Memuneh: Appointed One

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Memuneh: Appointed One

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:10 am

Memuneh: “Appointed One”

This is an archangel of great power from among the elohim, “divine beings,” and he/she is said to be among the angels of God that “move the universe,” and preside over the movements of its spheres, times and dominions. In this Memuneh has knowledge of these movements under the law and in Divine Grace, understanding the changes that occur with the coming of the Messiah to a world-system and how the influence of those shifts in the movements of the spheres ripple out into the larger universe.

At times great prophets and great wonderworkers have brought about radical shifts in the movements of the celestial spheres in the astral universe, and here and there have been those who could “make the stars dance,” and Memuneh is among the angelic powers associated with this wonder.

This great and holy angel of God is well known for the knowledge of spiritual works in the astral through which radical shifts in the play of fate and fortune are brought about, and is among those invoked for greater knowledge and understanding of the astral universe. In this, perhaps, you may understand that Memuneh is stationed in the second heaven, the heaven of the astral universe, Rakiya.

This is also a holy angel who brings luminous and lucid dreams, and is associated with the answer of prayer in dreams and prophetic dreams, and as such is well known to initiates who walk in the way of the navim, the seers or prophets.

The plural of Memuneh is memunim, “appointed ones,” and this corresponds with an order of angels within the elohim that are charged as guardian angels of souls before they are awakened in the Spirit. These angels are said to be defenders of souls over which they have charge in the outer, astral heavens, and it is said that they labor to bring souls to faith, or the desire to seek God and return to God. Some from among the memunim, of course, are fallen angels, as is true of virtually every order of angels, and those who are among the fallen are noted for the ruination of faith and seeking to bind souls to the dominion of dark archons, rulers of the faithless.

Memunim are also noted as a choir of angels that utter and inspire lovely songs of praise and thanksgiving in worship.

Memuneh is a glorious and powerful archangelic presence that is invoked in the Name of Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot, and Shaddai El Hai; a chant given for this holy angel is: Ma-Ya, Mu-Yu, Mem-Mu-Neh.

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