Akatriel: Revealer of God

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Akatriel: Revealer of God

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Akatriel: A Revealer of God

Sar Akatriel is a supernal archangel from among the elohim who shares deep connections with Haniel and Ratziel as a knower and revealer of great and supreme mysteries of creation and God. He-she is called a “prince and herald of the Supernal Abode,” and as such it is said that Akatriel proclaims Ratzon Elyon, the Will of the Most High, in the upper, spiritual heavens, and is among the archangels who herald the coming of the Messiah in world-systems, proclaiming it in the heavens associated with them. On account of this, Akatriel is among the guardian angels of souls that serve in the holy office of high priest in the Order of Melchizedek, those souls that become Christ-bears to worlds.

This is a holy and supernal angel that labors to guard and preserve knowledge of deep esoteric mysteries in the generations of the Human One, and so Akatriel is viewed by Christian Mekubalim as a guardian of the inner mystical tradition of Christianity, and as among the holy angels of God in the ongoing revelation of the Christian Kabbalah.

Akatriel has intimate knowledge of the Holy Names of God, as do all of the great supernal princes, but Akatriel is noted for special knowledge of the Holy Partzufim above and below, and how the tikkunim of various Partzufim are brought about through the Community of Israel and the Messiah, and the divine actions of the angels of God inspired by them. As perhaps you might imagine, on account of this, Akatriel holds knowledge of Tikkune Ha-Olam and Tikkune Ha-Adam Kadmon in the Messiah.

Of this lofty and holy archangel it has been said that he/she “gazes into the face of Adam Kadmon,” and “knows the heart of Adam Kadmon.” What this means no one is able to speak, but in this angelic presence awareness may arise from the deeper aspects of ones soul that gives some hint, some sense, of this holy gaze and knowledge.

There is something to be shared her concerning communion with the Great Supernal Princes. Although, indeed, they can send forth emanations in visitation of tzaddikim and initiates, and often do, the greater knowledge and conversation with them transpires in the eighth heaven, and through the dawn of Supernal or Messianic Consciousness; hence, the deeper communion occurs through the ascent of the soul into the Supernal Abode, and the generation of the Threefold Body. Thus, more than invoking their visitations in this world, tzaddikim “travel,” in a manner of speaking, to visit theses Holy Angelic Princes in their light realms.

This is among the archangelic presences that “resemble the Primordial Human Being,” but in an image and likeness of Yahweh Elohim that is like nothing in this world, and so cannot be described as being like anything of this world. If and when this Great Prince is invoked a secret Holy Name of the Most High and the Messiah is called upon, and a chant is intoned in the “tongues of the angels and elder races.”

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