Astrological signs of the zodiac - Gemini

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Astrological signs of the zodiac - Gemini

#1 Postby Cathy_Z » Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:49 pm

Shalom everyone,
I wanted to share some thoughts on the Zodiacal sign Gemini, hoping to draw out more insight into the signs of the Zodiac.


Mercury (KOKAB) ruling planet
Air - element
Mutable - flexible
Exalted in Aquarius
Rules - Lungs, shoulders, arms, and hands
The twins- a sign of duality

Mercury is the messenger. The intermediator, the agent. Gemini is very active and wants to be involved with whatever it happening in the environment. They are zipping around from one activity to another.There is a tendency to become distracted with the excitement of learning something new, forever remaining on the surface of whatever catches the attention. There is a tendency to flit from one interest to another, with a little information is gathered in many areas but mastery remains elusive. It is very important for a Gemini to stick to a goal to completion, to remain focused in order to make progress in life.

Mercury has the very unusual quality of transparency. Being ruled by Mercury, Gemini takes on, melds with the qualities of whoever or whatever one encounters.. Discernment is extremely important, considering this chameleon quality, wisely choosing one companions and environment, for they will absorb these qualities as their own. Gemini learns from mimicking.
There can be a restless, an excitability with a high strung and nervous energy. It is important for a Gemini to take time to unwind and reflect.
There is a keen intellect and very active mind that is quick energetic and versatile. There is a desire to understand and analyze the facts. Communication, relationship is very important. Gemini usually have many friends and are very talkative. Self expression is a dominate trait. Gemini is very detail oriented and loves intricacy, but at times can get lost in the details. This tendency needs to be balanced with the broader vision with their opposite sign, Sagittarius. Sometimes it's a challenge " to see the forest through the trees". The desire to gather facts and information, needs a broader vision to see the underlying cause.
The professions that would best suit a Gemini would be of a constantly changing nature where one would adapt to what is transpiring and use ones creative ability to be innovative. A writer, a columnist, and reporter would be an excellent trades, as would an agent. Professions that require quick thinking and adaptability.

ZAYIN - the pathway of the Zodiacal sign of Gemini

Zayin is the path between Binah and Tiferet
Zayin is the symbol the sword
Its value is 7
It is Discernment
Zacher : Memory, to remember
Consciousness of the senses. This is prepared for the faithful saints so that they should be able to clothe themselves in the spirit of holiness. In the arrangement of the supernal Entities, it is called the Foundation of Beauty, (Yesod Ha Tiferet).... Sefir Yetzerah

This speaks to me as the true senses that we become aware of when there is a remembrance of our true Self, our Neshamah. It seems this awareness comes into being with our anointing, our awakening in the Messiah. May we have eyes that truly see and ears that truly hear in the the Spirit of Truth!

I've also been reflecting on the pathway of ZAYIN, between Teferet and Binah in relation the the value of Zayin being 7 - the 7 Seferot of construction from Hesed through Malkut. In
fullness of the the experience of the interiors of the seven Seferot of construction, it seems to point to the 49th gate ( 7x7), and the opening 50th gate being Binah, the transition to the the world of the Supernals. With the supreme Self Offering of Yeshua Messiyah, the Living resurrected Christ opened the way to the 50th gate of Binah in the Union of the supernal universe, the true Awakening.

The 7th day, Shabbot we rest from work and the world. We reorient and turn toward our Source, the Infinite and Eternal Light, and remember our soul as a spark of the Infinite Light, and that we have come from heaven.

Zayin is the sword. It's purpose is twofold. The sword cleaves, separating the wheat from the chaff, or separating the flesh from that which is pure and Holy, revealing our heavenly Soul. The sword can also pierce to the center revealing our essence. How we use the sword speaks of the discernment, discerning the truth from falsehood, the real from the unreal.

" The Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God." (Ephesians 6:17)
"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth." (John 1:14)
In Revelation the sword comes from the mouth of the Messiyah. This seems to point to the Word of God in the beginning in Creation, and in the Word of the the Son of God, Christ Messiyah, in the end, the revelation of the World that is coming.

There is so much more that can be spoken of the pathway of Holy Letter Zayin. It would be wonderful to see what insights can be draw out.


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