Totality of the Torah

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Totality of the Torah

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun May 06, 2018 9:56 am

Shabbat Day Shalom!

We know from the rabbis that the Song of Songs is regarded as the holiest book of the Bible. This is an astonishing claim. One might assume Genesis or Exodus, but here in a collection of wedding songs attributed to Solomon is, despite its placement among the Writings, the holiest revelation of the Bible: the Holy of Holies.

This claim continues to surprise us when we search for Divine Names in these songs, but find none. No where do we see the Great Name YHVH or Elohim or any such name attributed to the One. Neither is the character of this revelation particularly celestial, metaphysical or otherwordly. Instead, the images are all environmental, corporeal, and agricultural. What are we to make of the rabbis' claim of its inmost holiness? Yet more, how are we to understand the Song of Songs as the totality of the Torah?

The Zohar explores this in the context of the consecration of the First Temple Solomon built. The rabbis contrast the dwelling Moses built in the wilderness with King David's Songs of Ascent, but

The day that this song was revealed was the same day that Shekinah descended to earth, as is written: The priests could not stand and minister....Why? For the Glory of YHVH filled the House of YHVH (1 Kings 8:11). On that very day this praise was revealed, and by the Holy Spirit Solomon uttered the praise of this song, which is totality of the whole Torah, totality of the whole work of Creation, totality of mystery of the patriarchs, totality of the exile in Egypt—and when Israel went out of Egypt, and the praise at the sea—totality of the Ten Commandments and standing at Mount Sinai, and Israel's wandering in the desert until they entered the Land and the Temple was built; totality of crowning the supernal Holy Name in love and joy, totality of Israel's exile among the nations and their redemption, totality of revival of the dead, until the day that is Sabbath to YHVH (Leviticus 25:2). Whatever was, whatever is, and whatever will eventually be—after the seventh day, when it will be Sabbath to YHVH—is all in Song of Songs (2:144a).

Praise the One for this enduring mystery.

Centered on two characters, the Lover and her Beloved, the Song of Songs suggests much more than a mundane wedding song. Exoteric religion will gloss over the stunning eroticism of the Lover and Beloved's mutual awe of each other's bodies as a metaphor of the Community (or Church) in relationship with God. But a more dynamic, visionary, and intimate lens comes forth by reading the Song of Songs as between the Holy Partzufim-Personifications of Malkut and Tiferet, the Nukva and the Little Face, Heh and Vav. Their dance together and apart never consumates, reflecting Ein Sof—the One Without End. Rather, their love play circles and spirals, much like revelation itself. It is for these insights and the overwhelming images of immediate nearness that might explain why there are no Divine Names. Where the Divine must name to identify itself to our incarnate station outside and below, in the Song of Songs we're already inside and above, between the bodies of the Divine embrace. Very likely, the Song of Songs is a meditation of our conception in the Divine coupling. The primordial bliss and joy of Creation. The Original Blessing. A prophecy of the Gospel.

In time, may love awaken us to be love.

Elder Gideon

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Re: Totality of the Torah

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue May 08, 2018 12:08 pm

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah!

There are many open secrets revealed in the Song of Songs for those with understanding, and if contemplated it may come to pass that God Most High reveals even deeper secrets; but if one enters into the love-play that is recounted so it may come to pass that God Most High reveals the secret of secrets to a soul, insight not only into the Being of God but the Essence of God, the Absolute Light. So, indeed, this Blessed Book is as the entirety of the Holy Torah, and the holy of holies of Holy Scriptures; and we may say that it was from the Song of Solomon the Magdalene, the Apostles of apostles, received instruction concerning the perfect love of the Lord, a love that was consummated when she was the first to behold the Risen Messiah, was taken up in ascension to receive full revelation of all secret mysteries, and likewise insight into the Essence of the Eternal God, Yahweh Elohim.

Understand, within the Song of Songs is the very essence of the Straight Path, the One Way, for the realization of oneness with God, the Absolute Light, comes through passionate yearning and the most intimate embrace of God, the Beloved; hence, passionate love of God.

Remember Da’at, ‘knowledge’ of God, also means ‘union,’ the fruition of love; so the culmination of the lover’s quest for the Beloved, God, union with God, and so full knowledge of God. In this regard we might recall the words of St. Paul “…then I will see face to face…then I will know fully, even as I have been known.” He then concludes that the greatest gift of the Holy Spirit is love, the love of God Most High. Indeed, it is!

