Prayer to the Holy One

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Prayer to the Holy One

#1 Postby Marion » Thu Mar 22, 2007 12:16 pm

Oh Holy One,
may my eyes be your eyes
so that I may see only your greatness and glory continually all day long!
May my hands be your hands, that I may do the work of your holy Kingdom,
for truly, I can do nothing of my own, but only what you would stir in the heart.

May my mind be your holy Mind, that my thoughts may rest upon you.
May my nose be your nostrils that I may smell your sweet perfume!
Oh Holy One, truly, no one compares with your greatness, the finest gold cannot compare to your glory!

May my body be your house,
that your spirit may dwell therein.
Oh Holy One take up this flesh and spirit into your embrace, that I may praise you continually all the rest of my days!


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