Symbolism of the Crown of Thorns?

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Symbolism of the Crown of Thorns?

#1 Postby Aion » Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:40 pm

Dear all,

My first post :D

My first post is a question: what do you know about the symbolism of the Crown of Thorns put on the head of Jesus before his crucifixion? There is the obvious symbol, one of ridicule, to denigrate Jesus as the "King of Jews". But is there a deeper, esoteric meaning as well?

For a few days in a row, I'm seeing the same ritual being repeated again and again during meditation. I'm being put a crown of thorns on my head (on the crown, to be exactly). It's pressed gently for the thorns to penetrate in the head and blood to start flowing. The part inside the crown of thorns is removed and it feels as if I have a hole in my head.
In yoga parlance, they'd say that my crown chakra is opening. What would a gnostic or a mystic within the Christian tradition say? Do you think that the Crown of Thorns also carries an esoteric message?

Thank you for your input :)

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Layers of meaning...

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:15 pm

Greetings and welcome!

There are, indeed, layers of spiritual and esoteric meaning in the crown of thorns and it does have a correspondence with the crown star (or “chakra”), as well as to the brow star. These two interior stars relate directly to an esoteric understanding of the mystery of the crucifixion among Gnostics; hence, the uplifting of the serpent power to the brow or crown, and the repose or cessation of the serpent power through which Supernal or Messianic Consciousness dawns.

If and when we receive the Holy Light from above, and the serpent power is awakened and uplifted, the center on top of the head is also the point of focus for the transference of consciousness into the body of light; hence and esoteric understanding of the resurrection.

I might add that the crown of thorns is also taken to represent the need to bring mental consciousness into cessation, or all of our thought and thinking, to allow the dawn of Supernal or Supramental Consciousness.

Along with esoteric associations such as these, with all of the symbolism of the crucifixion there are teachings of the rite of ransom, or great gesture; taking on the sorrow and suffering of others, and imparting to them one’s peace and joy – an active energetic exchange seeking to deliver beings from their suffering.

What such a symbol means arising in our meditations is difficult to say; such things must be taken into prayer and we need to inquire of the Spirit. Perhaps it indicates an opening of your crown star, but generally there are other energetic experiences associated with that. It could indicate many things, or nothing. As an example, there are influxes of great spiritual powers at this time, and there is an incredible pressure and stress in the subtle psychic atmosphere at this time, and such an experience in meditation could be a mental and vital interpretation of this; on the other hand, as another example, it could also be a sign that you are about to be touched by the Holy Spirit, or receive an influx of the Holy Light from above. Some images that arise in meditation can also be like passing thoughts, so also some sensations are like this, and those don’t carry deep meaning – they are just natural phenomenon of the mind as we practice meditation.

Perceiving such a thing, though, I’d be inclined to pray seeking a greater influx of the Holy Light from above, or, seeking a greater generation of the Sacred Heart, the love and compassion of Christ; in other words, it would inspire prayers, corresponding with the symbolism according to my interpretation and understanding of it. In this way, regardless of the nature of this arising in meditation, so there can be a spiritual empowerment in it, and deeper meaning can be drawn from it.

These were a few quick thoughts I was inclined to share.

Good to see you here; you will be in my prayers.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi
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#3 Postby Aion » Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:21 am

Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to reply.

As a matter of fact, the Serpent Power is awakened. About two weeks ago, the heart chakra (sorry for introducing yoga parlance, I'm still not very veered in gnostic vocabulary) was awakened. The navel chakra was awakened in June. It is since that moment that I was radically drawn back to Christ. Before that, I was more drawn to Eastern traditions (yoga and Tibetan Buddhism).
There is an exercise that I do every morning, which in the Tibetan tradition is known as tummo. Basically, I bring energy from the lower chakras to the heart chakra. Ever since the awakening of manipura, this uplifting of energy became very rich in imagery. It began with the rising as "Son of Man" from the lower regions; later on I was crucified. This was always an "uplifting" of energy. A few days before the opening of the heart chakra, a dove landed on the crown of my head. It picked, made a hole and entered. On the day of the heart chakra opening, the dove and the serpent merged in the heart, resulting in supreme bliss (I since understand what the Bridal Chamber is all about). Lord Jesus put his stigmata on mine and as long as this union lasted, there was pure bliss. The days that followed, the imagery changed on a daily basis. I have sex with a sexless consort while on the cross, and at the end, I'm put the crown of thorns on my head, in the way previously described. Ever since the opening of the heart chakra, I feel much more equilibrated and a downflow of energy.

What I have understood during the last few months from my experiences, it that the Passion has at least two layers: the physical suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ, and Jesus rejoicing in union with his Father. The last is difficult to understand, I believe, if you don't or didn't experience it yourself.

Last time the crown of thorns was put on my head, I was so awe-strucken that the only thing I could do was to offer myself as a slave to God and told Him he should do with me whatever He wanted. The answer was very brief: "you must die". Ironically, I felt a lot of joy because of this.

I'm very grateful for your suggestion of the prayer. I will ask Him if He has a suggestion for prayer or meditation.

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The True Blessing

#4 Postby sheryl » Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:34 am

Shalom Aion,

Welcome to our online community.

Thank you for sharing of your experiences.

I went through some radical awakening experiences about 12 years ago, with what I called the Holy One guiding. Some of what you describe is familiar, reminiscent of those experiences. And though we are unique individuals on a unique journey, perhaps telling a little bit about my own journey will be helpful to you, or to others who might be experiencing something similar.

The experiences lasted for a couple of years. I was a fundamental Christian at the time, and could not find any understanding, and eventually fell into a dark night of the soul. Without a true understanding, a period of great suffering ensued.

I was blessed to eventually find and connect with the Sophian tradition, a true Wisdom Tradition. I now see this connection is the true blessing - the experiences, through incredible at the time, served to awaken, get me moving, so that such a connection could be made, such a blessing could be given. Without being connected to a Wisdom tradition, without the understanding and initiations of an Apostolic succession, I have come to believe that no matter what we have mystically experienced, we will remain lost and in ignorance.

Even St. Paul had to connect with the living Apostles after his drastic awakening on the Road to Damascus.

In view of what is taught in the Sophian tradition, I have come to see the experiences of 12 years ago as shadows, astral images of the true spiritual journey, and as such they became prophecies of what can occur in this life, with my cooperation and co-labor.

And after our skype chat with Elder Gideon last night, I have also come to see that our Mother-God is indeed faithful, and will accomplish what has been promised, all according to the Will of El Elyon. All for the awakening, healing, and liberation of humanity.

Praise and gratitude to our Mother, for her faithfulness, for bringing you here. May you continue to be blessed in your journey.


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