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Any time one wishes to invoke the Light-Presence or affirm one’s innate unity with God there is a very simple way. It is called the Kabbalistic Cross. My beloved Tzaddik always said of this practice that “it is swift as a lightning bolt but far more powerful.” The Practice Breathe and envision a Sphere of Fiery-Light above your head, as though all the stars of the universe are gathered there. Raise your hand to that Center of Light and draw it down; touching your forehead, intone Atoh. Envision the Light descending as you move your hand down the very center of your body and, pointing to your feet and the Good Earth beneath them, intone Malkut. Bring your hand back up the center of your body to your heart and envision the extension of Light over to your right shoulder, and touching your right shoulder intone Ve-Gevurah Bring your hand across from your right to your left shoulder, and touching your left shoulder intone Ve-Gedulah. Join both of your hands over your heart, as though to pray, and intone Le-Olam and Amen. In doing this you have invoked the Light of the Cross and the Cross of Light appears in your Subtle Body. This is the Kabbalistic Cross. It’s that simple! This is a spiritual practice in and of itself, but it also appears at the beginning and end of many other spiritual practices in Christian Gnosticism. It is founded upon the simple truth that the inmost part of us is the Christos or Light-Presence and that remembering the Light in us we naturally let it shine through us. The words we intone are the conclusion of the Lord’s Prayer: “You are the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, forever, amen.” Intoning this we align our soul with the Divine Will and Kingdom, and make ourselves a Holy Vessel of the Shekinah – the Divine Presence and Power.


Atoh is pronounced: Ah-Toe

Malkut is pronounced: Mal-Koot

Ve-Gevurah is pronounced: Vey-Ge-Vur-Ah

Ve-Gedulah is pronounced: Vey-Ge-Dew-La

Le Olam is pronounced: Lay-Oh-Lam (as in lama)

(When practiced in the Assembly Io Adonai is intoned at the throat.)


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