The Holy Light & Lights: Lights Seen in Prophecy

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The Holy Light & Lights: Lights Seen in Prophecy

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The Holy Light & Lights

It is well known to initiates that thought is a great power, for thoughts, joined with the imagination, shapes and determines the reality souls experience in this life and beyond. Likewise, when a person sets their mind and heart on something their soul is bound to it, and its essence returns to them and enters them. Where your thoughts are, in effect, there you are, therefore it is wise to be aware of your thoughts and see if that is ‘where’ you wish to be.

Understanding this it is good to set your mind on those things that are above, just as we are taught in the practice of the Three Roots; hence, cleaving to the Holy One and Shekinah, and directing thought to the Holy Sefirot - Divine Attributes, or the Names of the Holy One. The simple essence of this, however, is to hold the thought of light and to envision yourself as light surrounded by light in all directions, as though, formed of light, you are in an immeasurable ocean of light. In that light is the very ‘substance’ of your being, and even the matter composing your body, when you set your mind and heart upon being light surrounded with light - light upon light, so something of the spiritual essence of light will return to you and the radiance of your soul, your being, will increase.

There is a simple way to do this. Hold the thought of a brilliant light about six inches above your head, as though there is a great star shining there. Holding this in thought, envisioning this, then hold in thought and envision a stream of light flowing into you from that star, you and your entire body becoming light, and everything surrounding your becoming light - hold the thought and image of you as light in an ocean of light, and contemplate, meditate, upon the Messiah and Holy One as the True Light, Infinite Light, abiding in nearness, oneness, in this way.

As we know the empowerment for this mystical prayer, meditation, is direct experience of the Light Transmission with tzaddik and community, for in the experience of Light Transmission something of the truth of this fullness of Holy Light is experienced and known. This practice, though, corresponds with something of the outermost grade of Light Transmission, for as is known among initiates there is an experience of various grades and manifestations of the Holy Light - there is the experience of the Holy and Supernal Light and Lights. Thus within the Holy Primordial and Supernal Light there are six Essential Pure Lights, all the emanation, manifestation, of the Infinite Light (Ain Sof Or). This is well known to those who have experienced inner and secret grades of Light Transmission, those who have taken their contemplation and meditation into the depths of The Name (Ha-Shem).

Those with understanding, having some recognition of the Essential Lights in the experience of Light Transmission and in deep meditation, can receive the pointing out instructions and expanded teachings of a practice that is taught to sons and daughters of the prophets - those who walk in the way of the ancient prophets. The spiritual empowerment for this practice is imparted through the passing of the Mantle of Elijah and the blessing from one’s tzaddik to take it up, that, or it may be imparted as a blessing through the Mantle of the Holy Bride by an elder holding this secret knowledge. Here it is given that we may share the initial outward teaching of the practice, but the pointing out instructions and expanded teachings can only be shared with one who understands, one who knows already, and only mouth to ear from their holy tzaddik in person.

If you wish to ascend to heaven in prayer, or if you wish to inquire into a secret mystery of the Messiah and Holy One, or you wish to receive prophecy or revelation, having purified and sanctified yourself, and having generated the necessary merit, engage the following way of mystical prayer:

Focus your mind and heart upon the Holy Light, and envision yourself as light surrounded by endless light in all directions. Abiding in the Holy Light, as the Holy Light, in this way open your mind and heart to the fullness of the Holy Light; when it is the will of Ha-Shem you will behold a great Throne of Light in the midst of the Holy Light, and above that Holy Throne you will see Nogah Or (Glowing Light). Facing this Holy Throne you will see another Throne of Light and you will see above it Tov Or (Good Light). There you stand in between these two great Holy Thrones; if you wish to retain sin, or invoke judgment for the sake of justice, turn to Nogah, but if you wish to release sin, or invoke forgiveness and mercy, turn to Tov. The thoughts and words that you utter are to be directed to the corresponding Holy Light, focused complete upon that luminary of the Holy One.

If you turn towards Tov, gazing to the right of it you will find Bahir Or (Brilliant Light) and gazing to the left you will find Zohar Or (Radiant Light); these two Holy Lights correspond with the power of Tzavaot - the host of heaven, in peace, mercy, or in wrath, judgement. Gazing upward, above and directly between these two Holy Lights is another, Kavod Or (Glorious Light), and there is a Holy Light enshrouding it called Hai - Life; above, beyond, is the radiance of the Supernal Crown, Infinite Light (Ain Sof Or). Understand, all of this is in essence One Holy Light, the Light of the Infinite (Or Ain Sof).

The radiance of the Supernal Crown, Infinite Light, anoints the desires of the minds of the righteous ones (tzaddikim), illuminating the paths of their thoughts and imaginations, increasing the radiance of their dreams and visions, gifting them with great Habad - wisdom, understanding and knowledge. This Holy Light is primordial and supernal, most subtle and sublime, and has no limit, no end; from the glory (Kavod) of the will, desire, of its great natural perfection comes all holy desires, blessings, bounty, peace, joy and life, and all good (Tov) to those who abide in the way of its innate unity, realizing that Holy Light as their spiritual essence and cleaving to it.

This Holy Light is concealed from those who stray from the Way of Light - the Straight Path, and from the ungodly, and when sought out by those ho have gone astray or the ungodly it transforms into false, impure lights of the Other Side, and may bring swift judgment, great ill fortune, great sorrow and suffering. Thus, truly, there is a need spiritual works of preparation, a need for purification and sanctification, and the generation of merit, if anyone seeks ascension and unification in this Holy Light, lest the Holy Light may become a raging and consuming fire flashing forth against the one who attempts to draw near. Remember that in the hands of the Great Kerubim who guard the path to the Tree of Life there is a sword of flashing light/fire that turns “this way and that way,” towards mercy or judgment, and so it is for those who directly enter into the Divine Presence and seek to pass into the interiors of the Divine Presence - the Holy Light, the Life Divine.

As is known among initiates, to engage in such a lofty and holy practice requires strong concentration (kavvanah) and cleaving (devekut); and likewise the cultivation of non-attachment, non-aversion (hishtavut).

In closing we can share the correspondences of the six Essential Pure Lights and the Holy Sefirot:

Tov Or corresponds with Hesed
Nogah Or corresponds with Gevurah
Kavod Or corresponds with Tiferet
Bahir Or corresponds with Netzach
Zohar Or corresponds with Hod,
Hai corresponds with Yesod, as in El Hai

In this you will understand that this is the ‘radiance’ of Zer Anpin (Little Face), the Infinite Light within and beyond the radiance of Arik Anpin (Big Face); reaching through the Ladder of Lights, Zer Anpin, there are those who reach the Supernal Crown, Arik Anpin, and a few who reach Atik Yomin (Ancient of Days) - these are Baal Shem Tov, Masters of the Good Name.

This completes the initial instruction concerning this practice in the way of the prophets; there is nothing more that can be said of it until a soul acquires knowledge through Ruach Ha-Kodesh, the Holy Spirit.

May those who seek find, and may they endure being troubled in finding so that they might know the Lord (Yahweh) in spirit and truth, and so receive their salvation - enlightenment! Amen.

Yahweh Shalom!
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