Living Soul Hayyah Nefesh

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Living Soul Hayyah Nefesh

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:15 pm

Shalom Tau Malachi:

Then the Lord God formed Adam from the dust of the ground, and breathed into the nostrils the breath of life [neshmot]; and Adam became a living being [hayyah Nefesh] (Genesis 2:7).

You and I and Sister Sheryl were in a lovely discourse recently where it occurred to us in a new light that Nefesh Behamit and Nefesh Elokit prepare the ground for Hayyah Nefesh, Living Soul. You wrote about this in a beautiful commentary on Mem-Vav-Mem, the Seventy-Second Name of Gevurot:

Our central focus, of course, is the realization of the three aspects of the soul that are intended to be p’nimi, internalized or embodied in our incarnation, nefesh, our vital soul, ruach, our intelligence, and neshamah, our divine nature. When we transform nefesh behamit, our bestial soul, into nefesh elokit, a godly soul, then we bring about our part of the tikkune of Nukva, and as nefesh elokit is realized, so we reach into ruach, and we join ruach with nefesh, and when ruach is actualized and realized, united with our nefesh, this accomplishes our part of the tikkune of Zer Anpin. This opens the way for the influence of neshamah to enter into our incarnation, the realization of our divine nature, our heavenly and supernal soul, and the experience of nearness and unification with the Infinite One. When the influence of our neshamah is embodied in our ruach and nefesh, when we are reborn from above in this way, this corresponds with our part of the tikkune of Imma.

You go to to explain in a way that touched me today in study and contemplation of Hayyah Nefesh:

When neshamah is realized, then a man or woman of God can reach into hayyah, their life-force or light-power, and embodying expanded consciousness, so there is an experience of the development of consciousness beyond the body, a radical mystical ascension of the soul, and they are no longer bound in the flesh, the physical body, but they can engage in souls ascents into the heavens and the realms within them, and into supernal palaces or light realms, venturing higher and higher into the heights, as well as deeper and deeper into the depths, consciousness expanding into endless space, and into the Infinite One. As a soul ascends and descends, and runs and returns in this way, the soul’s portion of the tikkune of Abba is accomplished, all as ordained by El Elyon, the Supreme.

Mysteries of Messiah as male and female have recently echoed to me in the contemplation of the First Adam as male and female. Messiah and First Adam seem synonymous. It now seems that Hayyah Nefesh is a state of Neshamah in a way I've not heard before, somehow beyond yet in the flesh without a contradiction: entirely Supernal. I'm feeling the Risen Savior, Hayyah Yeshua, is inseparable from this Hayyah Nefesh of the First Adam.

What more might the Presence have to say about this state of Nefesh?


Elder Gideon

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