Understand, the entirety of creation, the heavens and the earth, is not able to contain the fullness of the Divine Presence of God, the Most High; but all in a great and supreme mystery God has fashioned the human heart to be able to contain the fullness of the Divine Presence, the Holy Shekinah, Holy Spirit, and those who open their heart to God and love God, their heart will become as God’s Throne of Glory, and more so God’s Dwelling Place. In the human being the heart, quite literally, is the ‘holy of holies,’ and among the seekers of God lovers are supreme, and it is lovers who will attain the most intimate knowledge of God and come to be called gnostics, true ‘knowers of God.’ Indeed, for it is in the heart that the unveiling and self-disclosure of God to us occurs, the complete unveiling and self-disclosure happening when the heart is empty of all desires of the world and thoughts of self, desiring only God, the Beloved, and no other, associating nothing whatsoever as equal with God Most High; hence, a truly faithful and loving heart, having ‘eyes for no other,’ having no other desire but the One God, the True Beloved of the soul. To such souls God reveals Godself, and reveals God’s secrets, gifting the knowledge of God’s Being and insight into God’s Essence, the ‘secret of secrets.’

If no Names of God are mentioned, then no Holy Partzufim are mentioned either. Understand the two go hand-in-hand, always! Yet, there are Names of God mentioned, such as Lover, Beloved, Groom, Bride, don’t you see? Very lofty Names, very lofty Attributes, and very lofty stations of soul are, in fact, explicitly named; but indeed, none of the Names of God such as El, Elohim, Yahweh, Shaddai, and so on, are in this Holy Book.

Consider this. The great tzaddik and prophet Abraham was called the ‘friend of God,’ and as we know this is a very, very lofty grade or station of soul; but tell me this, which is loftier, ‘friend’ or ‘lover’? The friend is not necessarily an intimate lover, but an intimate lover is surely a best friend, definitely so if that love is good and true, completely real. Look and see! Here we are called, not only to be friends, but lovers of God, and God is called the Beloved! How awesome and wonderful! How delightful! Hallelu Yah!

So Groom and Bride, Zer Anpin and Nukva, or Kallah, the ‘Little Face’ and the ‘Female,’ or ‘Bride,’ and we may inquire how their courtship, love-play and unification take place, contemplating this wonderful and awesome esoteric mystery.

As is known, Zer Anpin is the Six, Nukva is Malkut, so the seven Sefirot of Construction, and specifically they are the interiors of the Six and Malkut, so seventy Sefirot, seventy grades or stations of the soul. Quite naturally, those souls that are lovers seeking nearness and oneness will cultivate these qualities of God, the Beloved, in themselves, generating a resemblance to God, which is spiritual nearness and oneness with God; hence, they will co-labor with the help of the Holy Spirit to ascend through the grades, stations, until they arrive at Da’at through the grace and mercy of God Most High, which is the fullness of love and knowledge of God. When souls ascend in this way, so corresponding exteriors and interiors of these Sefirot are actualized and realized, and in this is the ‘courtship,’ ‘love-play’ and ‘unification’ of Zer Anpin and Nukva - and this is ‘pleasing to God Most High,’ this is the ‘delight of the Eternal One,’ and in that ‘delight’ God, the True Light reveals inmost secrets to souls, there is a full outpouring of Supernal Grace, Abundant Mercy, the Being and Essence of God being revealed to the righteous ones, the perfect women and men, as only God can reveal it. Understand that what is revealed to such lovers of God, knowers of God, from among the generations of humanity is concealed from the highest of the angels of creation - the fullness of that Holy Light overwhelms them; such are the lofty stations to which the souls of human beings can ascend with the help of God, they may be exalted beyond the angels. Praise God!

This is the revelation of God, the True Light, to which the Song of Songs hints, the way of this union being revealed in this Holy Book for those who have understanding.

Consider this. The Holy Shekinah descending to dwell in the holy of holies of the temple of King Solomon, it is a ‘sign’ and prophecy of the fullness of Holy Shekinah, Divine Presence, coming to dwell in the heart of the Perfect Human Being - ‘Son of Adam,’ and all those who become true followers of the Way. So this ‘song of ascents’ sung at that time, an invocation opening the way for a greater revelation of the Eternal God, the Almighty, through the coming of the Messiah. Praise God!

My heart was stirred today with this contemplation so I was inclined to share it.

O Holy One, please bless us with understanding of the Way so that we might be true and faithful servants of Your Kingdom and more so be consummate lovers of You - Atoh! Amen.

Yahweh Shalom!
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