Inward Gathered: Just Being

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Inward Gathered: Just Being

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Shalom Tau Malachi,

I am inspired by the Shabbat discourse from October 28th on Inward Gathered: Just Being. I transcribed a portion that felt especially important to remember (and added some reflections on the teachings). I am thankful for these holy communications that can directly be heard from the YouTube recording of the discourse.

"In any moment the Spirit can manifest any gift of the Spirit with anyone, anywhere at any time. And, we should think no other way about this because then we would be obstructing the movements of the Spirit." (It is good to know it is possible to be open like this so that influxes of grace can be acknowledged as it happens)

"But, there is something even deeper in this. Do we remember, do we understand the most innate and immediate communion with God, the absolute life we have within us, that if we would just make it our habit to be in-gathered to be inward to go into our heart, into our inner being, into this deep stillness and silence, that our inner being is where the Word of God is conceived and born and spoken, where there is the true Teacher, the true Guide in the way, in all matters spiritual and mundane if we will go within, be still, be silent, abide, and wait patiently for the Word, for the leading, for the direction for the truth of the matter, we will receive it." (Making this our habit seems to be a key and to remind ourselves that this help is here for us)

"Of course we are talking about the wisdom of hitbodedut, heart-felt prayer, but hitbodedut also happens to be deepest prayer, deep meditation, deep inwardness, just being with God in God, God within us, God surrounding us on all sides; just being open, sensitive, awake and alert, yet more, just being deeper still, being one, be One, be One. This is primordial meditation, this is hitbodedut. and here is deep gnostic prayer in which I don’t need words, I don’t need thoughts, the One knows the question, the One knows the answer, the One knows the need holding in the heart, in the stillness, in the silence, abiding, waiting on the Spirit of the Lord, and do see there will be the Word of God, there will the revelation of the truth, there will be guidance, the answer, it is right there." (When we are able to experience the good that comes from this way of hitbodedut, more confidence comes in our capacity to perceive and receive the sacred energy and to keep us turning in this direction. )

"And, do understand that this inwardness is everything. You’ve heard the teaching before that primordial meditation is the foundation of all spiritual practice in the gnostic path and what I am talking about is the foundation of gnostic path, straight path, straight path teaching. We are talking about the incredible grace that is in Messiah, the incredible mercy; this innate , immediate communion that we have, not some day: Now, always." (Importance of cultivating awareness of that opportunity in any Now moment)

"All we have to do is go within, be in-gathered, inward. And by the way, this isn’t just formal sessions of prayer, meditation. No, if a question comes up in the day, I might just step aside for a few moments stand and get inward, being in-gathered for a moment to find an answer or response I need to what is to be done somewhere. I can be in-gathered in the middle of a supermarket, I can be in-gathered in the middle of a diner, I can just step away for a few moments and be in-gathered. I could be sitting on a bench." (Grateful for the sharing of your being a living example of these experiences)

"Now it is true a greater and greater ability to just simply be one, be in-gathered, be inward, does come through those longer sessions of being in-gathered. That is true. But don’t think that is the only thing I am talking about. I am talking about this in one’s life as a very very deep part of one’s life as one’s habit as they are wishing to understand what to do or where to go, whether in a mundane daily matter or some spiritual matter. and this has much to do with realizing the deepest desire you have, the deepest desire that we all have and the fact that you have it in you. Do you realize that as people are chasing stuff and things and money and they are chasing this activity and that activity and they are in this or that or going here or going there and in our relationships and virtually every activity, within and behind: this deep desire for repose. This is a deep desire within all we experience: repose,, just be, to be one, repose." (Thanks again for communicating healing peace into all this!)


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