• Gnostic Healing

    Gnostic Healing

    In this groundbreaking work, Gnostic teacher Tau Malachi and Harvard-educated... More.

  • Magdalene

    St. Mary Magdalene

    In the Gospels of the Bible there are a few comments about Mary Magdalene...More.

  • Project 3

    Living Gnosis

    Gnostic revival is growing in the United States and Europe as people are... More.

  • Project 4

    Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ

    The noble idea of the Christian Kabbalah is not so much the worship of Jesus Christ... More.

  • Project 5

    Gospel of St. Thomas

    Of all the "lost" gospels of the early Christian Bible, the Gospel of St. Thomas is... More.

  • Project 6

    St. Maria Magdalena (spanish)

    En muchas escuelas de la cristiandad gnóstica, María Magdalena es... More.

  • Project 7

    Gospel of St. Thomas (spanish)

    Los principios básicos de la Cábala Cristiana no se centran por completo en la adoración a Jesucristo... More.