire and fear, the soul is enlightened and liberated, receiving eternal life, the realization of bornless being, the Divine I Am. Hallelu Yah! Praise the Lord!

The open secret is this. There is no beginning and there is no end to God, Ain Sof, the Infinite – no beginning and no end to the Divine I Am (Eheieh) or God Most High (El Elyon; recognizing and realizing this, the beginning and end are united, there is the awareness of one Infinite Continuum of Being-Consciousness-Force, the Light Continuum (Yahweh).

This Spacious Radiant Awareness is the deliverance of souls, the awareness of this Light Continuum delivers; hence, the Blessed Name of Yeshua, “Yahweh delivers.”

As we are in ourselves, in space and time, in the flesh, we are sinners, and so long as the doer remains there is sin or error; but, as we are in Christ and God, we are without sin, and we are perfect, with the cessation of the doer there is no sin, there is no error, and God’s will (Ratzon) is done – the Spirit of God fulfilling the Original Intention of God.

This innate purity and perfection of souls as they are in Christ and God, or the Light Continuum – their innate unity with Christ in God, this is the good pleasure of the Holy One. Every time this is recognized and realized by a soul, it is as for the very first time, and there is jubilation in the heavens, and peace and joy and goodwill on earth, Supernal Grace pouring out into the heavens and upon the earth; hence, This World is made manifest, and the World to Come is revealed.

There is a most curious mystery, for with the Supernal Realization of any soul, in that very instant all souls that will every be realized, are realized or will ever be realized throughout this great cosmic cycle are realized in that holy one, and the Light-presence and Light-power of all realized or enlightened souls is in that place, such is the truth of the Light Continuum, or Supernal Being, embodied.

Listen and hear, and understand! The Supernal Human Being is the image and likeness of Yahweh Elohim; Yahweh, the Light Continuum, Elohim, countless emanations of that Endless Light (Or Ain Sof). There is one Light-presence and Light-power, and yet, there are countless unique and individual emanations; the singularity of this Light-presence and Light-power, the Human One of Light, is the esoteric understanding of the “only begotten Son of God” – although countless emanations appear, there is only the One Anointing! Contemplate this, and understand well!

This truth (Amet) is simple, singular, and it is complex, infinite multiplicity, and it is subtle and sublime, a singularity and infinite multiplicity at one and the same time without any contradiction; Being and Becoming, Pleroma and Entirety, timeless-eternity and time-eternity realized as inseparable from one another, and without contradiction, without division or conflict.

This realization corresponds with the Great Liberation, or perfect peace and perfect joy – the pleasure of the Living Father!

Who, but the Spirit of God, can reveal or speak this Ultimate Truth (Amet), this Supreme Mystery? Only the Spirit of God can reveal and speaking it, and bring recognition, remembrance, to a soul, and bring that soul into Supernal Realization. Indeed, we see this in the play of Light Transmission, or revelations of the Body of Glory and Body of Emanation, for unless the Spirit of God brings recognition of what is seen and heard, and so brings about realization with wisdom, understanding and knowledge (Habad) of what is seen and heard, although there has been Light Transmission, or the revelation of the Threefold Body with an Anointed Tzaddik, in effect, it is not received and integrated. In the midst of an experience of Light Transmission we must be able to look and listen, but looking and listening, through the Holy Spirit we must be able to see and hear, and know, the revelation of Reality as It Is and God as God Is; no one can bring about this recognition and realization but the Spirit of God, Ruach Yahweh, Ruach Elohim.

It is God who gives Godself to us; it is the Spirit of God that reveals God within and ever beyond us – it is through the Spirit of Truth that the Ultimate Truth is revealed and known

Here we may say that God giving Godself to us is the pleasure of God, our Father, our Mother, the Holy One of Being!

When the Father emanated in the form of the Dove – the Mother, and Yeshua received and embodied the Supernal Anointing (Messiah), so God gave Godself to us; and in this Continuum of Light Transmission, the ongoing Anointing, so God continues to give Godself to us, and when we receive and embody this gift of God, God is well pleased.

The nature of this gift is a Fiery Intelligence, a Thunderbolt Enlightenment – the Perfect Thunder Intelligence; in it, the simple is understood as complexity, and the complex is understood as simplicity, and the knower and the known are joined as one, there is the most intimate Knowledge of the Mysteries and God (Habad of Atzilut).

There is something that needs to be said of the Ultimate Truth of Divine or Enlightened Being, though; it is Ain, the One-Without-End, and as such, although there may be great wisdom, understanding and knowledge the Ultimate Truth, there will always be the evermore that can be revealed and realized, and therefore, it remains forever the Supreme Mystery – revealed yet concealed. Thus, if one has Knowledge of the Truth (Amet), so they will have Love of the Mystery, delighting in the Supreme Mystery of God, the Infinite.

In this, perhaps, you may acquire deeper insight into self-realization or enlightenment; there is full Knowledge of God, and yet the Great Mystery remains, and although a soul is enlightened and liberated, there is the evermore they can be and become in Christ and God. Enlightenment, in truth, is simply an awakening of the Being in the Becoming, and an acceleration of the conscious evolution of Being Ever-Becoming.

We witness this in Adonai Yeshua, for although he abided in union with God, and had full Knowledge of God, he also abided in Unknowing, or the Joy of the Mystery. As an example, Yeshua Messiah teaches his disciples that no one knows when the Day of Reckoning will come in heaven or on earth, but the Father; the Father holds this knowledge, not the Son – it’s known to El Elyon, not the Messiah.

In this we may understand that enlightenment is not what we think at the outset, but rather it is far more subtle and sublime, and dynamic, and it is not a fixed or static state, but is fluid and flowing – the Awakening of Being in a Continuum of Endless Becoming, and there is a play of knowing and unknowing in it, or Knowledge and Mystery.

This is the truth of all reality as a constant continuum of change – impermanence; within and behind this, though, there is an essence and nature that is bornless and never changes, the recognition of which, and realization of which, is enlightenment and liberation.

Contemplate this. Repose and movement, this is the sign of the Living Father in us; in the wedding feast, the bread corresponds with repose, and the wine with movement – it is a celebration of the truth of our innate unity with God, and repose in God, and the movement of the Spirit of God with, in and through us when we abide in the awareness of Sacred Unity, the Holy One.

Having engaged the movement in the Holy Spirit, now it is time to enjoy repose in the Holy Spirit, waiting upon the Spirit of God in the delight of Unknowing, the celebration of the Great Mystery.

O Adonai, in knowing and unknowing may we delight in You, and may we abide in the good company of Your Holy Shekinah, Your Indwelling Presence. Amen.

Yahweh Shalom!
Tau Malachi

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