Divine Gnosis & Love

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Divine Gnosis & Love

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Divine Gnosis & Love

“Whoever has knowledge of the truth is a free being, but the free human being does not sin. ‘Whoever sins is the slave of sin.’ Truth is the Mother, knowledge is the Father. Those who do not think sin applies to them are called free by the world. Knowledge of the truth can make one arrogant, giving meaning to the words ‘being free.’ It makes them feel superior to the world.

“But love builds up. Who is really free through knowledge is a slave because of love for those who have not yet attained the freedom of knowledge. Knowledge makes them capable of freedom. Love never calls something its own, yet it too may posses the same thing. Love never says, ‘This is mine,’ or ‘That is mine,’ but ‘All these are yours.’”

(Gospel of Phillip)

This passage is quite complex with layers of teachings in it.

We can begin with the knowledge of truth that brings freedom, and specifically freedom from sin. The truth, of course, is the Messiah and God Most High, and more so the realization of our innate oneness with God Most High in the Messiah - the Anointing. If, indeed, there is a passing away in the Absolute Oneness of God, the True Light, there is no one separate and apart from God to sin, oneself is no longer the doer, but rather the indwelling Messiah and Holy Spirit is the doer, the doer of all things is God. In this state a soul is free from sin, without sin - karma, but if they were to error or sin, having such knowledge of God they would swiftly turn to God and ‘repent,’ returning to be One and they would be forgiven, blameless, for such is the forgiveness and mercy in the Messiah, the emanation of God Most High, the All Merciful, All Compassionate, All Forgiving.

Quite literally, the forgiveness that is in Messiah Yeshua is total and complete - absolute, which is to say that in effect sins that are forgiven cease to exist; but then as is known and understood by gnostics, sin and death have never had any substantial self-existence, and so by nature are unreal. Receiving forgiveness, and forgiving, turning to God, the Real, entering into the awareness of innate oneness, so the unreal passes away and vanishes, and there is no remembrance of it in the Eternal One.

“Whoever sins is the slave of sin,” this is the state of the unrepentant, not turning to God, not returning to be One, remaining in the ignorance, the illusion of separation, seemingly separate and apart from God, such an individual is bound up in sin, karma, and they cannot free themselves; they are, indeed, as a ‘slave’ whose life is not their own, who is owned and driven by another who is not their Self and is not God - the spirit of the Other Side. This is the unenlightened condition, and it is a state of great sorrow and suffering, the path to death and destruction - bondage to potentially endless cycles of birth, life, aging, illness and death. Knowledge of the Truth, Messiah and God, which is the awareness, realization, of innate oneness with God Most High, liberates souls from these cycles of transmigration, setting them free.

“Those who do not think sin applies to them are called free by the world.” As this gospel points out elsewhere, in this world, in the darkness, ignorance, that rules this world, good is often called ‘evil,’ and evil is often called ‘good’ - good and evil are sorely confused, and in the midst of error and sin very often in ignorance people are unaware of their bondage, unaware that they are slaves of self-cherishing, desire and fear, the unenlightened ego (demiurge). Likewise, in this world, which is the world of falsehood, things are not as they appear. Those who appear strong, wealthy and successful are often quite the opposite, and those who appear weak, poor and unsuccessful are, in fact, often very strong, wealthy and successful - these latter being those who ‘inherit’ the kingdom of heaven, enlightenment and liberation, being draw up in the Great Ascension, the Great Exodus. If a person believes that they are free but they are not, or a person does not know that they are in bondage, they will not seek their liberation and cannot receive freedom - forgiveness. This is a truly terrible plight of countless creatures, sentient beings, bound up in the gilgulim, the potentially endless rounds of transmigration.

