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#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:44 pm

Blessing to you in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

While the Pistis Sophia is among the gnostic gospels we draw inspiration from - the first four books - we do not venture into in depth interpretations of the cosmology, metaphysics, and theosophy presented. There was no doubt a rich oral tradition, teachings, and practices associated with it originally that would allow a drawing out and understanding of the esoteric knowledge and wisdom it was intended to convey, but that oral tradition died out long ago and there are no living apostles or gnostic masters of the lineage and tradition to express and explain the original inspirations and intentions. We take inspirations from this esoteric scripture, which are drawn out in our Christian Kabbalah, but the cosmology, metaphysics, and theosophy we work with is that of the Holy Kabbalah, Jewish and Christian.

When we read of twelve ‘saviors,’ for example, and then read of ‘twin saviors,’ this reflects certain teachings that are given in our Christian Kabbalah and has a resonance with aspects of our experience of spiritual and supernal realization in the Messiah. To speak of multiple ‘saviors’ implies that Christ, Messiah, is not isolated to Jesus, Yeshua, but is to be embodied in others as well, and it would seem to allude to the reality of various world-systems and that it may come to pass that in the Supernal One we might be sent as the Messiah to another world; hence there is the suggestion that we are not only to be ‘Christ-like,’ but that we are to be and become Christ, Messiah, embodying the same supernal realization - Christ or God Consciousness - that Yeshua did. However, in speaking of various ‘saviors’ there is the suggestion that the embodiment of the Sun of God in each is unique and individual, and likewise the Divine Action from one to another will be different.

When there is a discussion of the final ascension of the great aeon - the end of days - and there is mention of ‘twin saviors’ we cannot help but think of the ‘two witnesses’ who appear following the coming of the Woman of Light in the Book of Revelation. According to some masters of the tradition the two witnesses are incarnations of the souls of Enoch and Elijah, and our Holy Kabbalah has much to say of these holy and enlightened ones.

In this fashion we draw out inspiration, esoteric wisdom, from Pistis Sophia, all as it serves to unfold teachings from our own gnostic experience, our own spiritual and supernal realization in Messiah; hence, as it reflects revelations of the Pleroma of Light, Messiah, and Eternal One in our own experience, and the various visions beheld in mystical ascensions of the soul, things seen, heard, and felt in the heavens and Light Continuum (Supernal Abode).

From time to time I may go through a cycle of prayer and contemplation in the study of Pistis Sophia, but I tend to focus my study and contemplation upon the Zohar and Zoharic texts, along with source works written by great tzaddikim in the Jewish Kabbalah. Unlike the mystical and gnostic tradition associated with Pistis Sophia, the Holy Kabbalah is a living tradition with living tzaddikim - living adepts and masters, Jewish and Christian; hence there is an actual play of Light Transmission and communication of the Holy Spirit within Kabbalah, and clear teachings of an actual self-realization or enlightenment - ‘true knowledge of God.’

Shalom Aleichem!
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