An Evening Prayer

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An Evening Prayer

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Oct 21, 2006 11:16 am

An Evening Prayer

When all is accomplished, I shall take my rest in El Elyon,
I will say to the Living Father, “Into your hands I commend my spirit,”
And I will rise up with Our Winged-Lady to join the shining ones,
Gathering up all holy sparks to commune in the company of heaven;

As at the End-Of-Days, with the sun in the gate of the west,
I pray to you Holy One, receive my soul among the faithful and elect,
Remember me as Enoch, that walking with you I might be taken up,
Remember me as Elijah, that riding your Holy Spirit I might ascend,
With the Grace of Logos and Sophia in the Bridal Chamber,
Let your Supernal Face shine upon me and receive my soul;

Day passes into night, and all is accomplished,
I cast my gaze upon you and cleave to you,
Let me go forth with my light-body in freedom,
Invisible to the Lion-faced Power and Rulers,
Let me pass into repose in the Supernal Light Realm;

O Adonai, I pray that you might give charge to Gabriel,
That I might be blessed with luminous dreams and visions,
No longer bound by name and form, or the illusory world,
Empower me to recognize the radiant display of mind,
And to enter into the Gnosis of the Human One of Light;

At dawn, in my youth, I have called upon your Holy Name,
And I have walked as a companion of your Holy Shekinah,
Your Divine Spirit has moved with, in and through me,
And your holy angels have ascended and descended upon me,
As you have blessed me in the day, so now bless me in the night;

I will lie down and sleep in peace, going out as at the time of death,
I will envision the Risen Messiah standing above my head,
And will I gather myself into the Spiritual Sun in my heart,
As Divine Light my soul shall go forth with your blessing,
In union with the Messiah I shall come to repose in you;

All that has been gathered, all that has been accomplished, all that has transpired,
I offer up to you, Holy One, and I pray for the tikkune of the world and all who are in it,
The fruition of the aeons, the liberation of the Entirety – all drawn up in the Great Ascension, all made perfect and complete in you, the True Light. Amen.

*Coupled with a morning and afternoon prayer, this prayer completes the continuum – traditionally, morning prayer corresponds to Hesed, afternoon prayer to Gevurah and evening prayer to Tiferet according to the Kabbalah. Then there is the midnight prayer that is said to hold the greatest blessing, which corresponds to Da’at-Yesod, but whether one awakens and arises at midnight in this world or awakens in one’s dream to speak it is a debate among initiates.

Blessings & shalom!
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