Do understand, even among faithful and spiritual people having some awareness of God and knowledge of the gilgulim, many do not co-labor with the Spirit of God for full enlightenment and liberation, but remain ‘slaves to sin,’ contemplating a fanciful ‘enlightenment’ in some future incarnation, and so not taking full advantage of the priceless opportunity they have in their present incarnation. What they do not understand is that squandering what has been given to them in this life there is no guarantee that an equal opportunity will come in their next life, or for many lives into the future. They remain in the ignorance and although may have some knowledge in faith, they are lacking understanding and wisdom. May God help them!

What follows in this passage is enigmatic, but may be understood to carry a twofold meaning, two opposite meanings in fact.

“Knowledge of the truth can make one arrogant, giving meaning to ‘being free.’ It makes them feel superior to the world.”

First we may consider the positive interpretation, the affirmation. In this interpretation ‘arrogant’ may be understood to be divine pride, a self-identification no longer with the little self, the ego, or name and form and personal history, but having passed away there is a self-identity with the Divine Self - Divine or Enlightened Being, full realization of the Absolute Oneness of God Most High, corresponding with the Essential Name of God, Eheieh - I Am. This is a state of the embodiment of the Divine Self, Divine I Am, as we witness in Yeshua and Mirya, and as we witness in the revelation of the Risen Messiah, such a holy and enlightened one is, indeed, superior to this world, and they are more than ‘human,’ they are supernal and divine. Although appearing in this world, in pure emanation they are no longer of this world, but they are of the Pleroma of Light. Yet, having knowledge of the Absolute Oneness of God Most High, aware of God in all things, all creatures, all people, so in the knowledge of God they behold all spirits and souls in their innate perfection, and they are filled with love and compassion, the desire for the enlightenment and liberation of all creatures, all sentient beings. Thus, though it is right to say that they are superior to the world, they are in no way removed from others and the world, nor do they view themselves as superior to others, but they know others in themselves and themselves in others, all in God, the True Light, and they love the world as “God so loved the world.”

It could be said, however, that acting in the boldness of the Divine I Am, and the fullness of the Divine Presence, at times others, the world, might perceive them as arrogant, if the love and compassion that is in them is not understood, nor the knowledge of God from which they act. In truth, though, it is not arrogance, it is a mature divine pride, one that takes upon itself the responsibility to labor for and facilitate the enlightenment and liberation of others, the uplifting of living spirits and souls in the Great Ascension.

There is also a negative interpretation, a negation that warns of a great pitfall that is possible for aspirants of the Gnostic Path. You see, it is possible to acquire much knowledge of the secrets of creation and God, but fail to pass away and realize the Absolute Oneness of God Most High, and so a soul may become trapped in a klippah, a husk, of the knowledge of God, and they may begin to think of themselves as a ‘god’ or ‘goddess’ superior to others and completely removed from them. This is the plight of sorcerers and false prophets who may be able to produce great signs, great wonders, through the serpent power, leading souls astray, possibly even those that are faithful and spiritual. God forbid!

Now there is something of an open secret to be shared. In a full passing away, reaching into the inmost grade of passing away called ‘no passing away,’ one’s will is God’s will, and in a manner of speaking, God’s will becomes one’s own, and so it is with all of the Divine Attributes, such as the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of God, the love and compassion of God - the Divine Attributes become one’s own; but then, in full passing away, there is God and God alone, there is no other. In the full realization of oneness, conscious union, with God the Divine Attributes remain God’s alone. Thus, in truth, in the knowledge and love of God - “Love never says, ‘This is mine,’ or ‘That is mine,’ but ‘All these are yours.’”

Indeed, as was shared at the beginning of our contemplation, such holy and enlightened ones are no longer the doer, but the Messiah and Holy Spirit is the doer - God is the doer.

In closing, understand, in True Gnosis there is knowledge and love; knowledge devoid of the Sacred Heart, devoid of love and compassion, is not the Divine Gnosis.

There is much that I wish to share concerning “truth is the Mother, knowledge is the Father,” but this is enough for today, so here I’ll pauses, waiting upon the Mother Spirit, Spirit of Truth, and will take this up another time, when the Spirit moves.

May you be blessed to realize the Truth that will set you free, and may you live in true freedom! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi
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